Ralph Bain - jralphbain at hotmail.com
- I lived in Heidelberg from 1978 to 1981.  I married my high school
sweetheart Christa Miller (class of '82).  We have two boys and live in

* * Tracey (Bjerke) Petesch - tpetesch at comcast.net
- I went to HHS from 77-80.  My sister, Treva, graduated in 1980.  I ended
up graduating from Ft. Knox, KY HS in 1981.

* * Steve Bullard - bullards1763 at prodigy.net
- I attended HAHS from 1977 to 1979 before moving to Vicenza, Italy where
I graduated in 1981.  Had a lot of great memories living in Heidelberg.  I
just retired from the Army in Oct '00.  I currently live in just north of Tampa,
FL with my wife and son.  I own an Air Freight company now and am
enjoying being a civilian.

   Lori (Campbell) Suarez - lsuarez at wowway.com

   Michael Zane Chenault - mchenault at swbell.net

  Eva (Clark) Hey - enhey at msn.com

* * Iyvonne (Clark) Schwarzbauer - ivybauer at web.de - updated 6.27.08
- I went to HAHS from 1977-1979 (9th &10th grade). We then moved to
Viernheim, so I attended Mannheim High School, which is also where I
graduated. I still live here between Mannheim and Heidelberg and I'd
love to be in touch which some "old" friends!

   Cheryl (Clarke) Hightower - newredbug at hotmail.com

* * Amanda "Mandy" Conboy - acar284174 at aol.com
- I attended HAHS from 1977 - 1980, but I graduated in Missouri.

   Tom Cook - tctarheel at msn.com
- I lived in Heidelberg from 1975-1978 and currently live in Tampa, FL.

   Herbert Cork - brewpug at earthlink.net
- Born/raised/schooled in Heidelberg...lived there 63-82...moved back
         to US, graduated college 86...in Air Force since 87 with duty in TX, CA,
         SD, Germany, DC, CO, DC again...now a Lt Col working at Pentagon. 
        Hi to all my classmates and fellow Lions...getting old, ain't we?!

   Patti (Cotton) Frederick-Gross - pattijim at comcast.net - updated 2.13.07
- Attended h-berg from 78-81

   Julie Coulter - coulterjh at earthlink.net
- I was at HHS for my senior year only and graduated in 1981.  I got a
master's degree at Vanderbilt many years ago and ended up making
Nashville my home.

* * Faith Couvillon - fmcouvillon at msn.com - updated 03.21.06
- I attended HHS from 1979-80, for my sophmore and junior years.

* * Joseph P. Creekmore, Jr. - Creekmoj at SAFETYCENTER.ARMY.MIL
- Attended freshman and sophomore years

* * Susan (Danielson) McGinty - SDMMcGinty at aol.com
- I was there from 77-80 and then went to San Antonio where I graduated
from Cole HS.

* * Andy Dashiell - andy at dashiell.com
- Attended HAHS 1977-1980 (Fresh. - Junior). Graduated HS in VA.
Moved to Colorado, been here ever since.

   Don Davis - NeonDon85 at aol.com
- Howdy from College Station, TX...Back in Aggieland...Whooop!...Since
HS...Went to Texas A&M....got a degree in MIS...became an Army
Artillery Officer then a Military Intelligence Officer....Took the money and
ran in '96....Went back to Texas A&M and got my Master's in MIS.
Currently, working as an analyst for the City of College Station.

   Brenda (Deal) Bosse - bdbosse at hotmail.com

  Tom DeBerardino - tdeberardino at earthlink.net

* * Richard Deck - richarddeck at yahoo.com
- I attended Heidelberg from 1977 til 1980.  I would have graduated in
1981 but my father elected to return to San Antonio, Texas after the
summer of 1980.

   Alex Demyanenko - Alex2222 at aol.com

   Cindy (Durling) Hildner - desertlady63 at yahoo.com
- I attended HAHS from 1977 to 1981.  I stayed in Germany after high
school, attended the University of Maryland University College, and
became a Government Contract Specialist. I just completed 25 years
of Government service (omigosh), and am currently working at
Carlisle Barracks, PA, while my husband attends the Army War
College.  We have four children. Time certainly has flown!  Would
love to hear from my old classmates! 
   Robert Edinger - qaeinc at acm.org

   Kimo Fernandez-  sirpurr at yahoo.com
- Here is Kimo's web site:  http://www.kimo.ifp3.com

   Harold Fugate - fugatehr at hotmail.com
- attendee from 1977-1981. I left h-berg in '82. recently (nov. 2002) returned
to h-berg for a visit. talk about bringing back memories. has it been
20+ years? look forward to hearing from old friends. at hhs "once a
friend, always a friend". right y'all? living large in the great country of TEXAS.

   Anna (Galan) King - anna.king at us.army.mil
- I am curious what some people are doing with their lives 23 years later. 

   Amy Beth Gerzog – lvtlaff at cox.net - added 5.27.11
- I attended HHS for my Sophomore & Junior years (78-80 ?).. Would have
graduated in ’81.

Moved back to the States to graduate in NJ and then moved to NY..spent
10 yrs there and have been living the life in Southern California for the last 20 yrs.

   Connie (Gilmore) Edwards - cedwardshomeisp at netzero.net
- I am currently living in the Dallas, Texas area.

   Mary (Gravette) Collins - mcollin1 at twcny.rr.com

   Eloy Guzman - eloyguzman at sbcglobal.net
- I graduated from HHS in '81. I did some time in the Army and now I'm
in Houston, TX., with the Houston Police Department.

   Terry Hale - THale at mantires.com
- I lived in Heidelberg from 1976 - 1982 and graduated from HHS in 1981.

* * Eric Harmon - eric at eharmon.org

   Tamara (Harnly) Streett - TamaraSt at mac.com
- Living in central NJ, now working for LG Electronics after years at
Apple Computer.  My daughter Julia is 7 and son Nic is 4. Wonderful
kids and lots of fun.  Still visiting my mother in the summers in
Heidelberg where she is the assistant principal at PHV Elementary.

Would love to hear from other HHSers!

   Michael R. Harris - MRH1163 at cox.net
- I was a JROTC officer and in the drama club. I attended HHS from 1978-1981.
My nickname was Napoleon. I am now residing in Tucson, Arizona after serving
in the Army.

   John "J" Henry - Jhenry14 at hotmail.com - updated 7.24.07

   Rebecca (Herman) Knowlton - REBE1130 at aol.com

* * Sandi (Hiatt) Woodrow - crwmrw at sbcglobal.net
- I attended the elementary school in PHV for 5th and 6th, HHS for 7th grade
75/76 and then went to the new middle school in PHV until November of 76.
I am a Special Education Counselor and live in Arlington, Texas with my
husband and two sons.

   Richard Hoskins - rfhoskins at gencap.com
- I lived in Heidelberg from 1963 to 1981 and moved to California, where I live
now with my wife and son.

* * Stephen Jaffe - jaffe at pressroom.com
- I attended HHS from 1978-1979, my freshman and sophmore year. I
graduated HS in Virginia. Also I was in the first eighth grade class at
the then new middle school.

* * Anne (Johnson) Sheppard - FLfreespirit at msn.com
- I was in Heidelberg from 1975-1980, and lived in Walldorf. I now live in
Largo, Florida. I am an RN and have enjoyed Florida since leaving Germany.
Would love to hear from folks from that time.

   Tracy (Johnson) Wilmsmeyer - hbergfriends at earthlink.net

* * Rick Kaempfer - amishrick5 at aol.com
- I went to HHS my first three  years of high school. 
I'm currently a writer/blogger/author/novelist living in the suburbs of Chicago.
My first novel ("$everance") comes out on ENC Press in April 2007. I'm married,
and I have three boys (ages 11, 8, 4).

I'd love to hear from any fellow Heidelberg High alums.
Rick's web site:  http://www.rickkaempfer.com

   Tom Keller - texas_tommy1@yahoo.com
- I currenlty live in San Antonio,TX.  I am an HVAC/R Technician. I
would like to contact anyone who wants reminisce.

* * Kathy (Kittelberger) Green - KEGreen3 at aol.com
- Attended HHS in 1976-1978, Graduated from HS in Columbia, MD.  Received
BSN, MEd, MBA--Divorced, currently living in Sherman Oaks with my two

   Launie (Korth) Parry - launie at lindenpress.com
- General Info: Owner/Partner of Linden Press, a small printing and graphic
design business. Married to George Parry, a test engineer for Schwinn
Bicycles. We have a daughter, Katie.

I would really love to find out the whereabouts of Chris Kroger, class of 83.

   Mark Lafleur - mlafleur at missionpharmacal.com

* * John Lane - john at jlanefamily.com 
-  I work for the University of Houston -- Downtown in Houston Texas. 
I live in Pearland, Tx.  I am married with two girls, ages 8 and 12.  If
you're ever in the Bayou City, give me a shout!  

   John Lasley - JLasley at msn.com
- Graduated from UNC-Wilmington in 1985...received AF Commission
that summer and certification as an Intelligence Officer the next
Spring...assignments to CO, VA, TX, NV, NM, LA and Korea thus
far...am currently stationed at Langley AFB in Hampton, VA...looking
for a promotion to LC and an assignment to FL this summer...all in
twenty years...bummer growing old, isn't it?!

* * Judith (Leach) Breitbach - buzymomof3 at knology.net
- I was at HHS from 77-79, but graduated in NV

   Mary (Libbey) Hennessey - tfhen at comcast.net

   Rick Martin - ricklmartin at yahoo.com
- MAJ U.S. Army. Loved being an Army Brat so much, I decided to
make the Army a career. Looking forward to attending graduate
school from 2001-2003 at Univ Texas, San Antonio Health Science
Center. Finishing third tour in Germany with assignments near Seattle,
Augusta, GA, and San Antonio.

   Adam Martinez - amartinez at peoplepc.com
- All hail to the Heidelberg Class of '81.

   Alma (Martinez) Parris - aparris at ccisd.net

   Jim "Mass" Mastrianni - chapper822 at austin.rr.com

* * Denise (Mullinax) Ferguson - ferguson072499 at earthlink.net
- I was in the 7th grade HHS in 1975-1976 and then went to the new Middle
school in PHV from 1976-1977 for 8th grade.  I then moved on to Maryland
and graduated there.  I now live in the Hampton Roads area in Virginia. 

   Eileen Murphy - leeniebeanie at juno.com
- I was supposed to graduate in '82 but when the family got orders I opted
to graduate a year early in order to stay in Heidelberg  a while longer.

   Kristin "Kris" (Neel) Tibbs - ktibbs05 at comcast.net - updated 1.25.09

   Michael Oliver - M34Oliver at aol.com

   Cathi (Cathy Overcast) Pope - cathipp at yahoo.com
I graduated from HAHS in the class of 1981. I went on to live in Heidelberg for
17 years, where I met and married Richard. We have a 16 year old daughter
Sofia, that was born in Heidelberg. We now live in Virginia Beach, VA. Feel
free to contact me, I would love to hear from you.

   Steve Paguia - paguias at yahoo.com - added 6.27.08

   Todd Pelham - toddpelham at comcast.net - added 11.25.08
- I went to HAHS from 79-81 when I graduated from there.  I have been married
for 26 years, 27 in Dec 08 and have 6 children, 3 boys and 3 girls ages 24 to 11.

   Barbara (Peterson) Houser - chouserfam at yahoo.com

    D. D. Ponder - dd-home at comcast.net

   Michael Price - mnmiguel at mediaone.net
- Living in Minneapolis

   Lisa Rowell - Dances in Creek at aol.com
- I was one of those kids in the background, head held low, not many
friends. 20 years have been a whirlwind of life experiences, 2 sons,
much traveling and finally finding my own place to be in a little town in
Kentucky, where I moved out of the blue more than 2 years ago. I am a
graphic artist and freelance writer (working on publishing my first book
this coming year). For those who knew me (or for that matter did not),
this shy withdrawn girl most definitely blossomed when the world was
not looking!  

   Rob Schmidt - rschmidt7 at tampabay.rr.com
- Rob is the class of 1981's rep for the Alumni Association

   Jim Schultz - bigjim81 at yahoo.com

   Sherry (Shires) Crist - shercrst at aol.com - updated 6.13.10
- Sherry's web site: http://www.myspace.com/crystalprincess8146

   Marshall Smith - Heidelberg160 at cs.com

* * Walter "Butch" Smith - snoopy_colorado at yahoo.com - added 5.14.09
- I attended HAHS in 1980 as a Junior, and then moved to New York City, 
graduating there; lived in various places around New England, Maryland,
Virginia, and Colorado since 1993.  I have a daughter in college as of 2009,
work in the computer industry, and run one of the best children's chess clubs
in Colorado :) I'd love to hear from other old HAHS friends :)

   David Snyder - youth at greatneckbaptist.org

  Jackie Steedly-Jones - attainfamilywellness at iglide.net - updated 1.25.09

   "Hugh" David Stone - hdstonemeister at aol.com

   Jon "Bently" Tankersley - jotanky at yahoo.com
- I was a good chum of Rob Schmidt and have lost contact even with him.
I've gone through some strange and troubling times, I'll tell you; and many a
quite wonderful time too.

I went all of high school at HAHS. My only real extra-curricular accolade was
being, for two years, in the Stage Band. That was cool!  I was, shall we say,
anything but anonymous.  In fairness, I ought also to mention the Hazel
Edwards Fan Club.

My transcript, admittedly, was not a flattering one.  Post-high school work,
however, was surprisingly, remarkably better.   

As well, I have written a fair amount over the years, forms of my own device,
for what it's worth. Perhaps sharing some with old friends and acquaintances
would be a really nice idea. I think so.

Other close friends were those who lived near, Kirk Nelson, Leslie Molnar,
Gervais...fond remembrance of classmates, Joe Painting, William Wilkerson
(sort of) and sister Kim, Scott Blackwell, Raymond Tolar, 'Byrd', to name a few;
more than I could possibly name, I'm afraid; as well as endless appreciation for
many of the teachers [staff] who were there at the time.

* * Faira (Terrell) Stevick - fstevick at gvtc.com - Added 5.002.10
- I attended HAHS from 1978 to 1980 (My Sophomore and Junior Years) before
moving to Bad Kreuznach American HS to graduate. I am currently living in Fair
Oaks Ranch, TX (outside of San Antonio) with my husband Dean and Daughter,

* * Brent Tinder - btinder@muncie.k12.in.us
- I attended HHS my freshman year 1977-78 .I graduated from school in Indiana.
I am married and have 4 children. I teach and coach in Muncie, Indiana. I would
love to here from anybody.

   Saundra Torres - wife_still at hotmail.com

   Michael Troster - bbear752 at aol.com

   Anna (Vasquez) Perez - anna.perez at copcu.org - added 9.04.08

   Roger Ware - Nitro627 at aol.com

* * Stephen Whitmore - logcabin139 at charter.net - updated 03.14.07
- I went to the middle school on PHV in 8th grade and went to the high
school in my 7th and 9th grade years.

* * Thad Whittenburg - TWhittenbu at aol.com
- I went to HHS in 78 & 79

   Jan (Wright) Bevan - Janet.Bevan at revenue.alabama.gov - updated 05.14.09
- I would love to hear from some of my classmates.

   Lisa Kay Young - Lisak63 at Hotmail.com

* * Laura Zarrella - lauraz at austin.rr.com
- I lived in Heidelberg from 1973 to 1977, attending HHS in 1975-76, then
attended the then new PHV Jr High "Go Panthers" 1976-77 8th grade.
Family moved back to Texas in 1977.   Live in Austin Texas now, Lake
Travis.  My brother, Christopher Zarrella graduated HHS in 1977, my sister,
Carole Zarrella also attended HHS class of 1979.

My Heart is still in Heidelberg.

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If you were a member of the Class of 1981 and would like to be added to this page, please e-mail me, Cindy.  You did not have to graduate from HAHS to be listed!

* * Denotes that the alumni attended HAHS, but graduated from another school.
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