Jim Adlard - adlardf001 at hawaii.rr.com
(Click on Jim's name to view photos)
- I attended Heidelberg from 58-60 and graduated there.  I joined the Army in
August after graduation and stayed to retire as a Major in 1980.  I served as a
Green Beret for many years; was a Field Artillery Officer and a combat
helicopter pilot in Viet Nam in 1968.  I am still an active helicopter pilot here
on Maui in Hawaii.  I am the Chief Pilot of Sunshine Helicopters and anyone
who visits Maui and looks me up gets a free helicopter tour of the island.  I
won't be able to attend the 2006 reunion but let everyone know they can come
see me.

Sitting in front of me is my graduation beer stein with the class roster and
the Heidelberg Lion designed by Doug Goering. I have lost my yearbook
- how sad!

Well, we'll be in Heidleberg in a year from now and I will make a special
effort to visit the school since it will provbably be the last time to do so.

   Randy Bayliss - RandolphBayliss at msn.com
- Attended HAHS 1956-60.

* * Joseph Brennan - joeeb at jps.net
- Attended HAHS 1956-1958.

   Sandi (Campagna) Draude - Counselor75 at aol.com
- I attended HHS from 1956 to graduation in 1960.  What great memories
---how many people can say they went to their senior prom in a castle!  I
remember Eddie Stone's incredibly long pony tail (did ANYONE ever see
her with her hair down??), Mz. Fowlkes purple argyle socks, steaming up
the car windows at The End of The World with Mike Holland, drama club
with Mr. Iorio, Mz Clausen's math class (will that bell ever ring!), smoking
forbidden ciggies with Jean Theobald on the Romerstrasse and the
bittersweet innocence of those golden 50's years just before the Beatles
invasion ushered in sex, drugs and rock n roll!

* * Bruce Gardner - a084125 at allstate.com
- I did not graduate with class of 1960, but I was a freshman there and active
in sports.  I was on the varsity football team along with another freshman
by the name of Jim Peck.  I was a Center and Outside Guard on the Lions
team.  I lived in Patrick Henry Village on the second floor of a 3 story
building a street away from the football field.  I was also a shot-putter on
the track and field team.  It was my first year in Germany.  I remember
bicycling down the Neckar and Rhine during the spring and bicycling to
Garmisch during the summer.  One of the most vivid memories I have is when
I noted a Soviet jet fighter flying very low and headed towards us in the
distance during football practice.  I alerted the entire team and they all
looked up and saw the Mig fighter with the red stars as it passed over our
heads.  We were all shocked and wondered what it was all about.  Probably,
the pilot was escaping to the West?!  Anyway, I enjoyed my stay in
Heidelberg.  We moved to Mannheim and thereafter Munich before returning
Stateside in 1962.

    Doug Goering - dgoering at albion.edu

* * Carleen (Griffin) Wachholder - cmargog at hotmail.com
- Attended HAHS from 1956-57.  Lived in PHV

    Anne Knauerhase - AnneKnauer at aol.com

* * Robert Low - EquineDad at aol.com
- I attended HAHS in '57 & '58 , then we moved to Aschaffensburg and I had
to endure a daily 2+ hour RT bus ride to Frankfurt AHS.  While in HD, we
first  lived 'on the economy' in a little town called Kirscheim maybe 10 or
12 K's away - I used to ride my bike into USAREUR HQ every Sunday
morning to get the Sunday edition of the Stars & Stripes for my Dad - then
moved into Patrick Henry Village - all I can remember (I think that there was
only one entry-exit to PHV) was that we lived near the left "end" of the Village.

* * Carleen (Peck) Snyder - vsmsnyder727 at aol.com
- I played on AYA softball team.  My older brother, Eddie Peck, went to HHS
and played football and baseball. He passed away in 2001 with emphysema.

I left HHS and PHV Dec. '56, my Jr. year. Came to El Paso TX (Ft. Bliss),
graduating from Burges High School in '60.

1961...married Army soldier & he was sent to Korea for 13 mos.
1962...assigned to missile site at Tappan NY for 1 1/2 yrs.
1963...October 14 a son was born in Westwood NJ
1964...March 9 our son passed away from meningococcemia (type of meningitis)
at William  Beaumont Army Medical Center, here in El Paso TX (Ft. Bliss)
1964...early to late summer at Ft. Rucker AL...aviation maintenance school for
my husband AND we were VERY, VERY PREGNANT!!!
1964...later summer...assigned to Ft. Hood TX
1964...November 22 a daughter was born at Ft. Hood TX
1965...assigned to Babenhausen Germany for 2 1/2 yrs.
1967...hubby assigned to Vietnam...daughter & I stayed in El Paso until his
1969...hubby returned and retired March 1 with 21 yrs. service
1970...March 20 a son was born at William Beaumont Army Medical Center, here
in El Paso, TX
1973...March 2 a son was born at William Beaumont Army Medical Center, here in
El Paso, TX

We've been here ever since then.

* * Nancy (Sunderville) Taylor - nursenancy43 at aol.com

* * Steven Wolf - stevenwolf at home.com
- I was at HAHS from 55-58.  I'll never forget Ms Folkes (sp?)and her purple hair.

If you were a member of the Class of 1960 and would like to be added to this page, please e-mail me, Cindy.  You did not have to graduate from HAHS to be listed!

* * Denotes that the student attended HAHS, but left Heidelberg and graduated elsewhere.
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