* * Robert "Bob" Adams - reajr at earthlink.net
- "I attended from the 6th through the 9th grades (1958-1962)."

* * William Sumter Allen - psyctek1 at bellsouth.net - updated 7.24.08
- I attended school in Heidelberg from 1961-1964 (through 11th grade.)  Unfortunately, we
were transferred back to the States and I graduated from a HS in Texas. The graduating
class at A. N. McCallum HS in Austin was larger than the total enrollment at HAHS. It wasn't
the same as the intimate relationships we had in Heidelberg by a long shot.

   Sharon "Bennie" (Arnold) Nash Brown - snashbrown at attbi.com

    Bruce Bailey - baileyflutes at juno.com
- I graduated in '65 started 8th grade, spent 5 years there and played in the band. Great times.

    Sandra (Black) Dallinger - Dallimom at juno.com
- Attended HAHS 1964-1965

   Scott Blissitte -  croom at airmail.net
   Dave Brown - dbrown at cmcvtx.org

* * Greg Brubeck - GREG at pocca.com
- "I only went to HAHS for my freshman and sophomore years."

   Mark Caisse - mark.caisse at clear-logic.com

* * Catherine Calvert - catherine at finbin.demon.co.uk
- I was in Heidelberg from 1960 to 1963.

   Don Carbine - dc3158 at sbc.com

   Skip Case - appraiser at gcnet.net

   Robin Christensen - GandRxLand at aol.com

* * Randy Cook - rcook1 at mindspring.com
- I attended the 5th, 6th and part of the 7th grade in Heidelberg. '57-'59
Looking for Bob Snee, Bob Apgar, Martha Yri, Judy Stoynoff

* * John Dennington - jhenryd at sover.net
- attended fall '61-spring '64.

   Bette (Detwiler) Martin - cdvzr at Allstate.com

   Roger Domras - rdomras at journals.uchicago.edu

   "Dee" Dianne (Duncan) Taylor - det4dogs at aol.com

   Bob Flowers - bobf0549 at aol.com

* * Pat (Francisco) Grysavage - pgrysavage at cox.net
- I was in Heidelberg from kindergarten until mid-11th grade.

   Genny (Giraud) Vaught - vaughtjl at prodigy.net

   Leilani (Golden) McHenry - boblani1 at verizon.net - Updated 12.20.07

   Barb Goldman - Argosyhs at aol.com

   Allen Harvester - aharvester at juno.com

   Buck Harvester - harvesterb at aol.com

   Jim Hickman - jhickman at worldforum.org

   John Hogan - johnchogan at earthlink.net

* * Paige Holbrook - PHolbrook at aol.com

   Bob Houk - LANDGUARD1 at aol.com

* * Lynda (Kangas) Flowers - bobf0549 at aol.com
- left in '64

* * ~ Phil Lennie - plennie688 at att.net - Added 01.05.10
- I attended HHS between ’61 to ’64, my dad rotated back to the states before my senior
year.  I am in contact with Mike Weil, Bob Mueller, Toi (Marie) McCoy, Don Hartzell, and
some others.

   Larry Line - line at jps.net

* * David Linton - drlint at yahoo.com
- I attended Heidelberg American High School from 1959 (7th grade) thru 1962 (9th grade),
and then moved on.

* * Bonnie (Loughran) Marshall - bonniemarshall1 at gmail.com - updated 4.19.15
- I attended 6th thru mid-8th (1958 - 01/61)

   Bob Martin - rlmjam at mindspring.com

* * Alicia (McFadden) Felix - Afelix at erols.com
- Attended 10 & 11 grade

   Mike Murnane - mmurnane47 at verizon.net - Added 11.06.09
- was to graduate in 1965 but had to go to summer school. Before I could finish,my mother
died of cancer and we shipped back to States. Grad from Springfield High;Springfield, Va
in summer of 1965. Grad from Univ of Oklahoma 1970. Just retired after 39 years in the
Banking and commercial finance industry. Currently live in Southlake, TX with wife,
Marianne, college sweetheart who I married in late 69, would love to here from anyone
from 65/66.

   Jim Policastro - rnjpoli at aol.com

   Hugh Richeson - HARiia at aol.com

   Karl F. Schulte - Kschulte at triad.rr.com
- Attended from 1960 - 1965 (graduated at the Heidelberg Castle there were only a few of
us there)  I now live in North Carolina and am retired from the Winston-Salem Police

   Chuck (Scotton) O'Brien - Chuck.obrien at att.net

* * John "Jack" Snook  - southsnook at cableone.net
- Attended HAHS 1960-63

   Neil Stewart - stewart6594 at bellsouth.net

* * Carol Stuck - Dalyrumple at aol.com

   Steve Talbott - stab6204 at aol.com

   Michael Edward Weil - mweil1776 at yahoo.com

   Dorothy "Dottie" Werner - tigerdot at princeton.edu - updated 1.25.09

   Don Zedler - dezedret at yahoo.com - updated 9.28.08
- I just retired after 38 years of service.  I live in Berlin.

* * Ron Zimmerman - ronz at hal-inc.com
- I was in Heidelberg 1959-1962.

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