Bernard "Mike" Davall - mdavall at
- Graduated from HAHS in 1953 and was on of nine to enter West Point in
July of 54.  Graduated in 1958 and retired from the Army in 1977.  Am now a
Real Estate Broker in Ormond Beach (just north of Daytona Beach) Florida.

   Sari (DeJuhasz) Gantzel - I do not have contact information for Sari
Treasurer; Student Council Representative
- Sari is now Sari Gantzel and lives in LaJolla, Calif. She has two
daughters and a son. Family are avid skiers, campers and bikers.
Two years ago Sari bicycled across the USA for breast cancer.
* * Tom "Mike" Fowler - tomel at
- Started school at HAHS in 1952 and left my senior year 1953.  I lived
in Kafertal, Mannheim.

* * Philip Gallagher - uphilg at - Updated 5.27.11

   Jim Hladecek - jim at
- I fondly recall my days in Germany.  My family lived in Esslingen,
just a few kilometers from Stuttgart.  I commuted weekly by train
from Stuttgart to Heidelberg and the dorm.

   Alfred "Bud" Howard - ahoward at
- Dorm student from Stuttgart - "The first dorm was at the old school
(next door to the graveyard).  For my Junior and Senior years, we
moved to the new school that was constructed - dorms were
about a block or two away.  When the school was constructed we
were asked to add memorabilia into the "corner stone" of the building. 
I assume that it remains there in our "time capsule" after these
almost 50 years."

   Frank Kellers - frank at
- Dorm student from Karlsruhe

   Carol (McManaway) Stenson - stencaro at
- I live in Pocatello, Idaho, and am a professor of special education
at Idaho State University.  I received  Ph.D. from the University of
Iowa in 1978.  I've been married to the same guy for 45 years last
summer!  Long-suffering soul that he is.

   Jerald "Jerry" T. Moyers - upgtel at - added 9.06.09
- Now residing in Alabama.  Arrived in Frankfurt in October, 1947. Moved to
Heidelberg in early '48, when Hq. USAREUR (?) moved.  I lived two blocks from
the old Bunsen Schule, then had to ride the bus to the wonderful new facility. 
UNIVERSITY) in March of '59.  Retired from Westinghouse Electric in June 1995,
following 27 1/2 years in Nuclear Power.  Am an avid model railroader!

   Brian O'Neill - broneill at
- I lived in Heidelberg from 1950 through graduation in 1953.  I have very
fond memories of the place.

   Garry Roosma - groosma at
- Dorm student from Stuttgart

   Bill Schoonover - Wschoon777 at
- Dorm student from Stuttgart

   Dolores “Dee” (Scott) Pitts - pitfr at
- married 2 boys, 2 girls living in El Segundo, Ca.   Husband former 11th
airborne, physician; retired & teaching med students at Charles Drew Univ.

   Graham Stokes - g_stokes at
- Arrived in Augsburg July 1946. Moved to Stuttgart September 1947 where I
attended grade school and half of 9th grade. Moved to Heidelberg January 1950
and attended HHS until graduation in ’53.

Have many fond memories of Heidelberg.

* * Eliot Vestner - evestner at - updated 9.22.08
- I went to Heidelberg school from 1948-1951, leaving after my sophmore
year to finish up back at Andover in Mass. I would love to hear any news
from people who were around during those years. We now live in Boston.

   Joe Zingale - Joezingale at
- HHS 1953 Class President
I am alive and well and have been living in California for the last 40 years.

  Ernest Scott Marshall - Deceased
  Jeanette Minnich 
  Bruce Mize  
  Walter Morgan 
  Robert "Bob" Moore
  Joan Mudgett     
  Marianne Mudgett  
  David R. Murphy
  William E. Murphy III - Deceased
  Leland Norton     
  George Oetinger, III
  Ellen O'Meara - Deceased
  Michael Outerson
  David Parsons
  Lawrence Pautsch 
  Joanne Peatfield
  Sara "Sally" (Petty) Woodruff
  Barbara Poe 
  Patricia 'Pat' Poucher 
  Raymond Radcliffe 
  Sandra Radcliffe     
  Sylta Rasch  
  Gene Reynolds    
  Sylvia Richon
  Carolyn Robertson
  Phil Roberts 
  Hugh Robie - Deceased
  David Rogers   
  Maritza Romans
  Will Roosma - Deceased
  Stanley Rutkowski
  Steve Rutkowski  
  Lyle Schertz 
  Dick Schonberger
  Edward Self  
  Rae Shoaff                 
  Susan Shulz                             
  Richard Seely                   
  Pat Shaloo                             
  Gerald Smith
  Jim Spivey   
  Margie Stephens 
  Donald Tannery  
  Roxanne Thomas                   
  Sandra Lee Thompson
  Charles Usnick - deceased
  Roger Van Horn - deceased  
  Clark Valentine
  Anita Virant  
  Ronald "Rock" Walden - deceased   Dick Walker 
  Charles Welch
  Raymond Wells
  Barbara White 
  Beverly Williams 
  Verannah Wilson   

  The students listed below were members of the class of 1953, but I don't have any further information on them. 
If you were a member of the Class of 1953, and would like to be added to this page, please e-mail me, Cindy Hardy.  You did not have to graduate from HAHS to be listed!
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  Barbara Adams
  Bonita Lee Bailey
  Ray Bell
  Susan Blumenfeld
  Robert Borgwardt
  Elizabeth Boyd 
  Mary Louise Bradbury
  Patricia Brougham
  Larry Burschell - Deceased
  Leon Buyze - Deceased
  Josephine Chandler
  Alston Chase  
  Nancy Collins  
  Suzanne "Sue" Cotter
  Betty Ann Craft
  Charles Cunningham
  Costella Maria Dotson - Deceased   Elizabeth Doucett                   
  Nancy Dreibelbies
  Michael "Mike" Fenton
  Anna Mae Ferree
  Elizabeth Finella
  Carol Frazier
  Marion Gallagher
  Monique Gauchet
  Elizabeth "Lou" Gollar
  Marcia Goodloe
  Jim Gunther - Deceased
  Robert Hager - Deceased
  William Hagert
  Eleanor Harper         
  John Hatch         
  Janet Heinz
  William "Bill" Henning
  John Hill
  William Holland
  Joan Holmes
  Charles Hutchison
  Frank Ide
  Gross Jenison
  Mary Lee Jewett
  Andrew Johnson - Deceased
  John Johnson
  Michael Johnson  
  Frances Jones
  Sari Juhasz
  Patricia Kane 
  Marnie King  
  Elizabeth Krayer 
  Robert Kyser
  Charles Levendosky - Deceased
  Eugene Livensparger
  Mary Jane Logan
  Jean Lollis
  Harold "Hal" Lyon