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   Lou Austere - lou_austere at hotmail.com

   Lou (Averill) Morales - morales at localaccess.com

   Bob Barkley - yvonnec at uidaho.edu

   Barb (Beckley) McCoy - dennis.mccoy at usarc-emh2.army.mil

* * Jane (Bell) Lassiter - jjbabrat at yahoo.com
- Married to Darryl Lassiter (class of '80)

   Jennifer (Bennett) Torring - enjtorring at t-online.de

   Treva Bjerke - TBJERKE1 at fairview.org

   Brad Carstenson - bradcarstensen at klinktech.net

   Tom Chandler - trchandler at mac.com

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   Mike Danielson - mdanielson at prologic-tech.com

   Kathi (Dassonville) Swingle - tacokds at yahoo.com

   Bob DeBerardino - mde5560 at wideopenwest.com
- I originally started looking for old high school contacts in order to replace
my old letter jacket. My daughter, Maryrose, and son, Jonathan, may some
day be interested in it. I am happily married to Maureen. She comes from
a family with seven brothers; causing me some consternation when we were
dating. Big Brutes. We live in Dearborn, Michigan where we are involved in
the local family theater, Sacred Heart Church, Soup Kitchen, local charities
and lots of children friendly activities at Greenfield Village, local museum
originated by Henry Ford. Hope to hear from you or someone. Life is FUN.

   Steve Defiori - defiori at alltel.net

   Jasmyn (Dickason) Kelly - jasmyndkelly at hotmail.com

   Susan (Downey) Dalebroux - broux at msn.com

   Diane (Duffy) Jones - hljones at webspan.net
- Married to Harold Jones '79 since '84

   Melissa (Duggins) Grayson - Missyg at aol.com

   Valjean "VJ" (Eastwood) Barre - vj.barre at ci.austin.tx.us

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   Sonya Hepinstall - stoin at worldnet.att.net

   Theresa (Hogan) Brown - dgbtlb at yahoo.com
- Theresa's brother, Mike Hogan, was also in the class of 1980.

   Alan Howard - gary.howard at sap.com

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   Art Knowles - art at nt-guru.com

   Bill Korth - wkorth at europe.com

* * Paula "Polly" (Krakauskas) Taylor - paulat at flash.net
- I was at HHS in '78 & '79.

   Donna (Lackie) Sieverling - dsieverl at ed.umuc.edu

   Ella Lane - montgoc at swbell.net

   Christa (Lange) Wojahn - wojahn at msn.com

* * Darryl Lassiter - dlassiter69 at yahoo.com
- Married to Jane Bell (class of '80)

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   Uta O'Brien - utabeate at t-online.de - added 6.13.09

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   Dawn (Scheel) Jones - Dawn.scheel at quantm.net or
mjones278 at austin.rr.com

   Mark Schreiber - Bodeyberry at aol.com

* * Allen Sharpe - mastersharpe at mac.com - added 1.19.09
- I spent my freshman and sophomore year at HHS.  I am currently in Spring, 
Texas with a wonderful family (my wife Giselle and two children, Alex and
Mackenzie..age 4 and 2).

   Robert Shun - shunfamily at earthlink.net

   Brad Smith - Bradley.Smith at dfas.mil

* * Richard "Rick" Smith - rick_smith2005 at yahoo.com - added 12.20.09
- I attended Heidelberg from 77-80 but did not graduate from there because we
moved my senior year.  I now live in Raleigh, NC and I am a full time Mental Health
Counselor and Baptist Minister.  I have been married 27 years this February and
have three grown daughters.  I miss Heidelberg and would like to plan a trip back
there with some alumni. 

* * Jim Snyder - mrxd at comcast.net
- I did not graduate from HHS, but I would have if I had not moved back 
to the USA in 1976. I now live in Richmond, Virginia and have 2 kids.

   Chris Spera - Christopher_Spera at freddiemac.com

   Tracy (Thacker) Bright - 5bright at bellsouth.net

   Vic Treutel - victor at deeperthantheocean.com
- Author of Deeper than the Ocean and The Sea Grape

   Rose (Ulcak) Liebenow - mliebenow at juno.com

   Ellen (Walter) Brightly - Eedrwalter at aol.com

   Richard Weil - ludwig38 at peoplepc.com

   Patricia (Werner) Douma - witchey717 at aol.com

   Art Wilkerson - artwhkg at yahoo.com

   Cheryl Faye (Williams) Neal - hdneal at bellsouth.net

   Patty (Williams) Roman - DPCKRoman1615 at hotmail.com

   Paul Winkel - paulwinkel at earthlink.net
- Lived in Heidelberg 1975- 1980; graduated in 1980 in Heidelberg -  moved
back to the states in 1980. Married, have two children.  Living in Alexandria,

   Jennifer Wilson - Jwilson at nma.org

If you were a member of the Class of 1980 and would like to be added to this page, please e-mail me, Cindy.  You did not have to graduate from HAHS to be listed!

* * Denotes that the alumni attended HAHS, but graduated from another school.
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