Carol (Cheney) Proshek - och36 at
- The e-mail address listed for Carol is her brother, Oakley's, e-mail

   Shirley (Curtess) West - Swestcc at

   Dayna Downs - dayna at
- Days web site:

   Dwight Easterly - easterly at
- Dwight's father, Charles Easterly, was the Superintendant  of HAHS
from 1948-1950.  Dwight lives in Bremen, Germany.

* * Joan (Ferrick) Poenisch - jpoenisch at
I was a Freshman at Heidelberg H.S. in '53 and lived in the dorm. 
We took the train from Karlsruhe to Heidelberg Sunday night, and
returned home by train on Friday night.

   Barbara (Georgia) Hawkins - bhawkins at - added 3.25.09
- My husband, Leon Hawkins and I (Barbara Georgia Hawkins) both graduated
with the class of ’56.  Leon attended HHS for 3 years, I only attended my senior
year.  Leon lived in Manheim and I lived in Heidelberg on Holbeinring, not far from
the school.  We had our prom and graduation at the castle.  We are the only
“couple” strictly from that class that ultimately got married. Leon attended
Michigan State U and George Washington U in DC and I attended Los Angeles
County Hosp. School of Nursing,.  We have made our home in Virginia for the
last 49 years.  Leon’s career was in education, teaching physics and chemistry
and retired as Assistant Principal of Thomas Jefferson High School for Science
and Technology- the highest ranked magnet school in the US.  I spent my career
as a Emergency Dept. registered nurse, reaching the VP level in a local hospital.
After retirement, I formed a consulting firm and served as CEO for 15 years until
my second retirement.  I continue to be a Trauma Reviewer for the state of
Virginia.  We have 2 children and currently live in an “active adult community”
where Leon serves on the board of directors and I serve on the finance
committee.  We really have not kept in touch with many HHS people, although
my brother, Ellis Georgia (class of 59 I think) did attend the reunion in Heidelberg.

   Leon Hawkins - bhawkins at - added 3.25.09

* * Wiley Knott - wileyknott at
- Attended HAHS 1954-1955

   Donald Magruder - magcon at
- I transferred from Kaiserslautern High and attended HAHS from
Sept. '54 (Junior year) to Feb. '56 (mid Senior year).

   Betty (Meaders) Lynch - bemeaderslyn at
We had lived on the Neckar River just below the Schloss, and then
moved to Patrick Henry Village for a short time.

   Anne (Parsons) O’Neill - apokjo at - added 1.25.09
- I was in Heidelberg '52-'54 and in Stuttgart on both sides of my time in
Heidelberg, graduated from high school in Virginia in '56, graduated from
nursing training as an RN in '60, married Kevin O’Neill, HAHS ’55, in ’60, and
joined him as we moved around the world courtesy of the U.S. Army. I worked
as the U.S. Embassy nurse on our two tours in Lisbon, Portugal, and in the Army
clinic on our tour at Camp Zama, Japan. I retired as a school nurse in Texas in
'05. We now travel a lot. We have four grown kids, three of whom were in the
Army and two of whom are still in. Six grandkids.

Kevin was in Heidelberg from '50-'53 for grades 8-10, and left after six weeks of
his junior year. He entered West Point in '55, graduated in '59, we married in '60
and spent 30 years in the Army (16 years overseas). He retired in '89 as a
Colonel. After retirement he became a special ed teacher in Texas, then went
to Texas A&M to get an advanced degree, and worked for A&M for five years.
He retired fully in '05.

Three of my brothers went to HAHS: Walter Parsons, ’52, David Parsons, ’53,
and Donald Parsons ’55.

* * Thomas Raymond - raymond at 
- I attended HAHS from 1950-1953 (7th to 9th grades).

   Clarence A. "Bud" Van Dyne - cavd at

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* * Denotes  that the student attended HAHS, but left Heidelberg and graduated elsewhere.
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