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If you were a member of the Class of 1963 and would like to be added to this page, please e-mail me, Cindy.  You did not have to graduate from HAHS to be listed!

* * Denotes that the alumni attended HAHS, but graduated from another school.
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* * Johnny Berger - jmberger at mchsi.com
- I attended Heidelberg High School from 1959 to 1962.  I left after my
junior year, however, and did not get to graduate in the Castle,
graduating instead from Mechanicsburg Area Senior High School
in Mechanicsburg, PA.

   Jane Chance - jchance at rice.edu - Added 11.06.09

   Mike Condon - mikec445 at bellsouth.net
- Have been out of touch for awhile, but still here in Canton, Ga. Only
attended HHS my senior year, so was able to graduate from the Schloss. 
Remember having to sing the class song as a senior member of the
Chorus (way off key!)  Great times, fast cars, and good beer (but not at
the Teen Club).

* * Helen Patricia "Pat" (Dubie) Boyle - hpbmkb at lvcm.com
- I attended Heidelberg HS 1959-1962.

   Karl Henry - khenry6 at ibm.net

  Robert "Bob" Ingram - roberti at us.ibm.com
- Look forward to hearing from former class mates.  Currently living
in Littleton, CO.

   Robert "Bob" Jackson - blarry at ix.netcom.com
- married to fellow classmate Bobbi Jacquot!

   Barbara "Bobbi" (Jacquot) Jackson - blarry at ix.netcom.com
- married to fellow classmate Bob Jackson!

    Robert "Bob" Jessup - RobtJessup at aol.com

* * Lacy C. Key - karunky at classicnet.net - added 7.25.09
- attended Hidelberg high in 61 & 62 I was a member of the rock and roll band
The Fury's. Played at the teen club and around different towns in Germany.
Graduated from Lockport High in 63 in Lockport Ill.

   Karen (Farr) Keller - KKeller at prodigy.net

   Michael Gardner - mgardner at longway.org
- Every since 1972, I have been vacationing to Germany and H-berg,
once or twice a year.

   Alice (Mayer) Wenger - A Mayer Wenger at aol.com

   Linda (Murphy) Traupane - linda.traupane at santafe.cc.fl.us

   Larry Norris - larrynorris4 at gmail.com - added 6.13.09
- I graduated from Heidelberg American H.S. in June of 1963. I am retired and
still running track in Eugene, Oregon.  I am a friend of Coach Wayne Sabin, who
was at Heidelberg High for many years and now lives in Portland. I would enjoy
hearing from people I graduated with at Heidelberg High. 

   Jim Schuh - schuh1 at gte.net

   Howard Snook - snookie_33 at yahoo.com
- I attended during the years 60 to 63.  Retired now, living the good life in
the mountains of N.C.

   Donna (Weingart) Fincher - donnafincher at yahoo.com

   Don Wesselman - papathree at hotmail.com
- Don is married to Julie Traver, class of '64

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