Kimberly (Alvadj) Peace - alvadjpeace at

   David Bauer - modave at - updated 1.26.09

   Elizabeth "Bette" (Booker) Able - elizabeth at
- view a picture of Elizabeth here:

   Linda (Bourne) George - georgebourne at
- I was there from 73-77. Left two days after graduation.

   Gerald "Jerry" Boyd - gboyd at

   Rick Bruess - Ricklaurab at

   Carmen (Burch) Byrd -  carmenbyrd at

   Teri (Busch) McMillian - teriamcmillan at

   Nena Byrne - njbe at

   Chris (Campbell) Franklin - 4franklin at

    Larry Cerecedes - lcercdes at

   Michelle Cork - dachsi at

   Josie Daluga - josie at - added 6.13.09
- I am married with two children, but because I am a doctor and had been
licensed for several years before I married, I kept my maiden name because,
trust me, it was just too much hassle to change all my licenses and
certifications to a new name!

My husband is David Schultz.  He works for Bally Technologies and he invents
slot machine and video poker games for a slot machine manufacturer.  We live
in Las Vegas, where we have been for the past ten years.  We've been married
twenty years.  We have two children, my daughter, Xandra, who just turned
fifteen, and my son Max, who is ten.

I graduated from Cornell U. in 1981 and from medical school in Syracuse in
1985.  I've been practicing medicine for almost twenty-five years.  I did a
residency in Emergency Medicine and I am board-certified in the specialty.  I
did ER for about ten years, but after I had my kids, the hours were just too
onerous to continue, so I switched to Urgent Care and now I am actually
practicing Occupational Medicine, which is work-related injuries. 

I just found this web site and thought I would get in touch.  I recognize some of
the names, but not all of them (I guess it really has been a long time!)  I was
shocked to see the names of some of the people who had died from our class,
especially that of Jay Miner, who was a good friend. 

   Gail (Davis) Drake - azdrakes at

   Cynthia Dixon - rainbow at

   Becky (Elliff) Manning - Beachykeen99 at

  Pauline Geraci - catdog7 at

   Debbie (Goff) Benninghoff - rbdbmb at
- Came to Heidelberg via Zweibrucken for my senior year. Spent two
years in Munich (University of Maryland) and returned to Heidelberg
to finish college.  Left Germany in 1986 for the States.

* * Michele (Greco) Tyrolt - m.tyrolt at - updated 8.11.08
- I attended HHS schools from '71 to '74.  Graduated stateside in '77.

* * Michael Guttierrez - va127cag at

* * Barbara Haschker - BLVA38 at
- I was in Heidelberg 70-76.

   Patrick Hawkins - The8eatle5 at

   Rick Hemingway - RickHemingway at

   Charles "Chike" Heverly - cclchev at

* * Ken Hilte - khilte at - Added 5.02.10
- I attended HHS for 7th and 8th grade.  I lived in PHV right behind the movie
theater.  We moved to Karlsruhe for my freshman and sophomore year before
DEROSing to Fort Carson, (Colorado Springs), CO.

* * Suzanne Hixson - suzannelafayette at

* * Brenda Hutchison - bren at

* * Leslie (Jarles) Murphy - gingeroreo at
- ..attended 7-9th grades, before being transferred Stateside.  Had
many friends in classes 76-79.

   Dan Jenkins - fresnodan at - updated 3.11.07

   Cheryl (Johnson) Atwood - whadsssup at
- Lived at 18C Bull Run Court from '72-'77

   Derrick L. Jones - DLJHEIDELBERG at

   Stephanie (Karp) Cox - steffi59 at

   Claudia (Koons) Koons-Schuhmacher - Gecko5 at - added 7.11.11
- 1977 grad of HHS. Never left Heidelberg, work for Community Bank at the
Shopping Center. I live in Eppelheim ( the town behind PHV) and have been
married to a German for 21years.

* * Ted Livieratos - livieratos at
- I was in Heidelberg from 1967 until 1976.

   Gaye (McAdams) Peterson - tpeterson at

* * Charlotte (Meader) Meader-Jones - charlottemj at

   Deborah (Mooney) Lucas-Johnson - LUCASDEB at

   Rick Norton - parenterprises at - added 7.25.09
- Just wanted to catch up with old pals.

* * Diana (Nunley) Cornett - janzencornett at

* * John Nunley - janzencornett at - sister, Janet's, email address

* * Dave Oliver - davos4 at
- My sisters (Leslie and Lynn) and I were in H-berg from 1970-76 on the
second tour. They Graduated there and I went state side for my last

   Lisa (Perry) O'Donnell - LODOnn1003 at

* * Valerie Richardson - ipi4u at

   Gary Richter - grich0415 at

   Charisse (Scholz) Phillips - PhillipsCM at

* * John Searles - searles77 at - added 7.25.09
- Was at HHS from 74-77, left in may 77 and graduated stateside.

* * Cheryl (Slanaker) Holliday - cjh2407 at
- I attended HHS my sophomore and junior years 1974-1976.

* * Robin Smith - smithr at

   Scott Alan Stanek - Stevestaneat - his brother, Steve's, e-mail

   Penny (St. John) Kuchta - PennyA at

   Elaine (Stewart) Richey - erichey at - added 12.01.10
- I attended H. H. S. from '74-'77. After graduating, I moved to Seattle where I
attended SPU; Kim Shaw (also from H.H.S.) and I were room-mates. I live in
Alaska, have been married 24 years and have two, grown children, Bethany, 21,
and Alex, 18.

* * Kevin Strecker - k.p.strecker at
- I attended HHS for 9th and half of 10th -transferring in from Bonn American
High School and then out to Lake Braddock Secondary School in Burke, VA
-from which I graduated.  Also at Lake Braddock was Kathy and Joanne
Weiss and Cindy Dinkens from HHS.  I currently live in Richmond, VA with
my wife and 17 yo son.

   Bill Tice - BTice at

* * Julie (Tucker) Haynes - jthaynes40 at

   Kay D. (Wilkins) Zayas - Kaychen77 at
- We lived in Heidelberg from 70 - 77.  I attended 6th thru 12th grades
there. I went to the reunion that they had in Heidelberg in 97 and saw a
few of my old classmates. I sure do miss Germany and would love to go
back again soon.  I am now living in Enterprise, Alabama and my
husband retired from the Army 2 years ago.

* * Peter Willard - pwillard at
- Attended 1973-1976

* * Jerry (Wilson) Glass - jerrmark at - Added 11.06.09
- I went to Heidelberg High from 1975 to 1977.

* * Patty Wilson - trish_gay at
- Patty attended Heidelberg schools 6-8th grades (1971-1974).

   Anne (Wingfield) Shafer - wingfield_shafer at

   Sherry (Wratislaw) Davis - Nicegrlsneverwin at

If you were a member of the Class of 1977 and would like to be added to this page, please e-mail me, Cindy.  You did not have to graduate from HAHS to be listed!

* * Denotes that the alumni attended HAHS, but graduated from another school.

*Note:  E-mail addresses on this web page are displayed in this way to thwart spammers' harvesting software.  Instead of putting the @ sign, I have spelled out "at".  If you want to e-mail someone, replace "at" with @ and don't use any spaces.

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