Lionel Ahola - lahola at

  Ishelle (Anil) Needham - ishellen at

   Paul Babich - pbabich at

   Michael Barba - Mexchex at - updated 5.03.15

   Dave Bass - dave_bass at

  Jody (Blasingame) Harris - jcbharris at

   Clark Bleeker - cmbleek at

* * Patsy (Burawski) Kingman - PatsKingman at
- I did not graduate in Heidelberg (moved to and graduated in Augusta,

   Julie (Burch) Garcia - JBGarcia at

   Mary Ann (Burch) Ross - Maryannross at

   Michael Cannon - Coach36nc at

* * Robert Caput - rcaput2000 at
- I lived in Heidelberg from 1972 to 1975.

   Mary (Chapin) O'Connor - swimmers1 at

   Mark A. Chunn - mchunn2 at

   Dennis Clayton - dclayton at

   Virginia (Collins) Weiss - GiniWeiss at
- I would be delighted to hear from classmates of '76- '79. I'm married
and have two boys.We're living in Germany close to Darmatadt (Frankfurt).
I wish you all HHS graduates a good life!!!!

   Paul Cotter - PLC pcola at

   Allison Cunningham - allisoncunningham78 at

* * Yvonne Dela Cruz - delacruz_yvonne at - updated 07.24.07
- I went to Heidelberg High from '74-77.  I left in my senior year and
graduated from Seaside H.S.

* * Danny Cupp - dkcupp at - added 5.27.11
- Still remember going to the teen center at MTV for dances, listening to live
band Barr soup!  lol  Love to get into contact with old friends.

* * Trip Donovan - tdonovan at - updated 03.21.06

   Peggo Duquemin-Rogers - peggo at

   Lizz (Estep) Owen - lizzowen at

   Molly (Fitch) Campbell - mollywin at

   Mike Flak - FlakM at

* * Edward "Chip" Ghidella - chipghidella at
- I attended HHS from 1974 to 1976. I graduated in El Paso, Tx in 1978.

* * Alice (Goode) Tisdale - Sassy Red1226 at

   Allegra Hakim - allegra at

   Don Helpenstell - donhelp at

   Mike House - m3713 at

   Liz Johnson - Elizabeth.johnson at

* * Tyrone Johnson - tjohnso1 at

* * Tom Jones - Tcjsjones at
- I attended Heidelberg in 76,77,78. I left Heidelberg in March of 1978
and graduated back here in the States.

* * Martin Keyser - martin at
- I went to HHS from 72' - 75'.  I graduated at Silver Creek HS in San
Jose, CA.  I now live in San Mateo, CA and have two boys and my wife's
name is Emily.

  Jeanette (LeDuc) Nichols - jetnik at

  Anita (LiMarzi) Weimer - cofs.sec at

* * Lucken - wlucken at - added 3.11.09
- I went to Heidelberg  spring of 75 - summer 77 with sister Gretchen and had
younger brothers Bill and Thad.

* * Ron Martinez - rmarti2933 at
      - I was in H-berg through my junior year, then moved to Zweibruecken,
      and graduated there.

* * Elizabeth Masters - matecm at
- I live in St. Augustine, Florida, and am in a JAGC officer in the Florida
National Guard.

* * Bryce McCloskey - mccloskeyb at - updated 01.17.06
- I Graduated from Grenada HS in Grenada, 1978.  I attended
H-berg, GE in 1970-1974.
- Currently in:
1599 Ridgeway Drive
Liberty, MO  64068

* * Stuart McHardy - gaijin79 at
- "...was at 7E S. Gettysburg, PHV, overlooking the football field, where
something of interest was usually going on...." 

   Melinda (McLeod) Ohnstad - melindao at

* * Carol (Miller) Connors - mustang474 at - Added 12.10.09
- I attended HHS in 1974 to 1976, but graduated from West High School,
in Davenport, IA in 1978.

   Charles Miller - cmiller at

* * Norma (Mitchell) Anderson - dja96 at
- lived in PHV from 70-74

   Donna (Mulhern) Vallette - dja96 at - contact Donna via
Norma (Mitchell) Anderson's e-mail address

* * Lois “LoAnn” (Nark) Rutter - ccrutterjr at - Added 5.02.10
- I attended HHS from 1974-1977 (Fresh-Junior).  We moved back to NJ and I
graduated Delran High School in 1978.  Even though I didn't graduate from HHS,
it is very special to me.  I would love to see if I can reconnect with some of my old

* * Don Peck - rdpeckk1 at
- Lived there 1966-1969 and 1970-1974; graduated in San Antonio, TX.

   Tom Pecore - Tpecore at
- I live in Norman, Oklahoma and would like to get in touch with a bunch
of my classmates.

   Michael Perez - mdperez at

   Lisa (Pope) Sweeney - li3ric at - Updated 12.21.07

   Tom Powell - tompinpcb at

   Christopher Ray - Raymover at

* * Dave Rice - Mgd555 at
- I attended HHS from '74 to '77 moved back to the States and graduated
from Walla Walla H.S. in Washington state.

* * Dina (Robins) Groesbeck - dinagbeck at - updated 8.26.07
- HHS 1970-1976.  Wasn't able to talk my parents into two more years.
Graduated in Virginia.

   Monica (Rodriguez) Van Zandt - kmvanzandt at

  John "Jack" Rosarius - JRosarius at
- Jack's web site:

   Petra (Schmitz) Reigle - anklechain at

* * Keith L. Shannon - KShanpr at - added 3.25.09
- attended Heidelberg HS '73 - '75, served as junior high class president '73 '74;
and 9th grade class president '74 - '75.  Graduated in 1978 from Hayfield
Secondary School in Alexandria, VA.  Currently residing in Wake Forest, NC.

   Veronica "Ronnie" (Sherrill) Rockwell - EUSVSR at 

* * David Smith - DJHS at

   Connie (Stevens) Hilker - c.hilker at

* * Kathy (Stickney) Stickney-Klaus - tklaus at
- Kathy's Web site:
I was there from '74-77, left after my junior year and graduated in Augusta,

* * Lisa (Storey) Starkweather - lisa at
- I was in Heidelberg from the ages of 12 to 16 and transferred back to
the States for my senior year.  I will always consider myself to be a Lion.

* * James A. Swenson, Jr. - pilgramlndstr at
- I was in school there from late 75 thru 77, class of 78, left just before graduation.

* * Michele Torrey - tiktok99 at
- I attended from 7th through 11th grade, but left in my senior year and
graduated from (yuck) Lynnwood High School in Washington State.  I'm
married, but I've kept my maiden name.  I have three sons.

* * Beverly (Trail) Caver -  Icanspy13 at
- I was in Heidelberg from 1972-76 and left after my sophomore year.

   Bill Watts - wattsok at
- came in the middle of junior year

   John White - fivedeep07 at - added 5.02.09
- After graduating I attended the U of Maryland, Munich campus for two years then
transferred to Arizona State University where I ran track and graduated in 1982.  I 
joined the Phoenix Police Department in 1985 and have been there ever since.  I'm
married with 5 kids, ranging from 3 years to 19 years.  I used to hang out with Mike
Perez, Clark Bleeker, John Leighton (class of '79) Arnie sowell, Frank Herman,
roomed with Jim Stevens at U of M, John Rainey and others.  I'd like to see how
everyone from HHS is doing.

   Jon Whitmore - flipper at

* * Jim Williams - jim at - updated 8.08.07
- I did not graduate from HHS, but lived in Heidelberg from 1970 to 1977
returning stateside to Woodbridge, Virginia at the beginning of my senior

   Mark A. Williams - WETHREEBOYZ at

   Mary Ann (Wilson) Baldwin - MBALDWIN at
- I would love to know if anyone I graduated with lives near San Antonio.

If you were a member of the Class of 1978 and would like to be added to this page, please e-mail me, Cindy.  You did not have to graduate from HAHS to be listed!

* * Denotes that the alumni attended HAHS, but graduated from another school.
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