If you were a member of the Class of 1974 and would like to be added to this page, please e-mail me, Cindy  You did not have to graduate from HAHS to be listed!

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email me
   David Alcorn - david.alcorn at conus.us.army.mil - updated 1.26.09

   Judy (Allison) King -  DCKDVM at aol.com

   Wayne Bardell - bardellf at brunssum.net

   Annette (Belcher) Bosselmann - scottann at telisphere.com

   Janet (Benjamin) Mockovciak - j3ranch at worldnet.att.net

  Clivia Bettelli - cliviab at sbcglobal.net

   Keith Betts - kdbetts at windstream.net - added 12.18.08
- attended HHS '73-74.  Keith is married to Deborah Campbell from the class of '74

   Earl Boyd - Eturbo at earthlink.net

   Robin Bradbury - debikay719 at yahoo.com

   Butch Brown - BBrown5 at chartercom.com

   Robin (Buckels) Byrd - byrdnest06 at bellsouth.net

   Deborah (Campbell) Betts - kdbetts at windstream.net - added 12.18.08
- Attended HHS '71-74.  Deborah is married to Keith Betts from the class of '74

   Gail (Cloum) Lanius - Gail.Lanius at mvs.udel.edu

   Allyson (Deremer) Strobel - allyson at coloradospringshouses.com

   Eric Dickson - edickson7 at aol.com

   Lynn (Dottle) Pocock - mmanxx1 at rogers.com

   Gregory Doyon - GregoryD12 at aol.com

   David Dulin - DulinD at wyeth.com

   Linda (Edwards) Rommerdahl - linda_rommerdahl at yahoo.com

* * Lee "JV" Farmer - jvfarmer at mail.chugach.net
- I attended HHS from 1970-73, then was dragged kicking and screaming
to Alaska when my father retired from the military.

   Robert Firmani - rfirma1 at hotmail.com

   Liz (Freyder) Bolger - ejbolger at aol.com

   Peggy (Gannon) Gannon-Lasoff - plasoff at hotmail.com
- I went to HHS from 1970-1974.

   Mary Gleason - uptown13 at webtv.net

* * Matt Gorden - mgorden at cfl.rr.com
I attended Heidelberg in '71 & '72 and then transferred to Baumholder
where I graduated in 1974. I returned to Heidelberg prior to going to college,
met and eventually married Deni Thomas HHS '75. We are still happily

* * Emely (Gutierrez) Johanson - EJohan105 at aol.com
- I did not graduate from Heidelberg, but attended school there in 1971, 72 and
73. My Brother, Karl Gutierrez, was there in 1972 and 1973. My Dad was
transferred to Frankfurt and I graduated from there in 1974, my brother in 1976.
I've stayed in contact with a few old lions and even attended a get-together in
Washington, DC about 6 or 7 years ago.

   Cindy (Hilliard) Heskett - cynthia0076 at windstream.net

   David Holwick - dholwick at aol.com

   Steve Hughes - sgh42 at logicsouth.com

   Phillip Isom - PCIsom456 at aol.com

   George Jackson - 102503.2611 at compuserve.com

   Marianne (Jennings) Rigo - mariannerigo at hotmail.com

   Joe Jones - BubJ at aol.com

* * Nelson Kalina - nelsonkalina05 at yahoo.com - Added 7.25.09
- was there from 1968 – 1971.  Living in PHV, 13A Alamo Circle…..funny how I
can remember that.

* * Susan (Kimmig) Buse - lilacs at alltel.net
- I attended HHS from '69 to '72.  I would love to hear from some old friends.

   Frank LiMarzi - macbahn at netscape.net
- IM screename: MacBahn

   William Lee Mackey - kbisfb at flash.net

   Steve Martin - stevemartin787 at yahoo.com
- Love to see any of my classmates that live in Northern VA or Southern MD.

   Bob Matteson - bmatteson at juno.com

   George McCaffrey - mccaffre at mind.net

   Sierra (McClain) Loyacano - sierrall at hotmail.com - Added 1.19.09

   Tim Meyer - timmeyer at us.ibm.com

* * Charles Millard - millardraphalife at gmail.com - Updated 1.05.10
- I attended Heidelberg American High School '71-'73. I wrestled and played golf.
Lived in PHV just a couple of buildings from the theater.  Have a brother Tony
Millard that played JV football and wrestled. Now living in California just north of
San Francisco.

   Terri (Milton) Moore - terri_l_moore at hotmail.com - Updated 01.19.09

   David Moran - david.moran1 at us.army.mil - Updated 01.04.07
- David's web site: http://chaplainmoran.com
The Army brought me back to Heidelberg and gave me a house in PHV.
It appears Heidelberg American High School is safe from closure through 2010.

   George Moran - merrimac at patriot.net
- George's web site: http://patriot.net/~merrimac/

   Michael Mountain - mikemountain at peoplepc.com

   Amy Mountcastle - mountca at plattsburgh.edu
- Attended Heidelberg High from 1971-1974.

   Susan Murphy - slmurphy at direct.ca

   Joe Novak - joe.novak at usafa.edu

   Lynn (Oliver) Adkisson - Thethreelas at aol.com

* * Jeff Peck - jeffpeck at atl.mediaone.net
- Left in the summer of '72 after four years in Heidelberg.

   Tina Perez - tinaperez1 at hotmail.com
- attended from 1970-1974, graduated in 1974, then attended University of
Maryland from 74-76.  Went to the States for a year, returned in 77 and
lived there til 1986.  Worked for University of Maryland in Heidelberg and a
company called PRC during that time.  Came back to the States in 86 and
am living in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.  Married, two kids, a
girl 7 and a boy 6.  Still in touch with some Heidelberg alumni from that
era:  Barbara Contway, 74 living in Arizona.

   Andrea "Angie" (Petri) Petri-Evans - ampetri at home.com

   Sally-Ann Polson - SPolson at ahhinc.com

   Douglas (Pompa) Eden - lam.rim8 at gmail.com
- Living on a farm in northern Virginia, married with one son.  Recently returned
to teaching after 23 years in health care.  Hobbies and interests include: a
passion for soccer developed watching my son play, skiing and democratic
party politics.

   Steven Roth - gwc at fx2.com

   Jo "Jo Ann" Schultz - joszoo at juno.com
- I attended the American schools in Heidelberg from 1968 until I graduated
in 1974. 

   Johnny Scovel - zingabwa at hotmail.com

* * Mag Secretario - magdesign at mci2000.com
- attended from 1968-71

   Chris (Siemon) Warriner - christianaw at excite.com

   Robert Lee Smiley - smiley at us.ibm.com

   Annette (Smith) Park - psstone at mwt.net

   Jean Smith - heid74 at aol.com

* * Thomas Smith - dyeller at bellsouth.net - sister, Daniela's, email address

   LaDona Stacey - greneydmonkey at yahoo.com - updated 7.25.09
- I would like to see if I can locate any of the peeps that I hung out with, to see
how they too have survived.  I do know that L. Sioux Otts passed away last
January 22, she too was from the class of 74 and always my best friend.  I miss
her something fierce!  I am now living in Albuquerque New Mexico working as a
social worker for the state child protective services.  I have 2 children, a daughter
age 32 and a son age 29.  I have 3 grandchildren, a 12 year old grandson, a 7 year
old granddaughter, and a 6 year old grandson.  My daughter and her son live here
in New Mexico and my son and his 2 children live in Branson Missouri.

   Karen (Strangi) Buehler - yiakk at aol.com

   David Stevens - zx11man at msn.com - Added 3.27.10

   Susan (Summers) Lapp - Susan S Lapp  at aol.com - spaces in address correct

   Bruno Talerico - brunorn at qwest.net
- I lived in Heidelberg 1969-74. Graduated Arizona State University 1981 BS
in Nursing. Masters in Nursing 2000 University of Phoenix.  Married to Kay for 19
years. One son, Joseph 16 years old. Currently education consultant for several
Arizona hospitals. Also work as a nurse for Anasazi Foundation providing
wilderness therapy for troubled teens and young adults.

   Ann (Thompson) Mazerolle - amazerolle at gpcog.org - updated 3.03.09

   Vicki L. Tyler - vicki at jck.com
- I was at HHS in 1973-1974.  I have many, many fond memories of the
city but mostly my fellow classmates at HHS.

   Cynthia (Voight) Hodge - HodgeFmly at aol.com

   Jayne (Walsh) Burdick - jburd49895 at aol.com

   Betty Weiss - bjweiss74 at aol.com

   Rick Wetherill - RWetherill at Stamps.com

   Lila (White) Satterthwaite - lsatterth at gmail.com - 2.09.09

* * Sylvia Zanes - Sunshi9669 at aol.com
- I attended HHS from 71-73 and graduated back in the States in 1974
after my dad retired.

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