* * Carol (Anderson) Rousey - carolrousey@gmail.com - Updated 6.04.11

   Patty (Baehr) Rogers - patty.rogers at me.com - Updated 9.07.12

   Glenn Barlow - glbarlow at attbi.com

   Vicky (Bergh) Paschke - vlpaschke at mac.com - Updated 2.13.11

   Bill Callaghan - imjinwarrior at aol.com

* * Chris (Collins) Zignego - zignego at digisys.net
- I did not graduate from Heidelberg but went there part of my freshman and
sophomore years.  Lived in PHV.  I eventually graduated from Frankfurt American
High School in '72.

   Mary Ann (De Luca) Scaffidi - samkatt_ma at yahoo.com

   Maureen Fahey - MFahey at mmafin.com

   Ed Fonseca (now Ed Douglas) - EdPA777 at aol.com

* * Bill Foster - FosterWmP at aol.com
- Attended 1966-69
   Tito Fuentes - Tito does not have an email address.  His "snail mail"
(home) address is available - e-mail me (Cindy) for his address.

   Coleen "CoCo" (Gallinger) Lonas - lonasc at corpdc.utc.com

   Lorna (Gardai) Meyer - LrnMyr at aol.com

   Pam Gilbert - GPamda1 at aol.com

   Patti (Gill) Darragh  - pgdarragh at yahoo.com

   Ruth (Godfrey) Whitehead - rlwhitehead at earthlink.net

* * Tucker Grills - tucker_grills at yahoo.com
- I attended HHS my sophomore year, 69-70, but graduated from Frankfurt. 
Living in Colorado, married for 17 years and have two beautiful daughters.

   Chris Hale - cbyrdhale at aol.com - CLICK HERE to view recent picture
- I just returned from a two year tour in Japan (hard to believe I've been in the Air
Force for 23 years) and am now attending Naval War College in Newport, Rhode
Island.  Click on the link above to see a recent picture of me standing in front of the
3d Space Surveillance Squadron, a unit I commanded for almost 2 years.

   Ralph Hamblin - rjrr4 at bresnan.net

* * William Brevard "Brev" Hankins - brevhmd at yahoo.com
- I only attended 8th and 9th grade in Heidelberg.

* * Toni Hartman - thartman at adv-power.com
- I attended Heidelberg High School in the 9th and 10th Grade, from 1968 to 1970.
I attended Mannheim High School in the 11Th grade, 1971.  I graduated from
Wurzburg High School in 1972.

I am married with 2 wonderful children.

   Candy Heiss - Ccheiss22 at cs.com

   Karen (Hollingsworth) Mahoney - kam88 at mindspring.com

   Charlotte (House) Coon - charcoon at hotmail.com

   John Insani - jinsani at hotmail.com

   Susan (Insani) Klipfel - BerlinaRose at comcast.net

   William John Jarrell, Jr. - jjarrell at cmh.edu

   Pat Leavitt - pkleavitt at comcast.net

   Greg Lockhart - csey4 at sbcglobal.net

   Bruce Lovett - BLovett at HR911.net
Business Website:  http://www.hr911.net/

   Greg Lovett - gal00 at charter.net

* * Margaret (Maddox) Morrow - margappy at home.com

   Kathy "Kat" (McGlynn) Greer - kathleen.greer at comcast.net

* * Marian McNamee - eatonst at earthlink.net
I went to HAHS in '69 and '70 but then left for Colorado.  I now live in the Denver area.

  Ed Melanson - EDN8008S at aol.com

   Art Montz - CCOWBOY3 at aol.com - added 9.06.09

   Rod Munar - rpm_72 at hotmail.com

   Maureen (Patrick) Grodzinski - moinski at yahoo.com

   Michele "Shel" (Patrick) Guest - mgig612 at aol.com

   Bert Pearsall - Bert1977 at aol.com - Added 3.10.11

   Marc Reiter - Marc at uniquetravels.net
- Marc's web site: www.uniquetravels.net

* * John Rhett - Jtr1117 at aol.com
- I only attended in 8th and 9th grade but still have many fond memories!

* * Kurt Ring - RingKurt at bfusa.com or kskcr at comcast.net - added 12.01.10
- Although I only attended 9th grade, it was the best year of my HS experience.

   Nora (Rodgers) Rodgers-Lange - bovinecity at yahoo.com
- Still in Heidelberg!

   Margaret (Roop) Sperling - Sperling185 at cs.com

* *  Paul Rowan - pj_rowan at msn.com
- I went to HHS from Sep 68 to Jan 70.  I actually arrived in Heidelberg in Aug 67
and started in the junior high school (8th Grade) in Sep 67.  Unfortunately, I didn't
graduate with my class in 1972, but that's Army life.

I enjoyed attending the 1990 all years reunion in Heidelberg, the 1992 reunion in
Atlanta, and the 2002 reunion in San Antonio.  The Class of 1972 is a great group of
folks, almost like family.

  Robin Saccuzzo - rms100 at gmail.com
- I live in Huntsville, Alabama and am currently a systems analyst for
CAS Inc.  (http://www.cas-inc.com/)

    Carlos Sharpless - carlos at i-bankers.net

  Bob Sims - bsims02 atcomcast.net

   Daniela (Smith) McMillan - dyeller at msn.com

* * Allen Taylor - abtaylor at erols.com
- attended HAHS 1969/70 school year

* * John W. Vanderschaaf - jv2000 at att.net - added 9.04.08
- I attended HHS for 9th through 11th grade and then graduated in the U.S.

   Stephen "Steve" Weinert - Weinert3737 at gmail.com - added 12.31.08
- Soon to move on a promotion to Washington DC (GS-15 with Homeland Security)
but will leave my wife in Colorado for the time being. (Who wants to live in DC?)

I have three adult children:

Philip: 22, Senior at Texas Tech – Civil Engineering

Lauren 18, Freshman at Clarendon College – Veterinarian (Twin)

Cheryl 18, Freshman at Clarendon College – Emergency Medical Nurse (Twin)

   Jacquelyn (Willock) Goodrich - goodric at juno.com

   Lisa Wright - lwright at sandpoint.com
- I graduated in 1972, and went to school there from October 1969 through May 1972.

If you were a member of the Class of 1972 and would like to be added to this page, please e-mail me (Cindy Blackburn Hardy '83).  You did not have to graduate from HAHS to be listed!

* * Denotes that the alumni attended HAHS, but graduated from another school.
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