If you were a member of the Class of 1950, and would like to be added to this site, please e-mail me, Cindy. 
* * Hazel Brown - hvmb at gte.net
-  I didn't graduate from there but I attended for two years, from 1947-1948. 
It was an exciting two years for me. I had to travel from Stuttgart to
Heidelberg every Sunday and back home on Friday.

* * Flo (Currier) Levesque -  floleves at aol.com

* * Ruby Elaine (Fisk) White - white at as.arizona.edu
- Ruby was married to Raymond White who died on 10.12.04.  Her father rotated
in the Summer of 1949 to Dover, DL. Ruby graduated from P.S. Dupont HS
in Wilmington, DL, and went to the University of Delaware, graduating with a
B.S. in Medical Technology in 1954.  She and Ray have three children.

   Paul Mitzen - Pmitzen at aol.com - Added 3.27.10

- I found my picture in the 1948 HHS yearbook in the freshman pictures!  I
returned to Germany (US Army) in 1957 as an announcer at AFN Frankfurt. 
See pictures below:

   David Allen Roth - ProfLeegal at aol.com - updated 1.08.08

* * William L. "Buzz" Schwinghamer - Wsschwing at aol.com
- Welcome all emails from school year 1948-49 (the ancient ones) at HHS

   Sydney Stern - sydneyvstern at yahoo.com

- Sydney's bio: Four Rivers Associates, LLC was established in June 2001
to provide strategic business development program planning, management, and consulting services focusing on information assurance and other business
applications of Internet communications and infrastructure technology. 

One of three founders, Sydney V. Stern, has over 35 years of experience in a broad range of executive positions including: management of technical and academic professionals, business development, negotiation of major asset buy/sell agreements, P/L responsibility for line operations, corporate financial management, and corporate governance at the board of directors' level.  The combination of senior level corporate and academic experience with top scientific credentials gives him an unusually broad perspective on business, management, and technology.

His corporate experience includes 20 years with Conoco Inc., where he held several executive positions in engineering, business development, and line management.  From 1974 to 1979, he was headquartered in Tokyo as President of Conoco Far East and Conoco Shareholder Representative in six joint venture firms with combined sales exceeding $400 million.  He returned to the U.S. in 1979 to become manager of worldwide project development for Conoco downstream operations. 

In 1982, he left Conoco to become vice president of coordination and planning for Crown Central Petroleum Corporation, a Fortune 500 independent refiner/marketer with operations on the U.S. Gulf Coast and Eastern Seaboard.  In this position he was Crown's chief negotiator in the acquisition of 640 convenience stores in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic area and was responsible for assimilating these operations into the parent company.

Stern retired as dean of the West Virginia University College of Business and Economics in August 1999.  Prior to coming to West Virginia University, he had served as dean at the University of Rhode Island, Johns Hopkins University, and the University of Baltimore.

Majoring in chemical engineering, he completed his undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral studies at the Georgia Institute of Technology.  After earning his undergraduate degree in 1954, he served as a commissioned officer in the U.S. Navy before returning to graduate school in 1958.  He attended the Program for Management Development at the Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration in 1969 as a corporate fellow.

Stern has held numerous leadership positions in business and civic organizations.  Currently, he serves as a member of the board of directors of InfoTEST International and the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences. 

* *  Denotes that the student did not graduate from HAHS, but left Heidelberg and graduated elsewhere.
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The students listed below were members of the class of 1950, but I don't have any further information on them. 
Beverly Banko
Nina Bishop
Ray Boswell
Albert Byrnes
Alta Clark
Sue Clark
Catherine Cooper
Colleen Doherty
Suzanne Drysdale
Wesley Etter
John Farmer
Albert "Sonny" Ferree - deceased
Keelin Fry
Cynthia Gardner
Ray Gunderson
Allen Montgomery Gunn - deceased
Jim Hayes
Mary Hoffman
Allan Johnson
Barbara Johnson
Karla Johnson
William Johnson
Jack Keim

Margaret Kidwell
Larry Knapp
Janet Leatham
Fitzhugh Lee - Deceased
Bob McCloskey
Carolyn Miles
Joan Murphy
Ann Nolen
Fred Monroe Owens - deceased
Gene Perkins
Joseph Pettet
Allen Raymond III
Ray Reiner
F. C. Scott
James Spellman
Jane Thomas
Ann Walker
Bonnie (Walker) Michie
Harold T. "Bud" White
Raymond E. White, Jr. - deceased
Virginia (White) Wasinger Boldt - deceased
Charles Whitman
Vladimir Winchell
Thomas Claggett Wood - deceased

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Brea, CA 2010
AFN Frankfurt  1956