Quenby (Bakke) Gartner - thegartners at earthlink.net
- I attended HMS for 7th and 8th grades then HHS from 1982-1985. I am an
actress living outside of Dallas with my husband Mike and two kids. Would love
to be in touch with people I went to school with!

   Eric James Beasley - eric at beasleybros.com

* * Elizabeth Benson - Lizbenmd at aol.com

* * Lori (Bogard) Cobb - lori.cobb at comcast.net - updated 4.08.08

  Tina (Brisson) Christensen - Jas_min2 at yahoo.com

  Diane Brominksi - dianesavaglio at hotmail.com

  Kevin M. Brown - kbm3 at aol.com
- Currently residing in Los Angeles, CA.

* * Kris (Butterworth) Martin - Chubba1 at blackfoot.net - updated 7.24.07

   Calvin Cockrell - jetmec196714 at yahoo.com - added 2.01.10

  Stacey (Danielski) Andrade - ASTACEY8 at aol.com

  Laura (Dehaenen) Price - laura.price1 at us.army.mil
- I attended HHS starting in '81 and graduated in '85.  I just moved to
New Jersey from Heidelberg (yeah, I never left!) on 12 November 2004,
so I'm a newby to the U.S. at the Picatinny Arsenal area, which is
approximately 40 miles east of New York City.  Nearest town is Dover, NJ. 
I would love to be in contact with former schoolmates!  I'm in the process
of finding an apartment, a car, and all that jazz. I'm a management and
program analyst for the Army, but my interests are mainly cultural, i.e.,
music, travel, theater, museums, etc.

  Rudy Ehrenberg- rudy.h.ehrenberg at sprint.com - updated 05.24.06

  Cary Ervin - cervin67 at hotmail.com

  John Faast - faast2 at comcast.net

    Louise (Federico) Bicksler - lbicksler at bellsouth.net - updated 06.23.07

  Steven Fellenz - fellenz at us.ibm.com

* * Buffy (Forrest) Kolasheski - kolasheskij at earthlink.net - added 1.19.09
- I attended HHS from 1981 to 1983.  (9th and 10th grade)  I am married to a
Heidelberg Middle School alumni (John Kolasheski) and we have 3 children. 
My husband is in the military and we are currently stationed in Carlisle, PA but
only until this summer (09)

  Rhonda (Galaviz) Seidnitzer - rhondaseidnitzer at aol.com

  Robin Giuntini - robgiun at hotmail.com
- Attended '82-'85

* * Mary (Harman) Fleming - maryflemin at aol.com
- I attended HHS until 1984 when I moved back to the States.  I am currently
living in Virginia Beach, VA with my husband Todd and two daughters.  I would
love to hear from old friends from HHS.

  Robert Heimburg - airborne at comclin.ne

  William "Bill" Hendell - relentless3 at hotmail.com

  Sibyll (Hennie Merna) Jones - sibyll.jones at mernalaw.com

* * Scott Hickson - ogh99 at comcast.net - updated 10.03.07
- I attended HHS from 81-83 as a freshman and sophomore.

  Ryan Kish - rkish at aecsoft.com

* * Monika (Krause) Krause-Halligan - Momika1 at yahoo.com
- I attended Heidelberg High School from 1981-82 as a freshman.

  Anthony Leaphart - hcpdheat at bellsouth.net

  Elmo Leichenauer - elmo.leichenauer at us.army.mil

* * Lisa (Mattes) Salazar - rieago23 at hotmail.com
- I was in Heidelberg from Jan 1980-Dec 1982.

* * Kathy Maxon - katmax67 at hotmail.com - updated 5.01.08
- Living in Orange County, California.  Looking for information on Cari Leitner's

  Richard Lee McDowell - aircav at texoma.net

  Tim "Brad" McGarvey - timbradleymcgarveyjr at msn.com

* * Kimberly (McLeod) Aftanas - RAftanas at nyc.rr.com
-  I attended HHS from 1981-1984.  I moved home to Canada and graduated
there.  I currently reside in New York with my husband and two children.

  Art McQueen - mcqueena1 at yahoo.com
- I moved back to Heidelberg and work as a photojournalist/designer/webmaster
for the Army. Lots of travel, lots of work on the computer. Still have time to
spend with my wife and three kids. I am always able to answer an E-mail. Prost!

  Christine (Meyer) Bonaparte - cmmeyer at aol.com

  Dawn (Miles) Spradling - dawnrene3 at yahoo.com
     - I am currently living outside of Dallas. I have just graduated nursing school
May 2004 and work at Children's Medical center of Dallas as an Operating
Room nurse.

* * Lisa (Morgan) Bowling - lbowling86 at yahoo.com - added 3.30.09
- I attended Heidelberg high school my freshman year 81-82. I ended up
graduating in New Jersey.

* * Gunesh (Moser) Murphy - gkm642 at msn.com - updated 12.18.08

* * Tara Nauful - TNauful at SinklerBoyd.com
- Attended Heidelberg Middle School from 6th-8th grades.

  Joyce (Noe) Powell - Joyce_Powell at hotmail.com

  Julyn (Norling) Watkins - JulynWatkins at gmail.com - added 3.03.09

  Jaki Owens - JOwens4948 at aol.com

* * Gary Pattman - garypattman at hotmail.com - updated 8.30.09
- Lived in H-berg from 1974 and left in 1984 end of Sophomore year.
Currently reside in Savannah, Georgia

* * Jason Pyle - jason.obrien.pyle@us.army.mil - updated 2.23.11
- Attended 1981-1983.  Works for the gov't on Redstone Arsenal, AL. Married
with three children. Heading out to Afghanistan in a few months with my National
Guard unit. Would love to hear from some old friends.

  Pat Rimron - patrimron at fcds.org

  Edward “Ned” Robertson - ehrcali at aol.com

  Maria Robinson - maria.g.robinson at att.net

  Nick Sands - Nick_n_Ruth at msn.com

  Alex SanJuan - asjjsj at yahoo.com
- I attended Heidelberg from 1982 to 1985.

* * Missy (Shores) Locke - m_locke at bellsouth.net
- I lived in Heidelberg from 7th-9th grade-moving in 1982.

  Mike Sipos - mpsipos at sbcglobal.net

  Susan (Sirbaugh) Wasserman - jhw3000 at aol.com

* * Dawn (Taylor) Haley - Skycauff at aol.com
- I would like to hear from anyone I used to know in high school! Two
Daughters (Just had the oldest graduate!) I miss Heidelberg so much,
I'd move back tomorrow if the opportunity came around!

  Sue-Anne (Thompson) Fimrite - sueanne.fimrite at partnershipsbc.ca

  Michelle (Todd) Adams - madams at englewoodmortgage.com
- I have been married for 12 years. I have a 4 year old daughter and a 9 year
old son.

  Russell Towne - OurTowne at hotmail.com

* * Alison Valdez - avlonergan at bellsouth.net
- I left Heidelberg after my sophomore year in 1983.

  Chris Van Voorhis - Hurt - cvanhurt at charter.net

  Terry Van Wormer - van-wormer at comcast.net
- I have been in the Air Force for 15 years.  I'm an Aircraft Mechanic (Crew Chief)
at Andrews AFB Maryland, on Air Force Two (the Vice President plane) for the last
6 years.  Before that I was station at Fairchild AFB, Spokane Wash for 7 years.
And before that I was stationed in Hickam AFB Hawaii.

I live in Annapolis MD, with my wife Teri and our three dogs.

  Matt Venzke - mattvenzke at yahoo.com - updated 03.20.07
     - I attended all four years between '81 and '85 and graduated in 1985. 

* * Kenneth Waller- spontaneous1kc at hotmail.com
- Attended HJHS

* * Erica Watkins - EricaJLS at aol.com

  Dwayne Whetsel - Dwayne.Whetsel at redstone.army.mil
- I went to HAHS 82-85.  I am in Huntsville, Alabama working as a Logistics
Management Specialist for the all Aviation and Missile Systems for US Army
Aviation and Missile Command ...Trying to get back to Europe hope to hear
from some old classmates and ones that went to school with me during that
time  I occasionally see fellow friends like Bret Bonnell as they visit the
command.  Hope to hear from others.

* * Michelle (Whittaker) Haug - inkansas at charter.net
- Attended HAHS 1982-83

  Carolyn (Zavecz) Apperson - czapperson at comcast.net

If you were a member of the Class of 1985 and would like to be added to this page, please e-mail me, Cindy.  You did not have to graduate from HAHS to be listed!

* * Denotes that the alumni attended HAHS, but graduated from another school.
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