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If you were a member of the Class of 1955 and would like to be added to this page, please e-mail me, Cindy.  You did not have to graduate from HAHS to be listed!

* * Denotes that the student attended HAHS, but left Heidelberg and graduated elsewhere.
*Note:  E-mail addresses on this web page are displayed in this way to thwart spammers' harvesting software.  Instead of putting the @ sign, I have spelled out "at".  If you want to e-mail someone, replace "at" with @ and don't use any spaces.
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This page was last updated on: March 10, 2011
Click on the pictures to view larger photos of the Class of 1955's tankard/stein.  - Photos are courtesy of Leigh DuPre'.
  Marlene (Anderson) English - pbemae at juno.com
- I now live in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  Just want to let people know that I'm here.  Happy to
receive E-mail

* * George F. Beasley [dng] - gfbeasley at earthlink.net
- I was a member of the class of '55, attending HHS 51-53.  I left Heidelberg after my
sophomore year and graduated with the class of '55 New Brunswick (NJ) Senior High School.  I
retired from the United States Foreign Service and now live at 33 Main Street, Thomaston, Maine
04861.  I have always had fond memories of HHS. 

  Gene Bippus - gepegg at aol.com
- Attended 1954-1955
Home phone:  918-272-2304 - Owasso, Oklahoma

* * Robert " Bob" Blandford - robertb at his.com
- I was in Heidelberg for 7th and 8th grade only. Then I was a Freshman at Carlisle, Pa while my
dad was at the Army War College. I finished up the last three years at Frankfurt. I'd be glad to get
back in touch with any old friends.

* * Jack Bunn - jackbunn at post.harvard.edu
- I graduated from Bethesda- Chevy Chase High School in '55, then Duke undergrad, and Harvard
medical school.

Many fond memories of HHS and of the U.S. Scout troop in Heidelberg, with summer camps and
one World Jamboree. I notice troop-mates Blandford, Keating, Mott and Zierdt on the alumni page.
I read elsewhere that "der Zierdtl", our troop's first Eagle Scout, followed through on his West Point
career ambition.

My career has been in medicine - Ophthalmic Surgery in Seattle for 28 years, sandwiched between
two sojourns in Public Health: the world smallpox eradication program at CDC (Atlanta and West
Africa) in the 60's, and  since leaving private practice I've been working in public health emergency
preparedness (Bioterrorism and epidemic preparedness with the Washington State Health
Department). In spare time I've been heavily engaged in pleasure boating in US and Canadian
Pacific waters, and continue to do international health program consulting as an independent
sideline that has taken me primarily to Central America and India. Cancelled an eyecare-related
trip to China because of a mysterious incipient epidemic brewing there which then emerged as

Married, the two of us have 6 children from previous marriages, dispersed in Washington state,
New York, Costa Rica, Prague and Helsinki, and we travel a lot on our vacations!

Was in touch with Joe Keating not long ago.  He mentioned that Laurie Roman (also '55) has a flat
in Paris that he rents for short stays - hope to try it out some time soon.

Best regards -- Jack Bunn

  Oakley W. Cheney, Jr. - Och36 at aol.com

  Mary Anne (Curtis) Curray - macurray at ucsd.edu

  Norma (Dotson) Doston-Sales - Norma_Dotson at hotmail.com

* * Carol Edwards - needamtg at msn.com
- I didn't graduate from Heidelberg, however my father was stationed in Heidelberg for four years
and I was at the dependent's school from  1950 through 1954.  I returned to the States and
graduated from T. Jefferson in '55.  But when I remember my high school life, I always remember
Heidelberg High as my real high school.  I feel very connected to the whole town and so fortunate
that I got to live there all those years ago.  Mannheim was almost totally destroyed in WWII, but
Heidelberg was untouched.  My boyfriend took me to the prom that was held in the castle.  It was
a great time in my life!

  Don Erlenkotter - derlenko at anderson.ucla.edu
- I attended HAHS as a dorm student from Karlsruhe in Spring 1954 and all of 1954-55, and
graduated in 1955.  Was class valedictorian in spite of being suspended for two weeks following
the class trip, a four day tour of five countries.  The "mug shots" are great - many thanks to Leigh.

  Stephen Johnson - Stajohnson at aol.com
- At HHS 53-55 and graduated.  Dorm student from Prague.

* * Harold "Hal" Jones - joneslga at bellsouth.net
- dorm student from Stuttgart

* * Joseph W. Keating, Jr. - JW4dK at aol.com
- In Frankfurt a/m 1947 - 1948; in Heidelberg 1949 - 1953.

  Thomas "Tom" Keyes - NRKEYES at aol.com
- Attended HAHS his senior year

  Marjorie Ann “Jan” Leidenheimer - marajan at earthlink.net
I graduated from HHS in 1955.  Married Robert E. Deardorff, JR.  a graduate of the USMA,
Class of 1955, in August 1958.  We had two children-Lezle Renee Deardorff Pfleger is married to
Stephen Pfleger and they have 3 boys and a little girl- they reside in Virginia; and Karl E.
(Deardorff) Derrah is an architect and resides in Phoenix, Arizona.  I am now working at Fort
Huachuca, Arizona at the Electronic Proving Ground  - reside in Sierra Vista, Arizona. 

  William "Bill" Meder - meanhun at yahoo.com

* * Carl Mott - carlmott at comcast.net
- Attended 1950-1952

  LaVonne (Newman) Nowlin - LaVonneN at msn.com

* * Kevin O'Neill - apokjo at suddenlink.net - added 11.30.08
- I was in Heidelberg for grades 8-10, left after six weeks of my junior year. I entered West Point
in '55, graduated in '59, married Anne Parsons, HAHS Class of '56, in '60, spent 30 years in the
Army (16 years overseas), retired in '89 as a Colonel. After retirement I became a special ed
teacher in Texas, then went to Texas A&M to get an advanced degree, and worked for A&M for
five years. Retired fully in '05.

Anne was in Heidelberg in '52-'54 and in Stuttgart on both sides of her time in Heidelberg,
graduated from high school in Virginia in '56 , graduated from nursing training as an RN in '60,
worked as the Embassy nurse on our two tours in Lisbon, Portugal, and in the Army clinic on our
tour at Camp Zama, Japan. She retired as a school nurse in Texas in '05. We now travel a lot.
We have four grown kids, three of whom were in the Army and two of whom are still in. Six grandkids.

My brother Brian graduated with the Class of '53, and my sister Judy was in the Class of '57 for
part of her freshman year before we went back to the States.

* * Donald Parsons - cuchi66 at suddenlink.net - updated 8.30.09
- I did not graduate from HHS but attended during the years 1952-54. Am living in Bryan, Texas
and am retired from the Army and teaching.

  Eleanor "Ellie" (Smith) Fox - ellie at cyberstreet.com
- I have lived in Fort Myers, Florida since July 1973.  After graduating from Heidelberg High School
in 1955, I attended City College of San Francisco and then the University of Oklahoma where I
obtained my Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration.  In September 1960, I married
Edward L. Fox, who was also graduated from OU with a BS in Mechanical Engineering. We spent
16 years moving up and around with the General Electric Company. Our only child, Edward L.
Fox, Jr., was born in 1962.  Then in 1979, Ed started FOX ELECTRONICS here in Fort Myers. 
We manufacture and market crystals and oscillators world-wide.  You can check us out at
http://www.foxonline.com/foxonline/main.htm.    I got my real estate license in 1977 and
started my own business in 1980.  In December 1992 I retired as Broker/Owner of Fox Real
Estate Company. 

Now I'm very involved with Duplicate Bridge and have made Life Master rank.  Other interests and
passions are travel, patron of the Southwest Florida Symphony and Chorus and the Florida
Repertory Theatre, Alpha Chi Omega sorority alum chapter, Gulf Coast Investment Club (Stock
Options), reading, movies -- and last but not least -- a collector of foxes and fine art.  My ultimate
goal is to travel the world and play bridge everywhere I go. 

* * Charles "Chick" Williams - Gauchowilliams at cs.com
- I was in Fussen Bavaria for the seventh grade, the only student in my class. Wiesbaden for the
beginning of the 8th grade and then to Stuttgart for the rest of the 8th and all the 9th grade. I rode
the train to Heidelberg for my sophomore year. I eventually finish high school at Richmand academy
in Augusta, Ga. After some USAF time and an airline career, I retired and now I do some instructing
for  B-727 pilots.

I am still in contact with several old friends from those wonderful days in Germany.

* * Bill Zierdt - billzierdt at hotmail.com

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Below, is a list of the rest of the Class of 1955.  I don't have any further information on these people. 
Click on the graphic above to go to Bob Richmond's web site for the classes of 1953-1959 from Kaiserslautern American High School.

I've included Bob's site since some of the students from HAHS transferred to that school and vice versa.

Click here to view
the entire 1955 yearbook online!