William "Bill" Adams - wadamsjr at hotmail.com

   Richio Aikawa - richioa at yahoo.com
- I attended Heidelberg from 1973-1979 and graduated in 1979.

* * William "Robbie" Archer - william.archer at dexmedia.com
- I lived in H-Berg from 1970 - 1974, attended 7th and 8th grade at HAHS,
left the summer after 8th grade.

    Christopher Arnot - CArnot at jenkens.com

* * Linda (Babbitt) Prince -  lukcylindy at aol.com - updated 1.18.10

* * Gregory Bartay - gbartay at sbcglobal.net - updated Jan. 23, 08    
- I lived in PHV for 1973 to 1978.  I graduated from Saddleback High
School in Santa Ana, CA., but Heidelberg was where my friends and
my heart were.

   Michelle (Belanger) Irvine - michelle.irvine at merrillcorp.com

* * Michael Bessler - mikebesq1 at msn.com
- I attended Heidelberg elementary from 3-4th grade, 5th - 6th at the
Annex, and 7th through 1st semester 9th grade at the High school,
spanning from 1969 thru 1975.

* * Pia (Bond) Williams - pia_ada at yahoo.com
- Went to Heidelberg from 1973-1977. Would love to hear from classmates.
Can also look me up on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pia.ada

   Philip Britton - jagwagmaster at yahoo.com
- Phil's web site:  http://www.jagwag.net/

   Cylinda (Callaway) Liptow - 2liptows at att.net - updated 5.27.11

   Briley Culton - bculton at fastq.com
- attended HHS 1976-1979

   Kay (Davis) Mitchell - mitchell2156 at sbcglobal.net
- I attended HHS from 1977-79.

   Jerome Dees - jdees at faulkner.edu

* * Bruce DeWitt - skunkdhound at wideopenwest.com
- I was there for the 1977-1978 school year, but graduated Stateside in

   Ramona (Dooley) Geske - Ramona.Geske at med.uni-heidelberg.de
- I attended Heidelberg High School from 1973 - 1979 and graduated in 1979.
I moved back to Heidelberg in 1991 after living in California for  5 years and
am still living here.

   Lorrin Dyer - Lorrin.Dyer at usdoj.gov

   Tony Galindo - austoeknee at aol.com

   Alice (Gilson) Hepburn - gahpbrn at ucinet.com

   Kim Goble - kgoble0355 at charter.net - updated 8.25.07

   Stephen Gonsalves - stephen.gonsalves at dhs.gov
I attend HHS from 1977 to 1979.

* * Sandra Deedee (Goodson) Allman - sdeedeebuzz@embarqmail.com -  9.06.09
      - I went to school at HHAHS from 1973-1976 .  I moved to Columbus, Ga
      in 1976 where I went to school. I did not graduate in 1979, I graduated in
      1978, one year early.  I loved it at HAHS and I miss it.

   Cindy (Grenate) Sinclair - SinclairAustn316 at aol.com

* * Randy Haines - Haines777 at gmail.com - updated 03.10.07
- I would have graduated in 1979 from HHS, but like most, their fathers
were military, so was mine and we moved in 1977.  I eventually graduated
here in Colorado Springs, but in my heart, I graduated at HHS.

I have excellent memories from Heidelberg, in fact (on a much earlier
tour of my Dad of course) I was born in Heidelberg in 1961.

   Dwight Hakim - dwighthakim at optonline.net  - updated 06.23.07

* * Holly Harken - hollyshearth at att.net - updated 7.28.09
- I attended Heidelberg American High School from December 1974 to June of
1977.  I would have graduated in 1979 if we hadn’t moved.  My dad retired to
Hartford, Connecticut and I graduated from high school here.

* * Hume Hawkins - Basswipe at aol.com
- Left in '77

* * Linda Holmes - linda_may_holmes at yahoo.com
- I attended Heidelberg High School for 2 1/2 years in the 1970's.  I moved
away from Heidelberg during the summer of 76. 

* * Ramona (Hunter) Schwengel - housedoc1 at bellsouth.net
- I attended HAHS 8th-9th grades, 1974-76.

   William "Bill" Ivory - lionspride at coastalnet.com
- I lived in Heidelberg (PHV) from 1972 till 1979.  I graduated in 79.

* * Karen (Jones) Sowka - hbergjones at hotmail.com
- I left H-berg after 9th grade (summer 1976)

   Thomas Karl Keenan - keenan at directbox.com

   Regina King - Regina.King at fcps.edu

* * Theresa (Kostner) Wilson - tkostner at infonet.isl.net

   Michael Libbey - mlibbey at numail.org

   Sandie (Litvinas) Sorenson - sorenson41 at comcast.net

* * Debbie (McClanahan) Baker - herbfarm at brantleytel.net

* * Michael McManus - McManus_M at bls.gov
- Lived in Heidelberg from 4th through 10th grades

   Richard Mendoza - FRIEDE36 at aol.com

   Sue Miller - rmebrat at earthlink.net

   Barbara (Moran) Shealy - JAPKsMom at aol.com

   Jeff Pallas - jpallas1 at comcast.net

   Robin (Perry) Sirles - raddsirles at juno.com

* * Marcus Phillips - gen273 at yahoo.com
- I attended HHS from Spring 1976 to Spring 1978. 

  Antoinette "Toni" (Raite) Heiney - red778 at hotmail.com
- I graduated from Heidelberg High in 1979 and was on the swim team.

   Richard Rubino - RRubino524 at aol.com 

  Kim (Rubiolo) Rubiolo-Harris - krubiolo at aol.com

   Denise (Scheel) Staudt - dstaudt at ssfcu.org

   Steve Scott - sttocs79 at hotmail.com

   Tammy (Sears) Fidler - Tamlpn61 at aol.com

* * Lisa (Sheldon) Shue - Lcshue at aol.com
- I did not graduate from Heidelberg, but attended from 1973 to 1977.

* * Tom Shirey - tom at shireyfamily.net
- I left Heidelberg High after 9th grade and finished high school in Carlisle, PA.

  Stephanie Smith - Meryn5 at aol.com

   Sean Stepp - sstepp at capitolcontractorsinc.com - Updated 11.12.11

* * John Thomann - jthomann at ezgo.textron.com

   Karen (Thomas) Campbell - Hberg79 at aol.com

   Noreen Tolman - NamlotN at aol.com

* * Kim Toskey - ktoskey at guildmortgage.net - updated 7.23.11
- Attended HAHS 1975-76; was originally supposed  graduate with the
class of '80, but graduated a year early.

   Mark Varljen - mvarljen at cox.net
I graduated in 1979, after attending HHS since 7th grade.  I have many
great memories of the people, the area, and all of the festivities that went
on while I was there.

* * Mike Wesneski - mw802143 at yahoo.com
- Mike's site: http://www.geocities.com/edelens/hhs/build_frameset.html

   Karl Williams - amarkarl at msn.com
- All-Star football player

* * Laura (Wilson) Hartnett - Lkh at marvincpa.com
- 7-10 grade at HAHS

   Carole Zarrella - carolev at att.net - Updated 11.06.09

If you were a member of the Class of 1979 and would like to be added to this page, please e-mail me, Cindy.  You did not have to graduate from HAHS to be listed!

* * Denotes that the alumni attended HAHS, but left before they were able to graduate from there.
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