Edward Allred - edallred at aol.com

    Christine (Anderson) Merzazada - cmerzazada at ers.org

    Matthew Anderson - matthew.anderson at mac.com

    Patricia (Bearden) Jameson - pjameson at ed.umuc.edu 
       Click here to view recent pictures of Patricia and her family, plus a bio.

* * Cynthia "Cindy" Bradley - Cindra86 at gmail.com - added 3.14.09
    I attended HHS in 9th grade from 82-83, moved to Alexandria, VA where I 
    attended Groveton High in 10th grade and then moved to Dale City, VA where 
    I attended Gar-Field High in 11th and 12th grade and graduated in 1986.  

    Rhonda (Burnett) Burnett-Johnson - RHON069 at aol.com

    Marleece (Butts) Harrison - marleeceharrison at yahoo.com - updated 05.27.07

    Kimberly (Cadenhead) Egbert - rkegbert at frontiernet.net 

    Mike Caesar - jmichaelcaesar at earthlink.net

* * Lucia Cape - mudpup at knology.net
     Attended HHS '82-'84. I'm married (3 years) and expecting my first child in 
    July '05. Living in Huntsville AL. Recent photos at bottom of page: 

    "Jo" JoAshley (Carr) Plank - HBATTLE at prodigy.net 

    Trae Carter - traebritta at yahoo.com 
       - Married to Britta Kilpatrick '86

    Karen (Case) Lossner - robertkaren at web.de

    John M. Chase - chasej at mac.com - updated 02.02.07

    Craig Clouse - ctclouse at hotmail.com  

    Britt Crossley - sweettweaks at hotmail.com

    Sherry (Daane) Tate - State92804 at aol.com 

    Kimberly (Davis) Jordan - kimmjordan at hotmail.com
       - married to Kevin Jordan '86

    Natalie Delisle - natmicmarc at aol.com 

* * Leigh Ann (Dowden) Chester - chesterla at insightbb.com  
       - Attended 83-84. I currently live outside of Indianapolis.

    Jackie (Ehman) Zamora - rzamora9 at satx.rr.com 

    Morissa "Risa" Gleichenhaus - morissak at yahoo.com

    Ellen (Golembe) Rubin - jonrubin at pitt.edu 

    William Graham - aki2396319 at yahoo.com - added 2.05.09

    Vellma Hamm - vellmah at hotmail.com

    Stan Hatcher - stanh at cebridge.net
- I started in Heidelberg in 5th grade and am a graduate of the class of 86.   

    David Henn - davidhenn at mac.com

    Debbie Higham - deborah_higham7 at yahoo.com - updated 9.01.07

    Bonnie (Huckabay) Nortz - bonnienortz at gmail.com - updated 1.23.08    

    Tres Hurst - HHurst3333 at aol.com 

    Christopher Jarrett - chrisjarrett at earthlink.net 

    Kevin Jordan - jordankw at hotmail.com 
       - married to Kimberly Davis '86

    Britta (Kilpatrick) Carter - britta_carter at yahoo.com 
       - Married to Trae Carter '86

    Rosalind "Rosy" Lambert - restaurant.beim.zimmerer at t-online.de 
       - Rosy's web site:  http://beimzimmerer.tripod.com

* * Shawn Lewis - slewis at yourdailyjournal.com
    attended fifth, sixth and seventh grade in Heidelberg; lived in PHV; left 
    Heidelberg in 1981

    I'm the editor of the Richmond County Daily Journal in Rockingham, N.C. - 
    web site: http://www.yourdailyjournal.com/

    Matt Lisowski - lisowski at earthlink.net 

    Mary Lozano - familiacmv at verizon.net - updated 8.25.07

    Sonya (Magee) Jackson - smageejackson at satx.rr.com 

    Kathy Maxon - katmax67 at aol.com

    Carmen McCormick - carmenmc at verizon.net

    Susan (McKeen) Bruno - sbruno701 at bellsouth.net - updated 3.26.08    

* * Bill Mergner - bill.mergner at prospectscorp.com 
       - Attended '82-'85

    Simone (Mitchell) White - cookiehdbg at yahoo.com - Added 01.03.10
    I attended HHS from '84-'86 and lived on Emmertsgrund next to Boxberg. 

    Michael Morman - romeobleeding668 at aol.com

    Billy Neal - billydneal at yahoo.com

    Sharon Niesen - sharonaln67 at aol.com

* * Carol (Noe) Holley - carolnholley at hotmail.com 
       - Attended '81-'84

    Marcy Ockert - GMOckert at aol.com 

* * Michaela "Micky" (Ostrander) Hrabe - mickster24 at yahoo.com 

    Connie (Paskovics) Kadetz - EKUcon at aol.com

    Amy Peterson - amyindubai at hotmail.com 

* * Scott Phillips - iflybigjets at hotmail.com 
       - Attended '83

    Tanya (Poslik) Li - shacota at web.de - updated 7.25.09

    Rick Potratz - rpotratz at bellsouth.net - updated 5.28.07 

    Karen (Powers) Davis - kedavis_pa at yahoo.com

    Laura Price - Jlcj1M at aol.com

* * Ralph V. Quander, Sr. - QuanderR at aol.com
       - Attended '78-'83

    Brian Robertson - tarheels20022001 at yahoo.com
currently live in California

* * Scott Roth - TheRoths3 at comcast.net
    I attended 9th grade at HAHS in 1982-1983.  I am married with one daughter 
    and live in Northern Virginia.

    Phillip Rumley - phillip.rumley at us.army.mil - updated 01.21.07

    Shannon (Sanders) Even - Seven81241 at aol.com

* * Tim Sands - tim_sands at fishgame.state.ak.us

    Tiffiny (Scheigert) Hosterman - hostermans at suddenlink.net  updated 02.13.08

    Michael Alfredo Shelton - michael_alfredo at hotmail.com 

    Blake Sibley - blake.sibley at genmills.com

    Eleen (Siouris) Rigas - eleen.siouri at yahoo.gr - updated 7.11.09 

* * Margaret “Margie” Smith - Skittlesanyone at aol.com
    I attended HHS from 83 to 85, then moved to Ft. Jackson and 
    graduated in 86 from Spring Valley High.  I retired two years ago after selling 
    my business and have two children 16 and 10.  

    David Spradling - DavidKelso at cox.net

* * Mary Springstead - mlyn461 at ECY.WA.GOV

* * Allison Tyndall - allisonmartha68 at yahoo.com - added 1.25.09
    Attended HMS 80-82 and HHS 82-84. Graduated from R.E.Lee in Springfield, 
    VA 1986.

* * Cynthia (Tucker) Manuel - jncmanu at swbell.net
    I attended HHS from 1982-1985. I am married with 2 children. 

   Leslie (Turner) Fisher - lmf68 at hotmail.com

    Federico Valadez - Federico at carolina.rr.com

    Leeann (Vigue) Esser - camasessers at aol.com 

    Mike Walker - mikewalker at elmco.com

* * Sheila Walton - ssw at aprilaire.com - added 5.29.11
    I attended Heidelberg Middle School from 1980-1982 and Heidelberg High
    School from 1982-1984, graduating in 1986 in Radcliff, KY.  I currently reside 
    in Edgerton, WI. 

* * Paul Watson - paul_e_watson at yahoo.com- added 4.13.2015
    - I was in Heidelberg from 1980-84 attending the high school in 82 and 83. Moved 
    to Colorado for my junior year graduating in 1986 from Fountain - Fort Carson HS.

* * Carolyn West - westcryer at comcast.net - added 9.03.08
    I attended Heidelberg American High School from 1982-1985.  

    Wesley West - magister at imaginati.net 

* * Rhonda Whittaker - rjwesq823 at embarqmail.com - updated 2.25.08

    Elizabeth (Wilcox) Lecourt - lizlecourt at home.com

    Mike Zimmerman - zman12940502 at yahoo.com

If you were a member of the Class of 1986 and would like to 
be added to this page, please e-mail me, Cindy.  You did not have to graduate from HAHS to be listed!

* * Denotes that the alumni attended HAHS, but graduated from another school.

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