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If you were a member of the Class of 1969 and would like to be added to this page, please e-mail me, Cindy.  You did not have to graduate from HAHS to be listed!

* * Denotes that the alumni attended HAHS, but graduated from another school.
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   Carol (Barnett) Blair - thefoleyqn at aol.com

   Peter Bell  - pbellemi at aol.com

   Jim Binkley - binknancy at aol.com

   Rob Boyd - Faubourg at aol.com

   Tim Bradley - tbradley502 at earthlink.net

* * Bob Braun - rlbraunjr at earthlink.net
- Attended 1964-67

   Robert "Buddy" Bryant - SouthHeat at aol.com
- Married to Gayle Carlile '69

   Elizabeth "Liz" (Campana) Waldrip - ewaldripaz at hotmail.com - added 12.08

   Gayle (Carlile) Bryant - LiaGann at aol.com
- Married to Buddy Bryant 69

   Judy Caughey - DDRedriver at aol.com

* * Viveca (Chasteen) Park  - vivecapark at gmail.com - updated 5.27.11
Attended HAHS from 1963-1964 (7th grade)

   "Gerry" Gerald Clayton - clayton.gh at pg.com
- I graduated in 1969 from HAHS and lived there from 1968-72.

   Keith Coggins - kcoggins at pacbell.net

   Carolyn Daniel - caroldanielw69 at msn.com

   Donald R. Dickson - d-dickson at tamu.edu

* * Jim Drabek - jcdrabek at yahoo.com - Added 5.27.11
I attended HHS from 65 – 68. Left after my junior year & graduated in San Antonio,
TX. My only HS senior ring was my Heidelberg ring!!

* * Debby (Ferguson) King - dking at pccua.edu

   Maureen Flanagan  - moflanagan at aol.com

* * David Goldrick - Cachalot96 at aol.com
- I was there from 1965 to 1967 and left after my sophomore year.

   Sue (Hardin) Hawver - s_hawver at hotmail.com

   Helen (Hathaway) Kiser - hkiser at netusa1.net

   John Hill - jahill06 at charter.net - updated 2.25.09

   Shelly Hollister - hankhatch at aol.com

   John Kelly - John.Kelly at mail.tribnet.com

   Dan Kitchen - kitched at msn.com - updated 12.30.08

   Sarah (Lawlor) Pearce - pearcesall at cox.net
- Attended 10th - 12th grades.  Married to Bill Pearce '69

* * Mark Lee - mark at captured-moments.net
- Attended HHS last half of Sophomore year and all of my Junior year having
transferred from Verdun, France.  I've been living in Germany for the last eight
years, now in Stuttgart.

   Dan Line - ddl1 at osi.com

    Cynthia "Cyn" Marshall - burfur at aol.com

* * Susan (McCallum) Zgrodnik - smccz at frontiernet.net

   Gerry (McKenna) Hodges - jlybn at hughes.net - added 5.27.11

   Morgan Meade Sayes - Morgan.Sayes at slcgov.com - added 5.27.11

   Marcia (Morrisey) Musselman - marciamusselman at aol.com

   Susan (Parkhurst) McMahon - mcmas at lake.ollusa.edu

   Sally Pavick - salern at cox.net

   Bill Pearce - pearcesall at cox.net
- Attended his senior year.  Married to Sarah Lawlor '69

   Paula (Penkava)  Golden - Goldenfin at aol.com
- I attended HHS my junior and senior year and graduated in 1969.  My Dad
was principal of the school from 1967 - 1971. I am looking forward to getting in
contact with former classmates.

   Tom Peterson - PetersonThomasC at JohnDeere.com

* * Sharon "Sherry" (Phillips) Miller - PfandRed at aol.com
- I attended HHS my freshman, sophomore and junior years.  We transferred
home for my Senior year.

* * Henry Schrader - schrad_h at swbell.net

* * John Sherwood - sherwood at bunt.com
- I attended HAHS from '64 to '67.

   Richard (Rich) Shettle - tallyrich at earthlink.net
- "...attended Heidelberg American High School Dec 1966 - Jun 1969
wife: Kathleen (Paulissen) Shettle (married 6/22/74 - present) daughter:
Jennifer;  sons: Robert & John"

   John Vaughan - johncvaughan at compuserve.com
- www.john-vaughan.com

* * Don Vaughn - Donvaughn at aol.com - updated 8.26.07
- I went HHS from 1965-68.  I graduated from Kubasaki HS in Okinawa
--- miles and miles from HHS.  I live and work in San Diego, California as
an engineering geologist.

   Wanda (Yeomans) Hobeck - chobeck at bcpl.net

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