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If you were a member of the Class of 1957 and would like to be added to this page, please e-mail me, Cindy.  You did not have to graduate from HAHS to be listed!

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* * Neil Albaugh - neil at dbelltech.com - updated 12.18.08
-  I attended Heidelberg HS in my sophomore year (1955-56) and after that
my family moved to Frankfurt where I graduated in '57.

I had a ham radio license DL4CU and operated from Mannhein-Feudenheim
where we lived. We Mannheimers rode the bus to Heidelberg every day and
sometimes the fog on the road along the Neckar was unbelievably thick,
but we always made it.

I don't know how those bus drivers ever put up with us-- I discovered that
the overhead hand rails were made out of hollow tubing. We cleverly pried
the end caps off and, while standing in the back of the bus unobserved
by the driver due to the crowd of kids that had to stand in the aisle, loaded
the tubing with a handful of marbles and quickly replaced the rear cap.  Of
course, the first stop resulted in the driver's being showered with marbles!

Lets see, I remember: Joy Colvin-- DL4ZCB (?) a beautiful & very smart
girl, Mark Van Oosten (who I kept running into for the next five years)--
the scourge of our Chemistry class (his motto: if a little is good, more is
better, and too much is just enough), Willy Bracey-- football player & nice
guy, Mary-- also known as "Foxey", and many others.

Remember the swimming pool and AFN Heidelberg? The prom in the
Schloss (the Heidelberg Castle to all of you non-Brats)?

* * Katherine "Kay" (Barnes) Stiverson - bmgnbc at yahoo.com
-  I attended from last of 8th grade to 11th grade

* * Duke Becker - DB4BIRDS at aol.com
- I attended HHS from 1953 - 1957.  I wasn't able to attend my senior year.  My Dad
was transferred to Pgh, Pa.  Where I graduated from H.S.   I then attended the
Univ. of the Philippines in the early 60's.  I graduated from San Francisco State
Univ. S.F., Calif. 

I became a teacher of Science & Math.  And retired from teaching in Las Vegas,
NV. (2005)  I have attended one all school re-union which was fabulous.  I am in
contact with Betty Meaders and wish I could find a few more... My wife, Sharon L.
Nelson Becker, a Mannheim 1960 graduate is also always interested in contact with
other alumni.

   Gerald J. "Sam" Berry - EBerry3522 at aol.com
- Lives in Sutherland, Virginia

* * Skip Besse - Pilot4All at aol.com
- I graduated Frankfurt in '57 - left HAHS in mid-56.

* * Mike BonDurant - mikebd1 at bellsouth.net

* * Stephanie (Brodie) Manis - sbmanis at hotmail.com
- I lived in the Heidelberg High School dormitory during my 9th and 10th
grades, 1953-1955.  I usually went home to Karlsruhe on weekends.

   Ron Byers - byersr at earthlink.net
- Attended just the senior year September 56 to May of 57.  I was one of
the bus riders from Karlsruhe.  Always glad to hear from folks of that era.

Married to Jan Causey (HAHS Class of '59)

   Jackson B. Dismukes, Jr. - "Diz" - jbdismukes at knology.net
- 4 years active duty in the Navy, Graduated Auburn University '65.
Married, two daughters, one grandson. Retired Air Force Reserve
8/99 but still with Regions Bank of Montgomery, Alabama after almost
33 years. Several trips to Germany with the Air Force. One in particular
those with me still talk about - how I led a walking tour from the river
up to and along Philisophen Weg then back down and up to and
through the Schloss. Couldn't do that now if my life depended on it.

* * William Gibson - wgibson at mindspring.com 
- Attended HAHS 1954-1956

   Marshall Hammer - mikemvca at yahoo.com
- I attended October of 1953 to graduation in May of 1957.  The first
year, I lived in the school dormitory.  My dad was assigned to Smiley
Barracks in Karlsruhe -- he was an Air Force officer.  Subsequent
years we either were bussed to school or rode the trains.  I'd love to
hear from anyone who attended Heidelberg American High School in
the mid-1950's  or anyone who knows me from my days in Karlsruhe,
Heidelberg and previous bases ...

I played saxophone in the band 1953-55 and was president of the
photography club my senior year.

   Jocelyn (Hill) Dickson - Ardenbp at aol.com

  Paul W. Jennings - Revpauljennings at wmconnect.com
- Rev. Paul W. Jennings has joined the 21 century!!! (no cell phone-yet)

   Neil Johnson - neil277 at juno.com
- Gee, I should be in with the seniors - class of 1957. I think I have a
photo there. I wasn't there for any other yearbook.

One of the problems with a PCS in the senior year is what to do about
the yearbook photo, class ring, etc. I have a class ring from my HS in
Wisconsin - I think I got it during my junior year. I attended there for
about 3.2 years so I didn't try for a Heidelberg ring. I attended HHS for
about 8/10ths of the senior year.

Since I didn't arrive until Oct/Nov 56, I may not be in alphabetic order.
I did get a yearbook. It had a green cover and it wasn't padded like the
yearbooks in the US. I just can't remember about a photo in the year
book. It would be a major operation to dig the yearbook out. I think I
last saw it in late 1999. And I think it's now in a footlocker at the far
end of my storage locker.... down the road a piece - almost nobody in
Florida has a basement. : (

I did get the class beer stein with my name and 40 others on it. : )

I left in the summer of 57 to return to the US for college. .... So I only
had about 7-8 months in Heidelberg and can only remember one
underclassman. Our senior class trip was to Denmark.   

I remember the thick fog too. A few days it was so dense you couldn't
see 6 feet. I think the last mile or so out to PHV was done at about
3 MPH. I lived on Little Big Horn Str.

I flew back to CONUS (July 57) to the University of Illinois for a couple
of years and then joined the Army one month after the rest of the of my
family returned and my dad took his retirement when they stepped off the
boat. I retired from the military in 1983. I had two active duty tours to
Germany - Frankfurt 60-62; and Augsburg 77-81. I did one or two flying
visits back to PHV & Heidelberg while in Germany. Both of those
assignments gave me a lot of TDY around Germany, but never to H'berg.
The rest of my service was in the Far East or along the East Coast of the

I started my interest in personal computers in 1981. Focused mostly on
the Mac. Moved to Florida in 84 .. - the rest of my family is down here
in the Orlando area. I worked computer retail for several years and I've
retired again. About 12 years ago I finally became a ham (now N4SI)
after 33 years of interest that started back in high school.

   Mary (Mansfield) Reid - drc2 at bigpond.com
- My bio after graduation from HHS:
1 year college in San Jose, Calif.; 1 year college at Heidelberg University
(what a ball!); graduated U of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa; Worked for Red Cross
18 months in El Paso.  Parents retired to Menlo Park, Calif., where I joined
them.  Worked as exec. secretary in SF until marriage to David.  Next stop
New Zealand on construction site.  Had two sets of twins (Alan and Jennifer
& Donald and Heather) while there for four years.  Next stop Australia where
we have lived for 35 years.  Am now an Aussie citizen because the US says I
can now "carry two passports"!!
We are now both retired and share a passion for travel, especially cruises.
Love this country and the laid back lifestyle. We live in Bowral, just 150
miles south of Sydney.  2 granddaughters and lots of fun.  Have been in
contact with Donna (Pritchard) Reichard and Sam Berry.  Happy to suggest
places to visit in this vast continent!

* * George McLennon - gmac240 at yahoo.com  - updated 6.27.08
- Trying to locate a classmate from 1954 (freshman year) named
Margaret (Peggy) Walker.

* * Harry Pitchford - pitch1 at interserv.com - added 9.22.08
- I was a freshman at HH in 1954 and lived in Mannheim-Feudenheim, returning
to the States to complete my education.  Actually, I was elected Freshman
Class Treasurer (had forgotten all about that, until looking at theYearbook;
don’t recall the circumstances surrounding such a pretigious position? 
Smile!   Perhaps it was my Pitch!)

   Bill Ritter - BILLRRRRRR at aol.com

   Sue Robins - SRob504 at aol.com

   Judy (Taylor Laycock) Bailey - BlyJdy at aol.com

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