* * Dotte (Ammon) Egbert - Dotte0723 at aol.com
- Attended HHS in '60, Graduated in '62 from Groton High, MA

   Bob Badger - campbadger at pocketmail.com

* * Steve Baumeister - stvebhc at yahoo.com
- Attended HHS '60. Graduated from Glendora High, CA. Now living in
Arizona and Costa Rica.

* * Sherry (Bennett) Snyder - sherrysnyder at mris.com
- I attended HHS from 1957 thru 1961 and would have graduated in
1962.  I graduated instead in Birmingham, AL, from Homewood H.S.

* * Bob Binder - bobbinder at sbcglobal.net - updated 01.04.07
- I attended HHS from 1958 to 1960.  I would have graduated in 1962
at HHS if I had been there (instead graduated 1962 at Aberdeen MD

* * Natalie (Brundage) Martin - nelizabethmartin at hotmail.com - updated 3.09.11
- I attended Heidelberg High School my freshman and part of my sophomore year.

   John "Smiley" Castlen - john.castlen at us.army.mil - new email 01/04

   Jack Dell'Omo - jdellomo at sc.rr.com

   Jonathan Fiske - jonathanfiske at earthlink.net - new email 02/04
- I spend most of the time in Evanston IL, by Chicago. I recently ended a
33 year career with Rotary International by heading its Europe Africa office
in Zurich for eight years. Since it was just a 4 hour train trip, I got to attend
the school's 50th celebration and enjoyed seeing Walt there: that is Captain
Hogan, USN (I'm a non-flying Lt. USNR, but active duty was a long long time
ago.) The rest of the class of '62 was absent.

My current business is consulting in intercultural communication and
management, though I am also licensed as an attorney here in Illinois.

   Grace (Green) Grossman - grace at grossman.biz
- I have four children & live in London, where I have been since my husband
retired from the foreign service.  I'm a tour guide here as well as having a
Masters in London Studies, which I did after finally getting my BA from the
U of Md.  My graduation for the BA was at the Heidelberg Offficer's  club in

   Harvey "Ed" Hays  -
My Dad, Harvey (Ed) Hays attended HHS from 1959 till he graduated from there in
1962. He passed away last year in February 2007.  I would like to find out
more about him and want to see if anyone remembers him. I'm going to spend
four days in Heidelberg this summer with a local family and would love to know
more about the area. If you can, please reply. My email address is
tweety81992 at aol.com. - Sarah Hays 

   Walt Hogan - jetplt at hotmail.com
- I graduated from HHS in 1962, wound up taking care of two brothers
just after graduation (my mother got badly hurt), and then went to the
Naval Academy, graduating in 1968.  Got the priviledge of flying jets
from aircraft carriers for the next twenty years, and have been a
beltway bandit in DC for the past 13 years. Did have a mini-gathering
of some of us at my house a long time ago, but it was fun.

   Marty Dean Huber - huberhvn at aol.com
- Attended HHS 59-62

   Riley Jackson - rileyj3 at yahoo.com
- I attended HHS 1961 and 1962. Graduated in 1962 and went to Georgia
Tech. Bounced out to CA and stuck there until 2000 doing various things
in the computer business. Retired and moved to SaddleBrooke, AZ (near
Tucson). Now I spend my time playing tennis, working on the house and
yard, and going to committee meetings (I volunteer too much!)

   Richard Kautz - richardkautz at msn.com
- graduated with the class of '62 then stayed two more years in Heidelberg
attending classes at UMD.  I am now living in Delaware.

   Penny (Kennedy) Wortham - james_wortham at hms.harvard.edu

   Vicki (Lewis) Gausland - vag at netscape.com - updated 8.12.08
- Was Senior Class President and Party Planner!  They were the best
of times!  I live in Massachusetts and between my husband "Bill" and myself. 
We have 4 boys and 6 grandchildren to keep us busy and out of trouble!

   Mac McCormick - mmccormick at zoechristian.org
- I attended HAHS from 1960 to 1962.  I'd be interested in hearing from
former classmates, especially KST.

* * Dan McGowan - WSB6 at aol.com
- I was there for the sophomore year, then returned stateside.  Graduated
in 1962 from Lafayette High School, Lexington, Kentucky.  I was a Patrick
Henry resident and played on the tennis team.  Now a resident of Waukee,
Iowa (a western suburb of Des Moines). 

* * "Poppy" Louise (McDermott) Cumpson - poppygary at aol.com
- Attended 1959-1961

* * Judy (Murray) Holt - jrholt at jrhassoc.com
- Judy's web site: http://www.JRHAssoc.com
- Attended 1956-1958

* * Bill O'Connell - occo at earthlink.net

   George Post - georgerpost at yahoo.com - Updated 7.10.10
- I attended Heidelberg High from 1959 to 1962 and hope to find old friends.
I am retired, divorced and split my time between Phoenix, Tucson and the
White Mountains in Arizona.

   Eric Richstein - ebrichstein@msn.com
- I spent my junior and senior years at HHS graduating with the class of '62. 
Just typed this in on a whim and was pleasantly surprised to see a lot of
familiar names.  I live in Maryland outside of Washington, DC and do cnsulting
on environmental issues for the bank I used to work for.  After HHS, I graduated
from Bethany College, Lindsborg, KS and then USAF for six years active duty
(C-130) and then graduate school (MBA, 14 years of USAF Reserve (C-5A,
Dover AFB) and the Air Staff at Pentagon.  ALong with banking career that
took me to Hong Kong for a couple of years.  Time sure flies when you are
having fun.  Married a great gall from Sweden in the mid nineties and we have
a daughter making her way through high school.  Life is good and busy hope to
see some of you down the road.  Best to all, Eric  

* * Susan (Salvano) Hansen - s.hansen at erols.com
- I attended Heidelberg Elementary school to high school from 1954
through Spring 1959.  I would have graduated Heidelberg in 1962, but
we came back to the States and I graduated from Baldwin Sr. High,
Baldwin, New York.

* * James Wortham - james_wortham at hms.harvard.edu

If you were a member of the Class of 1962 and would like to be added to this page, please e-mail me.  You did not have to graduate from HAHS to be listed!

* * Denotes that the alumni attended HAHS, but graduated from another school.
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