Rhett Bakke - rhett1016 at hotmail.com

* * Linda (Barnes) Swan - ls9498 at hotmail.com - Added 9.07.12
- I was there for sophomore year and had I stayed I would have graduated 1984.

   Brett Bonnell - bonnelb at bgsu.edu

   Jeffrey Bratcher - Jeff.Bratcher at verizon.net - updated 5.13.08

   John Paul Brewer - bigin65 at hotmail.com

   Andrea Canelos - andycanelos at yahoo.com - Updated 1.02.08

   Andre Castillo - David Mariano is the point of contact person for Andre.
You can e-mail David at: mariano at knology.net

   Robin (Caudill) Garcia - odette at bbtel.com
- web site: http://www.angelfire.com/ky/odette
- Robin's business site:  http://www.graphicsbygarcia.com/

   Shawna Colbert - rsckkw at sbcglobal.net - 1.23.10

   Rich Collins - rcollins at sover.net

   Morene Courtney - morene.courtney at dfas.mil

   Cathren (Crawford) Wolfenbarger - CWOLFE1033 at cs.com

   Eileen Creighton - eileen_creighton at earthlink.net

   Michelle Curtis - curtism at hq.5sigcmd.army.mil

* * Jean DeVitto - Quiktan at aol.com

   Jeremy Dick - jeremy.m.dick at accenture.com

* * Kevin Dowden - ObiWan1203 at aol.com
- Left HD before senior year was finished

* * Kevin Dunlap - terpgrad91 at yahoo.com
- web site: http://angelfire.com/md/twotwerps/

* * Anthony "Tony" Eaton - aweat at yahoo.com

   Janet (Echard) Ginn - jginn1 at hotmail.com

* * Marcus Farley - rooster197 at yahoo.com
- I went to Heidelberg High from 1980-1983.  I was on the newspaper as
well, working on the sports section.

* * Julia (Figueroa) Gette - jfiggy at sbcglobal.net - added 9.24.09
- attended Heidelberg school from 1975 throughh 1981   Graduated from Buena High
School, Sierra Vista Arizona 1984.

   Carrie Finch - naturegirl_17 at hotmail.com
- Carrie in the Navy, living in Oak Harbor, WA (near Seattle).

   Bill Fisher - bill_fisher93 at yahoo.com

   Terry Foster - terry-dawn at home.com

   Patty (Frank) DeDecker - dedeckerp at aol.com

* * Gary Garcia - gtgarcia at grandecom.net - added 7.11.09
- I attended HHS from 1980 - 82. I moved right before the end of my sophomore
year back to Austin Texas.

   Michael J. Gardner - MJ-Gardner at home.com

   Robert George - chytabear8 at aol.com

* * Susan "Suzy" (Gibson) Hupp - Jsmshupp at aol.com
- Attended 1977-81

   Joe Gleichenhaus - Joseph.Gleichenhaus at stewart.army.mil

   Tara (Gmach) Korona - RKorona1 at aol.com

   John "JP" Gritz - japgritz at yahoo.com

  Lanny Hall - kjkitch at aol.com

   Steve Harman - sharman at tennessean.com

   Molly (Harmon) Clower - molly.clower at comcast.net - Updated 10.11.10

* * Cathy (Hill) Pearson - design at daystarwd.com
- web site: http://www.DaystarWD.com

   Patrick Hochstein - patrick.hochstein at navy.mil

   ShaNita (Hogan) Nolan - shanita.nolan at verizon.net - updated 8.30.07

    Jeanette (Hoven) Janiszewski - PeytonsPlayhouse at aol.com
- Jeanette married her high school sweetheart (and fellow Lion), Les Janiszewski
on Sept. 5, 1992.  They have two great children, a girl, Peyton, and a boy, Keaton.

   Patrick “Huggie Bear” Huggins - chefpatrickh at msn.com

  Konrad Ikei - konrad at hula.net

  Les Janiszewski - PeytonsPlayhouse at aol.com
- Les met Jeanette Hoven his senior year at HAHS.  They married on Sept. 5, 1992.
They have two great children, a girl, Peyton, and a boy, Keaton.

   Rich Johns - rkmpjohns at sbcglobal.net

    Sharon Keck - keck.sharon at yahoo.com - updated 2.01.10
- Went to Heidelberg High from 1980-1984. Currently residing in Battle Creek,
Michigan (home of Kellogg's Headquarters) I have (2) children - Rachael (20)
and Nick (14). I have been running a Texas Hold'em Poker Room for the last
(3) years as a Poker Room Floor Manager.

   Marc Labovich - mtlabovich at hotmail.com

  Tad Lawson - edward.lawson at us.army.mil

* * Kathy Lazarine - kathylazarine at gmail.com - updated 9.03.08

   Mark Losco - marko at myc-o.net
- I attended HHS my Freshman and sophmore year; attended Valley Forge
Military Academy my Junior year; returned to HHS and graduated 6 months
early in my senior year on December 13th 1983.

  Mike MacLellan - macinmarietta at bellsouth.net - updated 02.13.08

  Teresa (Magee) Fulk - k9medic at globaleyes.net

   Frank Marcus - Frank.Marcus at ejgallo.com

* * Mindy (Marder) Shanes - mshanes at san.rr.com
- Attended HAHS, but left in 1981

   Deborah (Martinez) Walker - walkert3@q.com - updated 2.25.08
-  I moved back to my home state, Utah (Salt Lake), 6 years ago. I have a
husband Troy and 2 daughters Brooklyn, 3, and Mia, 1.  I'm having the time of
my life being a stay at home mom and running a medical billing business
from home.

   Marc Maryland - mmaryland at earthlink.net

   Erin (Mathews) Schmidt - erin.schmidt at eds.com

* * Julie (Mattson) Hiller - Tweetymbl at aol.com
- Attended Heidelberg from 79-81

   Jennifer (McCarthy) Wertzler- jennifer.wertzler at yahoo.com - updated 3.30.09
-  Jennifer's web site:  www.liasophia.com/jenniferwertzler

   Lisa (McCassey) Duke - lisa at digiduke.com

* * Cindy (McCormick) Suiter - cindym218 at msn.com

   Dawn (Menegos) Randolph - CDRandolph at aol.com

   Tamara "Tami" (Myers) Rogers - TRogers at tbuzz.com

   Laura Nix - SassynixGirl at compuserve.com

   Johnny Overcast - yasyan at comcast.net
- I am married to Yasmina and we have a 2 year old boy, Rayan, and are
expecting our second child, a girl, this May (2006).  I still hang with Pat
Cabulong often.

   Stephanie (Paine) Jenkins - rsjenk7 at aol.com - updated 5.02.09

  Connie (Peterson) Uthoff - cuinia at aol.com

* * George Platt - georgeplatt32 at charter.net

* * Melissa Ponder - melponder at yahoo.com - updated 11.05.07
- I went to HHS 80-82 before moving to Lacey, WA.  I now live in
Des Moines, WA

   Emily (Porter) Joern - epjoern at mn.rr.com

* * Doug Preszler - doug_preszler at earthlink.net - updated 5.02.09
- I was a student at HHS 1980-1982. I graduated from Davenport Central in
Iowa in 1984.

   Les Reid - garfhog1 at msn.com

   John Rutledge - jrutledge at arilion.com

* * Bill Schmidt - Vtgrad88 at aol.com

  Donald Shelton - DShe200102 at aol.com

   Greg Shugart - GregDWG at aol.com

   Karen "KayKay" Smith - lilmizattitude at yahoo.com
- Listed as Nina in the 82-83 yearbook

* * Michael Smith - mcsmith458 at chartertn.net
- I attended Heidelberg High from '81 - '83.

  Timothy Sporcic - tim at sporcic.org

   Patricia "Sissy" (Steele) Woods - Patricia46229 at yahoo.com
- Patricia married Steven Woods (class of 1983)

    Patricia "Patty" (Sudberry) Duncan - Pat_duncan at shepherd.org

   Stephanie (Teele) Ross - sross at erols.com

   Andy Toothman - greyshayd at yahoo.com - added 9.06.09

   Ann (Van Allen) Russell - a.van_allen-russell at virgin.net

   Yvette (Verrier) Kinney - fantsmc at yahoo.com

   Hans Vollrath - Hans.A.Vollrath at disney.com

   Joey Walker - jwalker84 at yahoo.com

    Christi (Whallon) Mohler - christi.mohler at hill.af.mil

   Michael White - whitefamily430 at comcast.net - added 3.11.09
lovin’ life in Atlanta, GA with a wife & two kids (girl 6 & boy 1).  Man, was I lucky
to have experienced one of the most awesome high school experiences imaginable!

  Jay Whittaker - jaywhittaker at hotmail.com

   Lori (Williams) Sudberry - hoheit at aol.com

* * Lisa (Wright) Henson - circlebarh at bellsouth.net - updated 5.14.09
- Attended Heidelberg High from 1981 - 1983

If you were a member of the Class of 1984 and would like to be added to this page, please e-mail me, Cindy.  You did not have to graduate from HAHS to be listed!

* * Denotes that the alumni attended HAHS, but graduated from another school.
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