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If you were a member of the class of 1954, and would like  your e-mail address added to this page, please e-mail me, Cindy.

* * Denotes that the alumni attended HAHS, but left Heidelberg and graduated elsewhere.
*Note:  E-mail addresses on this web page are displayed in this way to thwart spammers' harvesting software.  Instead of putting the @ sign, I have spelled out "at".  If you want to e-mail someone, replace "at" with @ and don't use any spaces.
This page was last updated on: April 19, 2015
     Robert Carlson - LOUBOBC62 at WORLDNET.ATT.NET

* * Clyde "Bud" Crego - ccrego at socal.rr.com - updated 11.16.06
    I attended HHS from 1951-1953, so was part of the group that moved to the new school my
    2nd year there. I was a "dormie" from Stuttgart, and have fond memories of our life there.  Moved
    to Fort Benning my senior year and later dated classmate classmate Donna Heine's younger
    sister, Judie.

    Still: Huntington Beach, CA and Missoula, Montana.

* * Carol Diggs - Cadiggs99 at aol.com
     I attended HHS only for my jr. year...made many good friends in the dorm and loved
    them...graduated in Pennsylvania.

     Leona Dean “Deanne” (Duncan) Woodland - dndwoodland at cableone.net - updated 4.13.15
    - I attended HAHS my entire sophomore year and the first half of my junior year, returning to the
states in November 1952, graduating from Monterey High School, California in June 1954.

    For the last 18 months one of our grandsons has been serving a mission for the Church of JesusChrist of Latter Day Saints in the area around Stuttgart and Heidelberg.

* * John 'Jack' Ferrick - Deceased May 28, 2007 - See Memorial Page
    -  Initially, Heidelberg High School commenced operation on October 20, 1946, in the New
 University Building of Heidelberg University (on the same side of the river where the school is
presently located), and the next year the school was moved across the Neckar River to the
Bunsen Schüle which was a German Teacher's College. The dormitory was located in the attic  
portion of the building. There weren't too many of us in attendance back then. The classes were  
quite small. The new school opened up during September of 1952. The new dormitory (three floors)
was located just around the corner adjacent to the railroad tracks, so when you went out the  front
door of the high school, you turned right and went down to the corner and then turned left, and
dorm was located on the right.  Back then we ate all three meals in the school cafeteria. I lived in
Karlsruhe and commuted back and forth on Friday and Sunday each week. I will never forget those
old trains with all the smoke and soot.  When we got off of them we had to bathe immediately in
order to get all the soot off of us. At least they made frequent stops where we could lean out the 
window and order beer from the vendors. We had our dances in the auditorium. The drama club
performed plays on the stage in the auditorium from time to time.  One never forgets their stay at 
Heidelberg. It is a beautiful city. We had some wonderful times there. 

    Frances (Fields) Langdon - franspeak at att.net - updated 12.18.08

* * Bob Finkenaur - BFinkenaur at aol.com
    - Graduated from Stuttgart High, after only 1 year there, but never lost my sense of being an
HHS alumnus (after 2 years in the dorm there). 

* * Harry Foster - hgf3 at yahoo.com
    - I left HHS at end of my Junior year.

    Donna (Gonnella) Anderson - donnaanded1 at ca.rr.com

    Barbara (Green) Butler - barbaraann1937 at sbcglobal.net - updated 5.22.08

* * Reid "Skip" Grover - grovesw at earthlink.net 
    - I attended Heidelberg from 1949 until 1952.

* * Carol “Diane” (Gugisburg) Renner - r2renner at cox.net

* * Gerald "Jerry" Harrison - jerryharrison2002 at msn.com - Added 5.02.10
     I attended HHS as a Sophomore in 1952 and lived in the dorm during the week. 
    Recently found that Joe Orth lives only 45 minutes from my home in Virginia Beach.
    We had a memorable dinner reunion after not seeing each other since 1952.

* * Carol (Hess) Keim - ckeim at earthlink.net 
- Attended HAHS 9th & 10th grades; 1/51 - 8/52

    Duane Herr - Duanekherr at cs.com

* * Robert Hines - Bobhines4 at aol.com
- Lived in Stuttgart and lived in the dorm during the week.

* * John "Jack" Houston - Houston5 at socencom.net
    - I left in April of 1952, in the middle of my sopohmore year at HHS, for Portland, Ore. I have
been looking for the Heidelberg HS page for some time.  It feels good to be home.  I am retired
now.   Living in the middle of Kansas.

* * Laura (Hunter) Davis - trent2411 at aol.com

* * Shirley (Isaacs) Malone - smalone.1 at netzero.net
    - HHS 1953 (then on to Stuttgart 1954)

    Evelyn James - Evelyn.James at Halliburton.com

    Mary Elizabeth (Letzelter) Grady - mollyg at consolidated.net 

    Glen W. Mease - CThormin at aol.com

* * Jim Moyers - jwmoyers at verizon.net 
    - DNG due to ZI in middle of 12th grade.

* * Joe Orth - joe.orth at verizon.net - added 6.27.08
    I attended HHS for my sophomore and junior years, then returned to the States to graduate in
1954.  I have recently had the opportunity to visit Bud Crego in California as well as Don Ide in
Spokane WA.  First time we had connected in 55 years.  Great experience and we are all doing
well. I live in Williamsburg, VA and spend a lot of time in DC due to my wife working there. 

* * Don Paisley - paisleys at ptd.net
-  I attended from 1949 to 1953, however, my senior year was Stateside in 1954.

    Barbara (Potteiger) McKinnon - brbmck at webtv.net

* * William Raymond - usma60 at yahoo.com
    - Attended HAHS from 1946-47 and 1950-1953

    Carol (Reed) Smith - blue24heronz at yahoo.com - updated 6.23.07
    - I lived in the dorm and commuted to Karlsruhe once in a while when I needed money or clothes.  
Had a splendid time and would like to see all the old friends or at least correspond with some of  

    Lori (Skeath) Bonkowski - Lori520 at aol.com - added 5.02.09

* * Jack Thomas - deceased August 2007
    - I lived in Giessen and was a "dormie" in Frankfurt my Sophomore year 1952 - A "dormie" from
Stuttgart in Heidelberg my Junior year 1953 - and graduated from Stuttgart in 1954. 

    Robert Van Horn - rjvanhorn at verizon.net - Updated 9.07.12 

* * Gail (Wood) James - gjames at visuallink.com 
    - Attended HAHS from 1951-1953.

    Rita (Wycoff) Zener - ritazener at aol.com
    My family lived in Karlsruhe, and I commuted to the dorm on the same train that picked up
those from Heilbronn and Stuttgart.

email me
Doug Pung and Dacia Custer 
Don Paisley & Jack Ferrick at the Frankfurt Chorus Festival '52
Polly Davis and Jack while on the train leaving Karlsruhe on a Sunday night going to Heidelberg.
Sue Doran, Rita Wycoff, & Ginny Diestal.  
Dec. 1953
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    Kay Warren
    Patricia Weber
    Barbara (Wheaton) Slater
    Joan Willoughby - deceased
    Viola Wolff
    Bill Wood
    Bruce Woodworth

    The students listed below were members of the class of 1954, but I don't have any further information on them.  

Click on the graphic above to go to Bob Richmond's web site for the classes of 1953-1959 from Kaiserslautern American High School.

I've included Bob's site since some of the students from HAHS transferred to that school and vice versa.