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   William "Bill" Bond -  BBond70 at aol.com
- Married to Jane Simmons - class of '49

   Joan (Gegan) Cartier - nkjoan at aol.com

   Marilyn (Maxwell) Clausen - Ncmarly at aol.com

   John Meader - johnw25 at usadatanet.net (new email Sept. 03)

   John "Bud" Penz - akapenz at ktc.com
- I arrived in Germany (Mannheim) 19 Nov 1946 and started school
immediately. I was a sophomore and this was my first association with
military (Army Brats, Rug Rats etc.) but it didn't take me long to settle
in.  Those days there were no civilian clothes in the PX so we were all
given clothing ration cards. Mine was #99 indicating me as the 99th
male dependent to arrive.  If we wore military clothing we had triangular
patches with U.S. embroiled on them. If we went  "out on the town" in
civilian clothes we wore armbands with an American flag on them. 
The first year was a blast 'cause the teachers (all civilians) really didn't
know how to deal with dependents.  Many a story can be told. Basketball
was the only team sport supported by the school, however we did have a
baseball team.  The next year we had basketball and baseball as
"traveling" sports. In the 1948/49 school year, five of us who were
leftover lettermen  formed the "H" club.  There was Bill Bond, Don
"FUZZY" Hoopert (dec), John Meader, Paul Girard and myself.  Just
enough people to fill all the officer's positions. In 1948, football was a
recognized sport and we were the E.C. champs. After winning the
basketball championship the previous year we did not repeat.  Baseball
was my game and I was the starting pitcher. I did not lose a high school
game.  We finished undefeated and were the  dependent schools champs
for 1949.  Cary Grant attended our sports banquet along with some other
"biggies".  He was in Heidelberg shooting the movie "I was a Male War
Bride".  Some of the school kids got to be in it as extras.  The 1948
yearbook was published by us, about us, and for us. The 1949 yearbook
was the first combined yearbook and our representatives did themselves
and "George W. Orford" High School proud.  Our name "Erinerungen"
was unanimously accepted as the name as well as some other editorial
formats.  The graduating class, all 26 of us, had our baccalaureate in
the University Hall, and the graduation ceremony took place in the
Castle in the Konig's Halle. We "pioneers" set the tone, and each
class after us did themselves proud and made the school a place to

   Jane (Simmons) Bond - BBond70 at aol.com
- Married to Bill Bond - class of '49

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The students listed below were members of the class of 1949, but I don't have any further information on them. 
Nancy Amdur
Helen Banks
Don Bartlett
Charline Bishop
Steve Bukovitz
Neil Case
Edward Conrad
Bo Dawson
Jim Dunn
Mary Margaret Ellis
Paul Gerard
Barbara Guerke
Ralph Haber
Lynn Harpole
William Holliday

Don Hoopert
Elizabeth "Bonnie" Grace Hurley
Ray Jensen
Helen Keller
Gloria Sue Landaw (salutatorian)
Neil McGartney
Frederick Warren Paul
John "Jack" Peters
Nancy Rasbach
Neal Reichle
Dolores Reid
Dean Schamber
Suzanne Smith
Stephen Urette
Jerry Vernon