Elizabeth (Allred) Redmond - liz-n-larry at earthlink.net

   Geoffrey Arnot - Geoff.arnot at sky.com

* * Gary Aschbacher - gary at newmex.net

   Stacy (Bagwell) Isaacs - SLI at aol.com

* * Walt Baker - waltbaker at uswest.net
        - Married to Lynn

   Michael Barnett - mnbarnett at aol.com

   Michael Baxter - MBaxter at wagged.com
        - Lives in Germany with his wife, Aziza, and daughter Sophia

   Shawn (Bird) Heth - cs_heth at hotmail.com - updated 5.22.08

   Cindy (Blackburn) Hardy - CindyB2463 at aol.com
       - I've been married to a wonderful man named Jim for 17 years now.
We have been together 24 years. I work for an ambulance service as an EMT-I,
and live in central Virginia.

Jim and I have a daughter, Morgan Jo, who is nine years old!  Check out her web
site which has pictures of us: MoJo

You can find me on Facebook here:

   Penny (Blagg) Carlson - pennybc at webtv.net
        - Works as an animal groomer in Texas.  Has three children.

   Andrea (Boardman) Kincaid - andreakrn at comcast.net

* * Andrew (Bottum) Baker - andrew.baker-04 at scott.af.mil
- My name is Andrew Baker, although I went by Bottum (step-dad/sponsor's
last name) in High School.  I attended HHS 80-81 then moved to Wiesbaden. 
I am currently in the AF deployed to Iraq along with another HHS Alumni,
James Mattson who is in my unit, but in Qatar.   

   Debbie (Brain) Armstrong - debraarmstrong at hotmail.com

   Sissi Brainerd - Sissibrain at hotmail.com

   Ralph Bulloch - Bullochr at comcast.net - updated 3.03.09
        - Ralph is a pilot.  

   Chelle (Cadenhead) Zulick - Lczulick at aol.com
        - Married to Lin.

* * Shawn Carstensen - shawncarstensen at gmail.com - Updated 10.18.09
- E-mail me or find me on Facebook.

   Wil "C.C." Carter - frankscarter at excite.com

   Andy Caudill - acgodzilla2002 at yahoo.com
        - I'm living in Radcliff, Kentucky (by Fort Knox) and I am teaching
Special Education.

   Regina (Chapin) Pyritz - RchapinP at U.Arizona.edu

* * Michael Charpentier - foodman3 at excite.com
- I went to HHS in 82' . I now live in Colorado and am married to Lorena.
I have two boys, 13 and 11, from my first wife.

   Davis Chenault - clark00_us at yahoo.com

   Jennifer (Christiansen) Zane - jen_zane at yahoo.com
- Jennifer resides in Burke, Virginia with her two sons Tyler (11) and
Brendan (7).  She is a Sr. Project Manager in the Software Industry. 

   Roy Clouse - roybaz at aol.com

* * Mishawn Cole - mcturner at marketingandconsulting.com

* * Daniel Collins - OMEGATACT at THEGRID.net

   Ed Connor - wolfcon5 at yahoo.com

   Suzy (Connor) Chalhoub - chalhoub at thepmagroup.com

* * Nadine Conrardy - liljoe3auctions at yahoo.com

* * Bill Coradine - Wcoradine at cfl.rr.com

* * Chris Creekmore - ownland at acninc.net
        - Attended Heidelberg middle school from '76-'80

   Kay (Creighton) Weinberger - kayweinberger at cox.net
- I am an attorney, married to Brian Weinberger.  We have five children:
Michael, Elizabeth, Elena, Lauren and Daniel.  Saw Chelle Cadenhead,
Cindy Fernandez, Buffy Forrest and others in the early to mid 90's , but
have fallen out of touch. 

   Brice Crossley - BriceCrossley at excite.com

   Kimberley (Curry) Chandler - currychandler.km at pg.com

* * Kristi Dassonville - kncsc at cox.net

   Tom Date - tomdate at cox.net - Updated 11.06.09

   Beth Daubel - bdaubel at yahoo.com - Added 4.01.09
- Working as an advertising art director in St. Louis.

   Steve DeBerardino - Steve.DeBerardino at Oldcastleapg.com
- I reside in the Atlanta area with my wife (Denise) and two children
(Anna, age 14; Ryan, age 11).

   Trecia "Trish" DeMont - demont_t1 at yahoo.com

   Richard Denburg - rd2127 at gmx.de - updated 11.06.09

* * Mary (Dennis) Barrett - BarrettM at Chaska.k12.mn.us
        - graduated from Burnsville Sr. High; High School English teacher

   Jim Dethlefsen - jim at netready.com

* * Jennifer (DeWire) Michaels - Michaels at mail.lrc.edu

   John Dodge - Big John died on February 12, 2006.  Click on his name to view the memorial page.

* * Rita (Duncan) Mizell - rita_mizell at hotmail.com - updated 11.16.06

* * Marcella (Edwards) Burden - tmburden at t-online.de

   Claudia (Egersdorfer) Espenscheid - CEspenschei at pclient.ML.com

   Lisa Eggers - LEggers138 at aol.com

   Bridget Gasper - bridgetgasper at yahoo.com - added 9.06.09

* * Frank Gavin - comedicactor at yahoo.com - added 7.11.09
- Comedian and actor living in Los Angeles, CA and performing as "Gavin Wells."
Personal websites: www.myspace.com/procre8or and www.gavinwells.com.
Attended HHS from 79-81, then graduated from Oakland Mills HS in Columbia, MD
in 83. Currently divorced w/ one fabulous daughter.

* * William "Gonzo" Ellison - bill.ellison at us.army.mil  - added 1.25.09
- I went to HHS in 1980, 1981 and would have been in the 1983 graduating class
if we would not have moved.  I am currently a Major in the Active Reserves, and
for my civilian job I am a Quality Assurance Director.

Note: I have been mobilized for Active Duty for a one year tour in Iraq.

* * Suzy (Fayard) Pittman - Pittmansinnyc at yahoo.com

   Cindy Fernandez - c21fernandez at yahoo.com - updated 12.3.08

   Michael Farmer - farmerm at hotmail.com

* * Barry Finch - barry at bearwayne.com

* * Suzanne Findlater - locoserafina at hotmail.com
- I reside part time in Tucscon, Arizona and part time in Hope Mills, NC.

   Lisa (Fluke) Jennings - lmjenn65 at yahoo.com - updated 5.27.11

   Mary "Beth" (Fonken) Nettles - nettles-mary at msha.gov

   Mark Gaworski - gaworski5 at yahoo.com
        - Mark is an Army officer.  He has three sons.

   Donna Goldman - donna.goldman at pgcps.org

* * Richard K. Goodall - richard.goodall at yahoo.com
- Attended HHS 1981-82, but graduated from K-Town (I preferred Heidelberg!)

   Valeria Gordon - vgroove at hotmail.com

   Mary (Granger) Foster - mfoster9 at cox.net
        - Mary is married to Brian.  They have a daughter, Elizabeth, and a son,
        Brian Matthew. Click on Mary's name (above) to see a recent picture of her
and her family.

   Lori (Gribble) Thorson - Lormark at rglobal.net

   Annette (Hall) Winrod - AGizmo4u2 at aol.com

* * Laura (Harnly) Gross - laurag at afassoc.com

* * Betsy Harrison - betsy.a.harrison at aexp.com

* * Marnie (Hays) Kosters - marnie.kosters at erac.com
- I live in Highlands Ranch, CO.  I am married to Kevin Kosters and have one
daughter, Elizabeth.

   John Herge - jaherge at comcast.net

* * Beth (Herre) Jarvis - pbjarvis at earthlink.net
        - Beth is married to Paul.

   Sybil Hill - hill02 at ameritech.net
        - Sybil's web site: http://www.sybilnow.com/

   Mike Holsonback - anthonyholsonback at hotmail.com - updated 05.05.06

* * Darren Horio - dkhorio at aol.com
        - I went our sophomore year to Heidelberg, and then we were
        transferred to Frankfurt, where I graduated. Darren is a police officer.

* * David Hottel  - home address is available

   Tammy (Hux) Hux-Boykin - klbr1 at yahoo.com

* * Charles Jackson - cjackson at intelidata.com
        - Charles is married to Anna Michelle

* * Andrea (Jazey) Williams - Dreawilliams at kos.net or
sheWilliamsA at cadillacfairview.com

* * Eric Jensen - ejensen4 at yahoo.com

   Martyn Jones - jmarty1123 at msn.com

   Reggy Jones - reggy.jones at northropgrumman.com

   Robert Jones - zakspdmkii at aol.com

   John Karp - jkarp at winnie.fit.edu

   Diane (Keck) Hayes - hayesdi at michigan.gov
- I currently live in Michigan and have one son, Anthony (14). 

   Patricia “Trish” (Kelly) Dowd - patriciakellydowd at yahoo.com - added 2.09    

   Shawn (Kennedy) Urias - mjusku at swbell.net
        - Shawn's web site:  http://www.realhorsetrailers.com/

* * Juliet King - eking12596 at aol.com

* * Katherine (Knowles) Bush - katherine_bush at earthlink.net

   Claudia (Kube) Albino - claudiaalbino at bellsouth.net - updated 05.24.06
        - Claudia is married to Ken and has two children, Blake and Jovanna. 
She lives in Florida.

   SueAnne (Kurtz) Harrel - sharrel at pepcoenergy.com - updated 03.02.07

   Michael Lasichak - michael.lasichak at ifpsonline.com

   Scott Lawley - grandie at nwa.quik.com

* * Kathryn Leathers -  KathrynLeathers at aol.com

   Deborah Leighton - Deborah.Leighton at opussouth.com

* * Stephen Levorse - stephenandangi at googlemail.com  - updated 12.31.08
- Attended Heidelberg schools from 1976-1979.  I have been married for
14 years and have two kids Ashley (10) and Dylan (2).

* * Richard Lively - mersault666 at earthlink.net

   Patricia (Long) Shepherd - mpshepherd at aol.com

* * Lisa (Loryea) Foss - dfoss at gci.net

* * Martha (Lozano) Balthaser - martie at dejazzd.com - updated 10.25.07
        - Martha is a Spanish teacher.

* * Debbie (Luetters) Salgado - djsdolfinz at yahoo.com - updated 2.25.08
- Like you, I was so sad to hear about the base in Heidelberg closing. I have
many fond memories of my high school years there, and would love to
reconnect with anyone who might remember me from 1981-1982. (I spent my
senior year, 1983, back in the states.) I was in concert band, the church youth
group, and rode the school bus to Emmertsgrund, where my family lived. Some
of the people I remember most are Bert Yount, R.J. Soluhub, Patti and
James Long, Robert and Yvonne Clark, Zane Chenault, Dwayne Griner,
Crystal Pike, along with many others, especially from band. Wishing you all
well, and feel free to drop me a line!

* * Floyd Luper - fluper at starband.net

   Lisa (Lydon) Leek - leekster at swpc.ne

* * Derek Mahan - mahandlm at yahoo.com
- Went to Heidelberg High from 80-82. In Germany freshman through junior
years, then graduated from Concrd H.S. in 83. I remember Jim Cunningham,
Mike Holsonback, Eric Zadina and David Braswell to name a few.

* * David Mariano - david.mariano at madisonal.gov - updated 8.11.08
- HAHS 1980-1982; graduated K-town 1983

  Katherine (Mathewson) DeLonge - kyeeehaaw at comcast.net - updated 2.25.09
- I attended HHS from 79-83. I was in Marching Band, Stage Band, and ROTC.
I live in Denton, MD (on the Eastern Shore), with my husband Steve and our two
boys, Ryan and Nolan.

I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. 

   Patrick Maxon - maxon65 at cox.net
- I live in Southern California with my wife of 12 years, Allison, and sons
Forrest, Reece, and Trajan. I'm an Archaeologist.

   Stacey (May) Such - such8 at bellsouth.net     
        - Stacey lives in Tennessee with her husband, Adam and their children:
        Ashley, Emily, Adam III, Ryan, and Aimee.

* * Erin McComas - eld0929 at yahoo.com - added 6.13.09

   Michael McGuire - mmcguire at thorntonsinc.com

* * Ken Meissner - KMeissner at aol.com

   David Miller - david.miller at ky.gov - updated 01.04.07
- I am working as a consultant for Keane, Inc. assigned to the
Commonwealth Office of Technology.

   Leslie (Molnar) Connolly - l_connolly at sympatico.ca - updated 8.12.08

   Edward Money - emoney1 at tampabay.rr.com

* * Joseph Moreira - joe_moreira at hotmail.com

   Kimberly (Morgan) Spino - spinok at bellsouth.net - updated 04.06.07
- Kimberly Morgan-Class of 82, but because my parents also had to return
to the States.  I graduated a year early and not with my original graduating
class of 83.  So for 9, 10, and 11th, I was actually in class with 83 students.

   Vickie (Moskal) Cramer - acramer at yourinter.net

   Kelley Moss - ktmoss1 at yahoo.com - added 7.25.09

* * Kelli Murphy - u1014489 at warwick.net

* * Todd Myers - tmyers at tbuzz.com
- Lives in Alexandria, Virginia

* * Barbara (Neel) Lustig - Lustig97 at earthlink.net

   Jeanine "Gigi" (Niemeyer) Stein - Steinfamily at insightbb.com
      - Married 15 years to Steve; 3 sons, Josh-15, Jack-13, and Elijah-5. We now
live in Peoria, IL. Have kept in touch w/Patrick Poe all these years.  I am
currently homemaker aspiring to be a nurse in Hospice care. I am also
writing a book about my life.

   Marnie (Nunn) McAtee - mmcatee at adelphia.net
- I ran as fast as I could from Heidelberg once I graduated to reunite with
my hometown (Port Clinton OH) sweetheart. We have been married for 23
years....yes, have a 23 and 17 year old. Both boys. After various career
moves, we have invested in residential rental property and own a boat
transporting company relocating about 2 miles to Marblehead OH.

I have often wanted to return to Germany, knowing what I know now.....as
a mature woman. Some day I suppose.

   Kevin O'Haver - OHAVERK2 at aol.com

* * Kirsten Olson - razorback at wn.com.au
- I attended only my Freshman year at HAHS. I am working as a
teacher in Australia at the moment. I graduated from James I
O'Neill HS in Highland Falls, NY.

   Steve Ontiveros - steven_ontiveros at hotmail.com

   Blythe (Paddon) Reimer - reimer92 at telus.net

   Tina Paris - Angelbeans276 at cs.com

* * Wynn (Parrish) Klosky - Otterspur at aol.com

   Monica (Pattman) Golden - Monica died on 1/29/2006.  Click on her name for more info.  If you'd like to contact her brother, Gary Pattman, to ask any questions, etc.; he'd like you to contact him at: garypattman at djj.state.ga.us

* * Andy Perkins - now Andy Bopp - andy3 at lytlesigns.com

* * Denise Perkins - visionseeker2005 at hotmail.com

   Mike Pfeiffer - mikepfeiff at aol.com

   Michael Poe - poem at carlisleschools.org

   Erik Porter - porterec at comcast.net - updated 05.28.07

* * Didier 'Dee" Powell - dkpowell1 at yahoo.com 
- Attended Heidelberg schools from 4th-8th grades.

* * Dawn (Prentice) Siggard - dawn_siggard at hotmail.com

   Jennifer Purtle - JGPurtle at aol.com

   Tracie Pyle - Beetlbug4u at aol.com

   Helmuth "Mutt" Radig - hradig at admin.sg.umuc.edu

   Henry Reisig - HReisig at hotmail.com  

   John Robinson - jr3201@me.com - added 3.17.09

   Kathy (Robinson) Henson - mhenson at nc.rr.com
- Married to Mike

* * Michael Robinson - Robinsonuf at aol.com
- Currently living in the Heidelberg area with family.

* * Bradley Roleke - rolekebrad at aol.com - added 2.09.09
- I attended HAHS for only my freshman year 79-80 and we transferred back to
NJ where we have been living ever since. I work as an electrical contractor am
married to Debra and have 11 year old twins.

   Mary (Ross) Shun - shunfamily at earthlink.net

   Joycelyn (Ruff) Kreiser - jmrk64 at comcast.net

* * Rodney Rundles - rodney_rundles at yahoo.com - added 5.30.11
- I am so sorry to here about the passing of Monica Pattman.  She was a
beautiful person.  I am blessed.  I am married, with 5 kids.  I am a police officer,
and in the Army Reserves. I have been deployed to Iraq.  I was so happy to find
the website.  I look forward to the next reunion.

   Beth (Rutz) Ligon - bligon at sbcglobal.net

   Monica (Saenz) Ramirez - Monica.Ramirez at Trinity.edu
        - I got married in Sept. '04. My husband's name is Frank and we have a
son named Matthew who is 6 years old.

   Daphne (Sanchez) Leiphardt - boo1boo1us at yahoo.com

* * Kimberly Schiffgens - kss65 at yahoo.com

   Kirk Schmidt - SchmidtKIRK at aol.com - added 1.19.09

   Lisa (Schwerdtfeger) Norris - RLMNO at aol.com

   Shanna (Shaw) Melanson - meow2 at primenet.com

* * Paul Shestople - Shestopl at pacbell.net

   Debbie (Smith) Erickson - debnajd2 at yahoo.com
- I currently live in England and have two daughters.  The oldest just graduated
from Alconbury HS and will be heading to BYU at the end of the summer.

* * Judy Smith - pjsmith at knology.net
        - I went to school in Heidelberg from '76-'81.

   Denise (Sneddon) Stachel-Angeletti - Skyelynnsmom at aol.com

* * Stephen Snyder - csnyder6 at nc.rr.com
- Stephen lives in Wake Forest, NC and is married with 3 children.

   John Spaulding - ILLb214eva at mhcable.com - (his sister, Lynda's e-mail
address).  You can contact John through Lynda.

   Lynda (Spaulding) Aucompaugh - ILLb214eva at mhcable.com

* * Steve Steakley - steako at us.ibm.com

   Philippe "Phil" Steele - bulldawg_65 at yahoo.com
- I live in Indianapolis, Indiana with my wife, Nicole.

* * Tom Stone - dtexaskid at comcast.net - Updated 1.03.10

* * Kathleen (Strom) Burton - burtonks at comcast.net - updated 7.24.07

   Bethany (Stubbs) Clawson - Clawsonsix at aol.com

   Drew (Szendrey) Liston - dndliston at sprintmail.com

   Jerry Tarter - jtarter at microsoft.com

* * Mark Tatum - mark.tatum at oracle.com

   Regina (Terenzi) Gollischewski - g.gollischewski at comcast.net
- I live in Seattle Washington with my husband and two children Kevin (12)
and Jessica (10).

* * Nina (Thomason) Downs - ninatdowns at fuse.net - added 3.11.09
- I went to HMS from 1976-1979. I was devastated when my father decided to
retire and we moved back to the states after my 8th grade year! I wanted so much
to attend HHS.

I currently live in Cincinnati, Ohio with my husband and two sons and would LOVE
to reconnect with anyone from the Heidelberg days!

   Joseph Todd - toddj002 at hawaii.rr.com

  Stephen Todd - steptodd at msn.com
- Stephen is married to Kathy.  They live in Colorado with their daughter,

   Tracy (Topper) Baker - bakerbuilt at sbcglobal.net

   David Towne - towne96 at hotmail.com
- I live in Ohio with my wife Jill.  Two kids Megan and Brian.  I'm a Pilot for
Continental Airlines.

* * Vince Trevino - vinnitrev at aol.com

   Mark Urias - URIASM at aol.com

   Rima Vasaitis - geoduckgirl at yahoo.com

* * Tim Verge - garebear at rogers.com
- Tim can be reached at his brother, Gary's, e-mail address, which is posted

   Teresa "Tracy" Waller – died in January 1996.  Please click on her name
to view the memorial page.

* * Terrence Waller - wall4tamn at verizon.net - updated 06.12.07
- Living in Tampa Fl.  w / wife and two boys 13yr & 8 yrs.

   John Wallis - jwallis at ad.umuc.edu
- I now teach math, physics and astronomy for the University of Maryland
in Korea. Married and have 2 kids.

   Jeff  Watson - jwatson2 at nc.rr.com
- Jeff is an Army officer.

   Corinna (Werner) Greulich - CorinnaGreulich at gmx.de - Added 10.18.09
- I still live in Germany (Mühlhausen) with my husband and son. My brother was
Cory Werner he died this year (June 2009) age 44 in Texas.

   John Wilkerson - jtwilkerson at charter.net

* * Beth (Witkowski) Lindsley - jimbeth at uswest.net

    Paul Wood - snagglepuss at dslextreme.com
- I reside in Los Angeles, CA and work in the film industry as a animator.
I'm married to Lisa (Grimes) Wood for 12 years and we have a daughter
Isabella born 3/28/02.

   Shawn Woods - whereswoodsy at cox.net

   Steven Woods - Swoods8892 at yahoo.com
- Steven married Patricia Steele (class of '84)

* * Elizabeth (Wright) Coats - eecoats at aol.com

   Burton Yount - burton at bluenote.com

   Eric Zadina - Eric.Zadina at southcorp-usa.com

If you were a member of the Class of 1983 and would like to be added to this page, please e-mail me, Cindy.  You did not have to graduate from HAHS to be listed!

* * Denotes that the alumni attended HAHS, but graduated from another school.
email me
This page was last updated on: March 28, 2014
*Note:  E-mail addresses on this web page are displayed in this way to thwart spammers' harvesting software.  Instead of putting the @ sign, I have spelled out "at".  If you want to e-mail someone, replace "at" with @ and don't use any spaces.
Those listed below, were members of the class of '83.  I do not have any contact information for these fellow alumni.  Please e-mail me (Cindy) if you have any information.  Thank you!
Catherine Adams **
Lenifer Adams **
James Alexander
Teresa Anaya **
Carol Anderson **
Darrell Anthony
Ann Archibald
Grace Balaoing **
Gilbert Ball **
Brian Barker
Michele Barnes **
Linda Barton **
Carolyn Bates **
Jeanie Beach **
Nicholas Belanger **
Tom Bennett **
Paul Bitiz **
Tony Booker **
Barbie Booth **
Mike Brown
Tony Brown **
Erik Brush **
Todd Butler **
Deanna Byers **
Corrie Caillavet **
Rachel Capper
Jenny Carlin **
Jessica Carpenter
Steve Carpenter **
William Castle **
Nathan Childs **
Christine Christensen**
Tom Church **
Yvonne Clark
Andrea Colbert
Everett Collins **
Francis "Mike" Collins
Tina Conard
Ken Conners **
Winnie Conrardy **
Christopher Contreras**
James Craig
Robert Cruse **
Michael Cunningham **
Kevin Curry **
John Cutting **
Kevin Dallison **
Kelly Davis
Douglas Day **
Barry Dean **
Debbie Dees **
Maria Diaz
John Dillenbeck **
Eric Dommer **
John Donnelly *
Phillip Duckworth
Claudia Dumont **
Mary Dunnavant **
Steven Echard **
Denise Edens **
Julie Edgar **
Cheryl Eisele
John Elam
Jason Elliott **
Danny Ellis **
Daniel Evans **
Steve Evans **
Scott Fabian **
Karen Fanning **
Mark Farley **
Jeffrey Ferguson
Reed Ferguson **
Tony Ferreira **
Susan Foldvari **
Leslie Ford
Porter Forrest
Jeffery Fowler **
David Fox **
Andreas Frank**
Patrick Frank **
John Fukuda **
Frank Gallardo **
Ottma Garcia **
Bridget Gasper
Richard Gehring **
Lisa Gervais **
Nadine Gholston **
David Gilmore **
Clenny Goode **
Gene Gore **

Chrissy Gowen **
Shay Gray
Cleo Green **
Donna Hager **
George Hall **
Rhonda Hall **
Thomas Hall **
Chris Hammel **
Terijene Hansen **
Mark Harpole
Robert Harris **
Kelly Harrison **
William Harrison
Nancy Hartung **
Kathy Hauck **
Richard Hauer
William Hemmer **
Regina Herrera **
Shawn Hicks **
Danielle Hinson **
Ruth Hobaugh
Carey Hogen **
George Hylton **
Marita Ingram **
Mark Jackson **
Allen Jager
Ernest Jennings
Tiffany Joe **
Theresa Johnson **
Tracy Johnson **
Joellen Jones **
Lorraine Jones **
Raymond Jones
James Jorgensen **
Erika Kelley
Shawn Kerrigan **
Holly Kline
Michael "Miguel" Knapp
Gerald Koch **
Susan Korth
Thea Kreinek **
Christopher Kroger
Daniele Lafoy **
Paula Larson **
Traci Lashbrook **
James Lawrie **
Steve Leatherwood
Pam Lee **
Gary Legg **
Randy Legg **
Louis Liberatore **
Cindy Linville
Milt Loffert **
David Lundy **
Diana Lust **
Mary Maguire **
Shawn Marshall
Jeff Marston **
Yvette Martin **
James Mattson **
Richard Mayo **
Sherry Mays **
Shelly McGregor
Scott McGuire **
Hilda Merchant **
Carol Messing
Kim Miller **
Kris Miller **
William Miller **
Nilma Minott
Jeffrey Moore **
Jeff Mora **
Telia Moseley **
Stephen Murrillo **
Sabine Myers
Scott Myles **
Lorelynn Nakano **
Brigitte Nawrath **
Peter Nelson
Ronald Newman **
Michelle Nix
Malyn Norling **
Scott Nowatzki **
Gwyneth O'Connor
Lisa Odom
Linda Olson
David Osgood
Stephanie Oxford **
Sandra Paguia
Hollis Painting **
Cyndi Parra

Rhonda "Red" Payne **
Derrick Peters **
Cheryl Petty **
Teresa Pickell **
Tony Pinto
Tammie Pittman **
Patrick Poe
Elaine Polk
Vanessa Powell **
William Powell **
Sandra Presley **
Carmen Quinones
Christine Quintarelli **
Mike Raite **
Tammy Ramsey **
Joseph Regan
Michael Reynon **
Alan Richards **
Troy Richards **
Bradley Richardson
Charles Richt **
Tom Risley **
Steve Rivers
Chip Rives **
Douglas Roberts **
Kim Rose **
Anthony Rubiolo **
Kathleen Salko **
Carl Sams **
Doris Scarlborough **
Sandra Schmid
Serena Searbrough **
Wendy Seeley **
Nancy Seifert **
Lisa Seiler **
Paul Seline
Robert Seltzer **
Bunny Shannon **
Cynthia Shannon **
Michelle Shaver
David Shugart
Ronald Shun
Frank Smith **
Tami Smith **
Mark Sobieski
Robert Sollohub **
Mark Southern **
Linda Southland **
Rudi Southland **
Kenneth Spera **
Somjai Springstead
John Stallard
Johnnie "Lois" Stevenson
Mark Stevenson **
Donna Tarbell
James Taylor **
Thomas Terrio
Julie Therriault **
Ricky Thomas **
Tammy Tillis **
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