If you were a member of the Class of 1982 and would like to be added to this page, please e-mail me, Cindy.  You did not have to graduate from HAHS to be listed!

* * Denotes that the alumni attended HAHS, but graduated from another school.
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email me
* * Debbie Adkinson - luvgoog at yahoo.com
- Lived in Patrick Henry Village, attended Elementary & Middle School.  Now
living in Dallas, Texas.

   Sean Ash - seanash at hotmail.com

   Michele (Baxter) Borell - borellis at gmx.de
- She is still living in the Heidelberg area.  Michele is married to Frank
Borell, and they are the parents of Steven, 3 years old.

* * Kelly (Bennett) Brown - Kleinebennett at msn.com - updated 01.17.06
- born and raised in Alt Wiesloch/Heidelberg - 1964-1980

* * Kevin Bidwell - kbidwell at winstar.com

* * Monika Bolino - mbolino at mindspring.com
- Left Heidelberg after Freshman year when family got orders (but knew a lot of
80 and 81 people and was HHS mascot).  I finished high school in Laurel, MD
in 82.  Since then, I've lived in Boston MA, where I worked in the local music
scene and published the Boston Rock and Roll Cookbook; Buffalo NY
and Providence RI, where I completed my PhD in Anthropology and worked as
an archaeologist for ten years; and now live in New York City where I share a
household with my wonderful partner John and a 14-year old tomcat.  I still l
ove punk and rock and go to shows whenever I can.

   Anne (Bradley) Talbot - a.m.talbot at att.net

   Polly (Brady) Sumrow - psumrow at hotmail.com

   David Braswell - dbraswell2 at gmail.com - added 1.25.09

* * Nancy (Burch) Story - cstory8507 at msn.com

* * Russel Bush - n3xeg at hotmail.com
- I attended HHS from '79 to '81; did my senior year state side.

   Doug Campbell - campbelldou at yahoo.com - Updated 11.21.09

   Steve Campbell - steve.campbell at us.army.mil   

   Jill (Carlson) Long - jj5664 at msn.com
- I attended HAHS from 1978 - 1982.  Married to James Long, HAHS class
of 1982.

* *Scott L. Caruso - caruso at hotspare.com
- Scott's web site:  http://hotspare.com/caruso/

* * Tracy (Cassada) Longshore - TLongshore at aol.com

   Carlos Castillo - David Mariano is the contact person for Carlos.  You can
e-mail David at mariano at knology.net

   Vickie (Castle) Perkins - vmperkins at aol.com

   Bruce Chesley - Bruce.C.Chesley at boeing.com

* * Kevin Church - kevin at wizardvending.com - Updated 10.25.09
- I am alive and well and living in the Phoenix area. I’ve been married 18 years
and have two amazing boys.

It is always great to hear from friends from the past.  John Witkowski and
I still hook up occasionally either here in AZ or up in UT where he lives.

I saw Robin Hays and Kim Lambert just over a year ago.  Those crazy
kids are still out there having fun.

* * Robin (Church) Beshears - beshears at boone.net
- I left Heidelberg in 1979 at the end of my freshman year.

* * Michele (Clark) Caisse - Maisse at nc.rr.com
- I attended HMS and HHS thru my freshman year (1979).

   Kim (Cobb-Adams) Bechert - Kim at hihhilo.com

   Rita (Collins) Brigan - rbrigan at aol.com

   Scott Corliss - srcorliss at comcast.net

   Bridgitte (DeVaughn) Araba - arabavet at aol.com

   Daniel Fetkenhour - dlfetkenhour at sbcglobal.net - updated 6.29.11

* * Patty (Fisher) Galvan - pufgalvan at aol.com
      - Attended 1977-1980

   Douglas Fordyce - daford1 at qwest.net

   Gary Fugate - gfugate at roadrunner.com - updated 2.23.11

* * Robin (Galaviz) Pearce - RPe4113137 at aol.com
- I attended Heidelberg from 1978-81, I left in the middle of my Junior
year, (thanks to Uncle Sam).

* * Steve Gibson - msgibson at brightok.net
- attended Heidelberg schools from 1977-1981

   Robin Hays - rhaysnoe at aol.com

* * Becky (Herre) Girard - pbja at ameritech.net - updated 3.20.07
-  I attended Heidelberg High School from 1978-1981.

   Julie Hesling - alohajulia at att.net - updated 3.20.09
- I now live in paradise  Kailua, Oahu, Hawaii!  Aloha everyone!

* * Michael Howitz - Howitzmc at aol.com
- Attended HAHS in 1979

   Corey Iber - Ibercr at home.com

* * Steven Johnson - sjohnduma at aol.com
- I attended HHS in 1978 - 79.  My brother was Wally.

   Jacqueline Jones - jjones at lewischapel.org

* * Cindy Kaempfer - ckaempfr at interaccess.com

   Kelly (Kittelberger) Salapong - kelly.salapong at davita.com - updated 6.27.08

   Kim Lambert - Klambert at lmi.org

   Suzan "Sue" Lasichak - suzanlasichak at yahoo.com- updated 07.10.10

* * Robin Lawson - dragonflyb at comcast.net
- I lived in Heidelberg from 1974-1980.  I graduated over here in Virginia, though,
in 1982.  I live in Stafford, VA, now.

* * Karen Leathers - karenleathers at attbi.com
- Attended HAHS 1979-1981

   Pam (LeBlond) Mortenson - lpmort at aol.com

   Karl Leonard - karl_leonard at earthlink.net

   James Long - jj5664 at msn.com
- Attended HAHS from 1980-1982.  James is married to Jill Carlson,
HAHS class of '82.

* * Thad Lucken - luckent47 at hotmail.com
- Attended HMS and HAHS but only for one year.  Ran Cross Country
in '78.  I'm the brother of Billy, Walter, Heidi and Gretchen.  Living in Detroit.

   James Lutack - jimjanje at msn.com

    Bob Macray - robert.macray at lawson.com

   Tom Maxon - maxon at morningside.edu

   Rachelle Leigh McCarthy - rleighmcc at yahoo.com

   Carol McCoy - cubswin at myacc.net
- Divorced, no kids just my two cats. Living in South Florida for 24 years.

* * Kelly (Meek) Koga - sweetmango at hawaiiantel.net

* * Christa (Miller) Bain - christabain at hotmail.com
- I went to Heidelberg from 1979-1981. I graduated in NC in 1982.
I married my highschool sweetheart, Ralph Bain (everyone knew him as
Bird). We have two boys and we live in Texas.

   Kimberly (Morgan) Spino - spinok at bellsouth.net - updated 04.06.07
- Kimberly Morgan-Class of 82, but because my parents also had to return
to the states.  I graduated a year early and not with my original graduating
class of 83.  So for 9, 10, and 11th, I was actually in class with 83 students.

   Eileen Murphy - leeniebeanie at juno.com
- I was supposed to graduate in '82 but when the family got orders I opted
to graduate a year early in order to stay in Heidelberg a while longer.

   Dana Nelson - Sailingfooltoo at aol.com

   Mary Newman - southpacificgirl at hotmail.com

* * Vince Pishner - Vman927 at hotmail.com
- Attended HHS 1978-80

   Angie (Quillen) Davis - adavis at ec.rr.com

* * Roseann (Ray) Coyner - rcoyner at mindspring.com - added 1.27.09
- I attended HHS from 1979-1981 and then returned to Virginia to graduate in
1982. I currently live outside of Chicago.

   David Ryan - dmryanesq at hotmail.com

   John Saenz - jsaen33 at yahoo.com

   Scott Sayers - Scottsayers170 at cs.com

   Tom Severin - tom.severin at auerprecision.com

   Diana (Shun) Bumanglag - bumanglag at gloryworks.com

   Paula (Sinclair) Popwell - mrdooleys at aol.com

   Shelly Sinclair - singpinc at aol.com

   Angie Spearman - aspearman at san.rr.com - Updated 5.20.10

* * Dineen (Spille) Bumbarger - dmbumbarger at hotmail.com
- Attended 1979-1981

   Heidi (Stearns) Angle - heidiangle at usa.net

   Chris Sudberry - hoheit at aol.com

   Paul Swedlund - swedlund at gpgnlaw.com

   Alex Terenzi - adtag007 at comcast.net
- Attended HHS from 80' to 82' and after I graduated stayed in Europe for 16
years working for German companies and attending German Technical Schools.
Moved back to the states 9 years ago.. Have been fitness instructor for 20
years and I'm still single... I now live in Seattle Washington

* * Laurie (Thrasher) Hontz - LHontz5674 at aol.com
- Attended '79-'80

   Sal Titto - NYRSAL2 at aol.com

  Allen Tracy - atracy at cieloinc.com

* * Victor Trevino - victrevino at earthlink.net
- Attended HAHS from 1978-1980

   Jack Van Allen - Vanative2001 at hotmail.com

   Brenda (Vanatter) Williams - NY2248 at aol.com

   Gary Verge - Garebear at rogers.com
- I am currently living/working  in Toronto, Canada with my partner and three
golden retrievers.

   Cliff Walton - cliffxr at earthlink.net
- I did my last two years of high school in Heidelberg; then worked for the Army
as a civilian for two years.  When I went back stateside, I joined the Air Force
with another Heidelberg high graduate, Tom McGuire.  I'm still in the Air Force
and will be able to retire this year having completed 20 years.  How time flies...

* * Susan Weaver - suziweaverat gmail.com
- I left for the States 3 months before graduation.

* * Heather Winkel - hpwinkel at comcast.net - updated 1.25.09
- Lived in Heidelberg from 1975 - 1980.  My family and I left after my sophomore
year (1980).  I graduated high School in 1982 in Virginia.  I am currently living in
Reston, VA.

* * Jim Wingfield - wingerjw at yahoo.com
- Anne, Chuck, David and Carolyn (brothers & sisters)

   Terri (Wisdom) Cass - cassgt at aol.com

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