Karen Arnold - Krarnoldt at worldnet.att.net

   Sue Bennett - SueB67 at hotmail.com

   David Boyd - davidboyd828 at yahoo.com - updated 7.11.09

   Bruce Chapman - Chap at mitre.org

   Debbie Chasteen - joydance123 at juno.com

   David Clark - helixinc at tampabay.rr.com

* * Judith Couture - juddbug49 at yahoo.com - updated 12.27.05
- I live in Southern California now, and have for about 37 years.  Graduated
from Lebanon High School in New Hampshire and BA and Masters are from
San Diego State.  I would love to hear from you.  I am in touch with Gary
Jarvis also.  He lives in the mid west.

* * Patrick Cullis - p.cullis at worldnet.att.net
- I attended HAHS in grades 9 & 10  from 1963-64.  I lived in Patrick Henry
Village and was at the Rec center, at a square dance, in the evening when
it was announced that JFK was assasinated.   I graduated in Virginia.

   Brenda J. (Davis) Rowe, Ph.D. - DrBCATAS at aol.com
- I graduated in 1967...then went to U of MD Munich before transferring
to College Park.

   Kelly Dazet - charybdis at sisnal.com

   Kevin Dugan - DKDALJ at aol.com

   Bob Eggimann - eggimann at earthlink.net
   Rick Ganninger - rganninger at sbcglobal.net - updated 05.04.05

   Dennis Gordon - DMGordon at hotmail.com

   Darlene Gormley - dks4564 at aol.com

* * Joanne (Henry) Meroney - anejhm at gwumc.edu
- I attended Heidelberg from 1963-64 (Freshman) before moving to Frankfurt. 
My brother, Bill Henry, graduated in 1964.  We lived in PHV.

   Penny (Hoskins) Wildman - trudi at pop.uky.edu

* * Russell Kennedy - uaimh@verizon.net - Added 01.02.10
I am still running around out here.  Left in 1966. Graduated from Bowie HS (MD)
in '67.

   Deborah Loe - debloe at usa.net

* * Vince Male - highwheeler50 at hotmail.com
- Attended HAHS 1964-1966

   Melinda (McCrimmon) Payne - mpayne6328 at aol.com

    Sheriann (Morey) Lee - sheriannlee at hotmail.com

   Jane Porter - theevilwoman at webtv.net

    E. Glenn "Grasshopper" Ray - glenn at realestatecpa.com

   Pamela Roberts - proberts at capaccess.org

   Pete Senechal - psenechal at aol.com

* * Cathy Smith - catiescarlet at earthlink.net
- Attended HAHS from 1964-1965

   Rod Smith - BAMA_44 at yahoo.com
- Was in the band "The Dark Ages"

    Jim Snider - yoljim at webtv.net

   Rick Stephens - RNStephens at aol.com

   Robert "Bob" Watson - watsonRW at rcn.com

   Guy Webbeking - rx26741 at deere.com

   Chuck Wood - ewood at cstone.net

   Nancy (Zimmer) Duncan - Nancy.Duncan at home.com

If you were a member of the Class of 1967 and would like to be added to this page, please e-mail me, Cindy (Blackburn) Hardy '83.  You did not have to graduate from HAHS to be listed!

* * Denotes that the alumni attended HAHS, but graduated from another school.
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