If you were a member of the Class of 1971 and would like to be added to this page, please e-mail me, Cindy.  You did not have to graduate from HAHS to be listed!

* * Denotes that the alumni attended HAHS, but graduated from another school.
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email me
   Bob Alsup - BBEP13 at aol.com

   Monica (Baskin) Lovecky - mlovecky at yahoo.com

* * Kathleen (Becker) Petell - kathleenapetell at yahoo.com - updated 9.04.08
- Although I didn't graduate from HHS I was in the class of 1971. I was there
from 68-70. I was engaged to Jeff Bell before I came back to the States. I
hung around with Cindy Anderson and Nancy Brown to name a few. Would
love to hear from any old friends.

    Barb (Bennett) Przybojewski - przybo2 at hotmail.com

* * Reed Bohn [dng] - r.bohn at tiburondivers.com
- I went to HHS the end of 10th grade and all of 11th grade.  We moved back
to the states that summer so I finished high school in Oregon.

* * Megan Boyle - Megan.Boyle at ppcc.edu
- I attended HHS from ’67 to ’68 then moved with my family and attended
Mannheim American High School for two years.  When my family returned
to the states, my Dad was stationed at Ft. Carson in Colorado Springs and
I graduated from St. Mary’s High School.  I would love to hear from
classmates and several of us are trying to locate Jan Wall. 

   Sylvia (Bettelli) Renick - quatromare at excite.com

   Reba (Cahill) Averill - raverill at smyth.net

   Susan "Morgan" (Callaway) Mendenhall - smorgan_3881 at yahoo.com
Yahoo Messenger user name is: smorgan_3881
AOL Chat name: sassysm46
- I'm looking for Pam Fox Bogdonoff and her homepage/website/whatever. 
She was my absolute best friend in Heidelberg and I hear that her husband
is fighting cancer.  Would really like to hear from her.  I have heard from
my other best friend, Pam Leigh Frazier.  I still need to contact Evelyn
Steinsieck and have an email address for her.

   Mike Carter - macarter2 at earthlink.net

   Estelle (Connolly) Joachim - joachimte at bwwonline.com

* * Jeff Davis - davisj26 at unlv.nevada.edu - updated 10.03.07
- I attended HHS in 67-68 and moved back to the States in late 68.
I graduated from Springfield High in Springfield, Illinois in 1971.

   Nancy (Dean) Boone - nancydboone at yahoo.com - updated 7.11.09

* * Melissa (Dunn) Lampe - Melissa_Dunn_Lampe at gallup.com - updated 7.09.07
- Attended HHS 1965-1968, went to 3 other high schools, graduated Prince
George, Virginia 1971.  HHS was the best!

   Bob Flores - bob.flores at gmail.com - updated 2.13.08

   Linda Focht - Ruby_lkf at prodigy.net

   Pamela (Fox) Bogdonoff – Loftrec at aol.com

  Annette (French) Davis - alfie53 at yahoo.com

   Terry (Funke) Campbell - Soupfam at aol.com

  Barbara "Barb" (Hamilton) Thomas - dsnydon at earthlink.net

   Dave Hasbrook - tdh at adwoska.com

   Lise Hawkos - lise.hawkos at asu.edu

   Chris (Hertzke) Calcut - ccalcut at heidelberghighschool.com

* * Betsy Hill - jahill at reno.rmci.net (brother, John's, e-mail address)

* * Charlie Hollister - c.hollister at worldnet.att.net
- I attended school in H-Berg from 1967-1969.  I graduated from HS in the
States in 1971.

   Paula (Johnson) Brandon - pbrandon@ at wnonline.net

   Warren Jones - wjones71 at mediaone.net

   Chuck Kimmig - crkimmig at bellsouth.net

* * Stephen Lee - esl1971 at hotmail.com - Added 5.16.10
- I attended in 1967-68, 8th and 9th grade returning to the states to graduate
from Killeen High School (Fort Hood, Texas) in 1971. My brother, Brian
graduated HHS in 1968. Looking for my old bandmates, Jeff Davis and Rick
Ridgedale?? aka Ritch Ritchell, who used to play at the teen club in Patrick
Henry Village.

   Pam (Leigh) Frazier - steven.frazier at snet.net

   Allan Mackey - ISPYMACKEY6f6 at aol.com

   Debbie (Matheson) Ferrazza - dferrazz at tampabay.rr.com

* * Michael T. McDermott - mmcdcc at excite.com
- I graduated from another school after spending most of my high school
years in Heidelberg.  My junior year prom was in the Schloss,  my Senior
prom was in the cafetorium . The band didn't even show up!  Bummer.

   Ron Merritt - bashman at aol.com - Added 6.16.11
- Retired from the Air Force
Currently living in Panama City, Florida

   John Meyer - Jmmeyer76 at aol.com

* * Jeri Morton - programs_unlimited at msn.com
- Attended 1968-70

   Michael Murtha - mmurtha at grci.com

   Mary (Myer) Kristensen - mkristen at columbus.rr.com

* * Joe Myers - isbalumjlm at mindspring.com
- I attended Elementary School at Heidelberg from 59-63. My older brother,
Dave, graduated in 62 or 3.

* * Donald Nachtsheim - dovaun at windstream.net - added 5.02.09
- I attended hahs from 67 to 69.  I would like to find the 1968 or 1969 yearbooks.

  Kathy (Owens) Banks - FLYGUYSMOM at aol.com

* * Doris Page - paged2 at cox.net - update 4.12.15

* * Alyson Peel - alysonpeel at gmail.com - updated 10.03.07
- Web Site: http://alysonpeel.blogspot.com/

   Lisa Phipps - LPhipps5 at cox.net - updated 7.24.08

* * Frank S. Plummer III - frank.plummer at bluebonnetmhmr.org
- I attended HHS in the 68-69 year.  I graduated from Frankfurt High
School in 1971.

* * David M. Presson - dpresson at hotmail.com
- Although I did not graduate from Heidelberg HS, I did attend for two years.
My family moved to Baumholder where graduated from.

   Cheryl "Cheri" Rooks - cherokeeprice at hotmail.com

   Sylvie (Silfies) Chen - sylviec712 at verizon.net
- It has been a long, long time since fabulous Heidelberg.  I'd like to reconnect
with my friends from the wonderful class of 1971.  I look forward to hearing from
you and "catching up." 

   Susan Spiese - cmusser at ptdprolog.net

   Robert "Bob" Stewart - bob.start at verizon.net

    Lynn (Taylor) Taggart - t2fit at mindspring.com

* * Ed Thaxton - Ed.Thaxton at uacch.edu - added 7.25.09
- I returned to Arkansas in 1969 after being in Heidelberg for four years.

* * Michele (Van Eaton) Bauer - michele_bauer at hotmail.com
         - I attended Heidelberg my Freshman and Sophomore years ('68 & '69)
         Currently live in southwestern Ohio, work in the computer industry, have
         two grown sons, and have been married for 15 years.

* * Ed Vega - edvega at comcast.net
- I attended HAHS in 69 & 70 but graduated but graduated from Robinson
High School in Tampa Florida, class of 71. 

   Patty Weil - pweil at nea.org

  Everett Kaw-liga Weniger - 1bigaprings at gilanet.com

  Ursula (Wolcott) Taylor - ursnjim at localnet.com

   Jim Young - jimryoung at comcast.net - Added 01.02.10
- I was in Heidelberg from 66-71. Anyone in the New Jersey area give a shout.

   Roselita (Zirkle) Mackey - rmackey at osbornnet.org
- I was born in HD and lived there most of my life.  Now I live in Arizona but
sure miss home. 

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