Tim Arnot - timarnot at hotmail.com

   Mark Banning - Mbanning at oig.hhs.gov - added 9.04.08

* * Margaret (Bell) Ross - margi.news2 at raleighross.com
- I attended Heidelberg HS in 1974, 11th grade  and graduated from Stuttgart
American HS in 1975.

I live in Raleigh, NC. Married for 18 years now, David and I have two children,
Michael 16 and Lise 13.

   Thomas C. Bennett - tccbennett at verizon.net - updated 08.07.06
- Tom is married to Mary Grace and has twin daughters, Bella and Yolande.

   Vera Boals - veraboals at yahoo.com

* * Mike Bradley - MAIKOUSA at worldshare.net
   Ken Cass - kencass at mail.pjsnet.com
- As good fortune would have it,  I currently live in Schwetzingen. Been married
for the past 19 years and my daughter just turned 18 and my son 16.  As
managing director for a brokerage firm, I have an open end  contract to remain
as long as I want!  Best part, is that my kids are able to grow up in what has
been my home since 1969.

   Barry Clements - bwclements at hotmail.com

   Richard Elms - prelms at sbcglobal.net

   C. Henry Engleka - Henry.Engleka at widmeyer.com

* * Glen Filippone - gflip3 at verizon.net - added 11.30.08
- I was in Heidelberg from ’71 to ’74, graduated from a NJ high school.  Currently reside
in Moorestown, NJ with 16 yr old son and extended family.

* * Susan "Sue" (Gamboa) Green - snhgreen002 at msn.com
-  I attended Heidelberg High from Oct. '71 to Oct '74.  I graduated in Atlanta in '75.

   Herb Gassie - bna1hxg at comcast.net

   Kurt Gelke - kgelke at frontiernet.net

* * Patricia (Glock) Caves - pgcaves at comcast.net - updated 1.23.08
- lived on Roemer Strasse

   Fred Hauck - fred_hauck at yahoo.com

   Richard Elliott Jarrell -  rjarrell at ev.net

   Lisa Keeling - KeelingBNA at aol.com

  Jeff McGlynn - jmcglynn at disc.com
    - Moved to Colorado in summer of 1975.  Married for 20 years.  Two children. 
VP of a software firm in Boulder.
   Cathy Miller - jsperdue at netins.net

* * Mary (Monfore) Hurd - rmhurd at hughes.net
- My family and I lived at Mark Twain Village from 1972 to 1973. My older
brother, Mike Monfore, and I attended Heidelberg High, as did our
neighbors, the children of Jack and Joan Daniels. I also remember a
very handsome senior athlete named John Rockefeller who was so kind
to younger kids...and there were twins we called the Stardust Twins.
Their mother was German, and their father was an African American soldier.
As I recall, they were amazing at football.

There was an African American family that lived downstairs. Their last
name was Rollins. There was also a white family and the wife drove a
blue Porsche.

We still are in contact with Daniels, and their kids.  I also remember
Fred Carr, who gave me his ID bracelet when we were freshmen (I gave it
back after German class, because I knew I wasn't allowed to 'go

I also remember the bombings near my dad's office (Baader-Meinhoff
gang)..does anyone else remember this was the beginning of terrorism?

  Laura (Newbern) Cowan - lauracowan at cavtel.net
- I’ve been living in Norfolk, Virginia for 8 years….a Real Estate Broker in
Virginia Beach.  Married with two daughters; one 19 and one 7 (our little
surprise!)  Would love to hear the latest from everyone!  Cindy (Cummins)
Krauchi are you still in Bamberg?

   Jeff Owen - renojeff at worldnet.att.net

   Robert Ryan - robert.ryan3 at us.army.mil

   Sandra (Shupp) Diliberto - samdili at comcast.net

   Don Sims - don07tncav at gmail.com - updated 3.03.09

   Steven Robert Stanek - Stevestane at aol.com

* * Michael Winkler - hmwinkler at gmail.com
- I attended HHS from 8th grade (70') through 11th (74) and graduated in Aurora,
Colorado (75).  Married 19 years, two awesome kids, Allie and Cody.

   Dave Young - DYoung1975 at aol.com

If you were a member of the Class of 1975 and would like to be added to this page, please e-mail me, Cindy (Blackburn) Hardy '83.  You did not have to graduate from HAHS to be listed!

* * Denotes that the alumni attended HAHS, but graduated from another school.
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