James "Jim" Baker - jbaker at tidalwave.net
- Attended 1949-1950 and 1951-1952

* * Ann E. (Edgar) Gardner - abgardner at itilink.com
- left in 1950

   Allan C. Hamilton - AHamil2719 at aol.com

* * Jim Hockenberry - jbhockenberry at keystonenet.com

* * Will Horn - whorn1 at verizon.net
- I attended Heidelberg High School during 1949-1950.  I graduated from
Washington-Lee HS in Arlington, VA in 1952.  Subsequently I attended the
University of Arkansas, University of Iowa, and Massachusetts Institute of
Technology (Sloan).

I spent 28 years in the US Army (retired from the Army in 1984), and then
another 21 with a "think tank" in McLean, VA. High lights of my career in the
Army were 4 years in Southeast Asia, and commanding both a battalion and
a brigade in the 25th Infantry Division at Schofield Barracks (1974-75 and

I retired from the private sector on February 28, 2005 and currently live in
Bristow, VA with my wife of 48 years, Sally.  Sally was an Army Nurse when
we married.  We have two children and two grandchildren. 

Still talk to Will Roosma (HHS '53) several times a year.  Will and I were both
brigade-level commanders in the 25th (1980-1982).

* * James Manuel - jamesmanuel at bigfoot.com

   Jane (McEldowney) Whitney - janemwhitney at hotmail.com
- I now live in western Massachusetts.

   Hudson "Bill" Phillips - HBPhillips at aol.com

* * William "Bill" Schilletter - Waschilletter at aol.com

* * Edward Sexauer - EHSsc at aol.com
- I was a junior at Heidelberg High in 1950-51.  I also attended HHS as a senior
in l951, but left Germany in December of that year.  I graduated high school in
Sparta, Wisconsin, and went on to Notre Dame where I graduated in l956 with
a BA in Sociology.  Then I spent two years in the army as a Medical Service
Corps Lieutenant at Fort Benning GA. That was followed by graduate school at
UCLA with a major in radio/television.  I started my career in television at
WIS-TV is Columbia, SC in l961.  In l967, I transferred to a sister station in
Montgomery, AL - WSFA-TV.  In l975 I moved back to SC and went to work
for South Carolina Education Television where I remained until I retired in l999. 
I am now living in Columbia, SC.

   Shirley (Valentine) Irvin - shirleyi at direcway.com - updated 12.22.04

   Keith Walters - chickenlittle at pasty.com

   Anita (Williams) - Amain75 at aol.com

   Shirley Archibald - Deceased
   Robert Bacher
   Clarence Bakken
   Karen Baldry
   Marylou Bernard
   Jeanne (Brown) Fitz-Randolph
   Earl Brownfield
   Jack Burkett
   Laurie Chittick
   Michael Clower
   Richard Coleman
   Barbara Driver
   William Duryea
   Josephine Ferree
   Mary Fillinger
   Ann Furuholmen
   Ruth Ann Gjelsteen
   William Goodwin
  Jim Gunther - deceased
   Jinny Hadfield
   Roger Hall
   Paul Hayne
   Robert 'Bob' Hess
   Helen Shelton Hunt
   Fred Jacobs
   Donna Johnson - Deceased
   Margaret Johnson
   Red Kastner
   David Kendall - Deceased
   Bob Lamb
   Marion Lee
   Jerry Maurer

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