If you were a member of the Class of 1973 and would like to be added to this page, please e-mail me, Cindy Hardy.  You did not have to graduate from HAHS to be listed!

* * Denotes that the alumni attended HAHS, but graduated from another school.

*Note:  E-mail addresses on this web page are displayed in this way to thwart spammers' harvesting software.  Instead of putting the @ sign, I have spelled out "at".  If you want to e-mail someone, replace "at" with @ and don't use any spaces.
* * Dan Arczynski - Darczynski at aol.com
         - Attended Heidelberg schools from 7th through 9th grades.

  Ron Baskin - RbaskinJr at aol.com

   Frank Beckman - fjbeckman at yahoo.com
         - Frank's sister is Linda from the class of '71

   Christine "Chris" (Bezanson) Sampson - joeljsampson at aol.com

   Millie Bowling - millie_b2001 at yahoo.com
         - Her sister is Mary from the Class of '75.  You can contact Mary at
         Millie's  e-mail address.

* * Gabriela "Gaby" (Brown) Cruce - gcruce at cfl.rr.com
         - Attended '70-'72

   Bob Callihan - callihan at aeneas.net

   Bob Connelly - rjcffldct at optonline.net
- Attended Heidelberg High 70-73, lived in St. Leon outside of Heidelberg, have
lived in Connecticut since leaving Germany in 73 not long after graduation.
Currently live in Fairfield, CT.

   Jack Daniel - DocYak at aol.com

   Ruchia "Roo" (Eargle) Moran - tmoran at tyler.net
         - Roo and Tim Moran (also of the class of '73) have been married since
         Dec. 1975.

* * Ken Erickson - KenEBYUFan at aol.com
         - I attended Kaiserslautern High School in 1969-70, Heidelberg in
         1970-1972 and went back to the States for my 1972-73 Senior year
         of High School in Susanville, California.

* * Debra (Ford) Ford-Allard - debra at kristar.com
- Attended 1967-1971

   Chriss Gamboa - LTC BILL 3 at aol.com (Sister, Sue's, e-mail address)

* * Guy Gilchrist - guygilchrist at earthlink.net
- Guy's web site:  http://www.guygphoto.com
- Hi everyone! I would have graduated in 1973 but I had to go to Frankfurt
International for my last High School year. I took a lot of pictures for
the yearbooks back then and have made a career of photography in the
advertising and industrial areas in Silicon Valley.

   Leslie (Hall) Faiers – lfaiers at gmail.com - added 12.31.08
- attended from 1970 – 1973

   C.E. "Boomer" Halstead, III - boomeriii at worldnet.att.net
- I attended HHS from 1967 to 1973.  We lived in PHV for the first five
years; the sixth year, we spent on the economy in Waldorf.  My brother
Brantley, class of 1975, graduated high school in Colorado, and still
lives in Denver. 

   Patty (Harbort) Bell - guess98224 at aol.com

   Laurie (Hoge) Carmean - LCarmean at pjc.edu - updated 3.30.09

   Ed Hoyer - Ahoyer at aol.com
         - I spent my senior year at Heidelberg and played Basketball.  Live in
         Cleveland, Ohio and have four children.
** Brenda Hutchison - bren at io.com
- I am "Hutch's" little sister ('77) but I remember all of you who were
Tom Hutchison's friends and team-mates ('71/ '72/ '73). We lived at 140-D
Roemerstrasse in Mark Twain Village, right across the street from the
playground. What wonderful memories! Tom was class of '73, but we were
reassigned to San Antonio in Aug. '72. Tom returned to H-berg in spring
'73 to play in the Albert Schweitzer Basketball Tournament on the American
team. Please email me with your special memories of Tom.... he lives on in
my heart and I love to talk about our Heidelberg memories.

* * Harley Jacobson - hjacobson1 at wi.rr.com - updated 02.20.06
         - I attended Heidelberg from 1968 to September of my sophomore year 1970.

   William Jobson - vjobsonhhs73 at earthlink.net
         - I went to Heidelberg High School from 1970-1973.  I lived in Mark
         Twain Village across the street from the cafeteria.

   Karen (Jurling) Jurling-Dib - LUVAPLATYPUS at aol.com
         - I'm trying to locate Joy Hutchins and Leslie Hogan.  If anyone hears
         of them, please contact me.

  Sharon Lehner - sharonlehner at yahoo.com
         - I lived in PHV from around 70-73.  iIm married and live in Woodstock,
         New York with my husband, Andrew, and my three year old daughter,
         Phoebe. I would love to hear from any one from the class of '73.

   Ronald Lindsey - r.lindsey@sbcglobal.net
- I attended all four years from ’69 right up to graduation in ’73.

* * Margaret (Maddox) Morrow - margappy at mtrose.net
         - Friends/group included: Victoria  (Viki) Elmer, Trey O'Brien, Tony
         Iacovelli, Bill Hall, Cheryl Hodge, Brock Phipps, Mike Faulk,
         and various...other stoners? grin

   Sandy Marr - Sandy at Doubleeagle.nu

   Laurie (McKnight) Schlattman - dlschlattman at hotmail.com
* * John Melanson - jpblgc at yahoo.com
         - 1969-1972 HHS, graduated at Edison HS in Fairfax County, Virginia
         1973. Currently in Fairfax, Virginia and a Golf Course manager.  All
         enquiries about my brothers and sisters (Ed, Bill, Peggy) can be
         forwarded to my email.                             

   Brett Miles - brett at milestonesinc.com
         - Brett's web site: http://www.milestonesinc.com/
         - Played sports including football, basketball, and track.  Lived in
         Mark Twain Village and last two years of H.S. lived on 30 Turner
         Strasse in Mark Twain Village area. 

   Glenda (Miller) Moore - ggsofta at yahoo.com - updated 1.19.09
         - Live in Allen, Texas. Have two sons, and two grandchildren.

    Timothy Moran - tmoran at tyler.net
         - Tim has been married to fellow classmate, Ruchia Eargle since Dec.

  Pat (Murphree) Curtis - Pbbcurtis at aol.com
         - I graduated in 1973.  I live in Tallahassee, FL and have worked in the
         computer industry for 24 years.  I have been married for 27 years and
         have 2 adopted children (28 & 26 years old)  and a 11 year old son. 
         My best friend in high school was Nancy Honig, who I still keep in
         contact.  She lives in Portland, Oregon and is a medical rehabilitation
         specialist for hands.

   Rory Ogle - ogleviz at quixnet.net

   Diane (Oliver) Ochs-Oliver - dochsoli at ed.umuc.edu
         - Still living in beautiful Heidelberg; working and teaching for the
         University of Maryland (since 1975!).

    Scott Olson - olson5 at dellnet.com
         - I went to HHS from 70-73. I am a chiropractor and have 3 grown kids;
         married 23 years to Diane Rugg of Portland Oregon.

  Brock Phipps - bdphipps at home.com
         - My wife and children (5 and 3 still at home) live in the Phoenix area.
         Gilbert to be  exact. Older sister Lisa graduated in 71 and older
         brother was part of the class of 75. 
         I would love to make contact with old friends and start chatting through
         the e-mail. Tim and Roo, Margappy, Rory, Glen, Halfway House
         and Schlosquell were just a few of my friends to start with.

   Randy Quintana - rquint3711 at aol.com

* * Ellen (Raso) Bitkower - raso_bitkower at yahoo.com
         - Attended HAHS 1968-70

   Susan (Rennebaum) Weece - Rweece at aol.com

   Sherree (Rice) Halsell - kelstin79 at yahoo.com - updated 2.01.09

   Dominique Smith - dominique_smith at hotmail.com
         - I lived on Alamo Circle from Oct 70 - Jul 74.

* * Linda (Spiese) Hubbard - hubbardz at hroads.net
         - Attended '67-'70

* * Rick Stacey - thestaceys5 at earthlink.net
         - I attended Heidelberg High from 1969 to 1972.  Played football
         & soccer.  I lived in PHV at 15 Brandywine.

   Laura (Stealey) Shattuck - LMSNLSS at aol.com

* * Don Swieter - don.swieter at sfcollege.edu - updated 9.24.09
         - Attended from 1970-1972

   Virginia (Thomas) Baker - vbaker at firewatchservices.com

* * Denise (Volker) Cerutti - ceruttid at hotmail.com
         - I attended Heidelberg American High from 68-71. I moved to
         Anchorage, Alaska in the spring of 71, and graduated from East
         Anchorage High School in June of 1973.

   Heidi Wayment - Heidi.Wayment at nau.edu
         - I had a career in basketball for about 14 years (collegiate, US team,
         pro, international) and now an associate professor of social psychology
         at Northern Arizona University.  Married with two children and two
         step-children.  Website is http://jan.ucc.nau.edu/~haw4.

   Maria (Wilson) Rummelhoff - mike at meyer.com

* * Nancy (Winder) Holmes - lmnholmes at home.com
         - Attended 1971-1972

* * Tim Wing - timwing at cox.net
- I was a 1973 grad at Mannheim, but lived at PHV my Junior year.

   Mark Winslow - mwinslow at vnet.net
         - Alive and well in NC!

* * Karen (Wells) Luce - kluce6 at aol.com - added 4.19.15
- I didn’t graduate from Heidelberg High, I attended 6th and 7th grade in Heidelberg.
My sister Mary Wells did graduate in 1967 & Kelly Dazet was her boyfriend at the
time. I was looking for pictures he posted from Heidelberg High. She has passed
away, so the pictures brought back wonderful memories. I was wondering if you
know how I can access those pictures?

   Jerry Ybarra - jerryybarra at juno.com

   Steve Zajac - zajacsg at earthlink.net - added 8.11.08

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