Mary (Carlquist) Lemmon - Lee_Lemmon at

   John "Johnny" Farmer - aa.diver at
- I went into the acting profession, now semi-retired, professional name
Frank Farmer.  My homepage/website is:

   Jonathan Hauck - cjhauck3 at - updated 02.25.09

* * Edward Hooks - edwardhooks at
- Attended 1947-49

   Orrin Lee - OrrinLee at
- I am currently retired and living in Cary, NC.

   Jim McManaway -  colmac at
- I've been retired from 30 years as a Marine Aviator for some time now.
Living in the Blue Ridge mountains of Warren County, Virginia. Drop me
a line.

   Austin "Bud" Miller - aemiller57 at

   Patricia "Patsy" (Piper) Myers - patricia at
I graduated in 195l. We did not have a new high school then and our graduation was in the Queens Hall in Heidelberg Castle. I was a cheerleader and have wonderful memories. Last summer I was back in Heidelberg. It has changed, but many things remain the same. I would love to hear from any of you. I now live on a small island near Sanibel Island, Florida.
Albert and Patricia Ann Myers' Home Page

* * Marilyn (Place) Hoover - dimahoo at
- I arrived there in late Aug. or early Sept. of 1946.  That was the worst
winter in 40 years there!  Went to school there until about April or May of
1947 and then went to Munich High.

   Lorraine (Rosado) Paske - jerrypas at
- My class picture is two away from the future Stormin' Norman Schwarzkopf,
my one claim to fame.  I still have my yearbook and sometimes think about
former classmates.

   Frank R. Schoonover, Lt. Col., USAF, Ret. - frs5 at - Added 2.23.11
- Knock on wood, I'm still alive and kicking.

* * Ronald Gene "Ronnie" Short - rgscshort at
- I was class of '51, attended Heidelberg High School for my Sophomore
Class which ended August 1949 and then my Dad was shipped back to
the States.  I attended Frankfurt High School from October 1946 (8th
Grade) thru July 1948 (Freshman). When Members of the Armed Services,
who worked in the IG Farben Building in Frankfurt a/m were transferred
Germany wide. My Father was among that group and transferred to
Heidelberg. General Lucius Clay required the IG Farben for his
Headquarters' Staff personnel which was apparently quite large.

   Joan (Wauchope) Orvis - orvis31 at

   Charles "Stan" Wittmaack - chaswitt at
- Retired from Air Force in 1977 and again from North American Rockwell in 1988
Currently live in Lake Havasu City, AZ.

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If you were a member of the Class of 1951 and would like to be added to this page, please E-mail me, Cindy.  You did not have to graduate from HAHS to be listed!

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   George Baldry
   Vivian Bouldin
   Letha Brock
   Frederic Brown
   Willis Busbee
   John Carson
   Richard Chase
   Anna Coony
   Allen Cunningham
   Dorothy Anne Fischer
   Joanne Hardick
   James Harithas
   Paula Harithas
   Marvin Hays
   Howard Huskey
   Patricia Ann Ingram
   Jimmy Jackson
   Phoebe Ann Johnson
   Sharon Jones
   Helen Jordan
   William Katsarsky - deceased
   James Kirkpatrick
  Mitzi Knapp - deceased
   Jane (Levno) Helmer
   Sally Lewis
   James Lollis - deceased
   Stan Leon Lowe
   George Lynch

   Barbara McMinn
   Charles Minck
   Dorothy Nelson
   Philip O'Keefe
   Penelope Paul
   Nancy Penz
   Ruth Peyton
   Jane Pohl
   George Richardson
   Nancy Rogers
   Pat (Rutherford) Walker
   Jack Schertz
   Norman Schwarzkopf
   Dorothy Shepherd
   Ella May Smith
   Joseph Stapleton
   John Stewart
   Joseph Tisdell
   Jean Vores
   Chester Welch
   Jean White
   Nancy Williams
   Carol Wilson
   John Wood
   Carl Young
   Robert Young