"> Class of 1988
    Alexandra (Ackerman) Jorgenson - broncos27 at email.msn.com

    Jesse (Agirnas) Delaforce - goforrags at yahoo.com

    John Aguirre - jandkaguirre at earthlink.net 

* * Cumbalena "Lena" (Allen) Rorie - lena_rorie at hotmail.com

    Jason Anderson - gtruno at gmail.com
        - I went to HHS from 84 to 88.

    Sonja (Anderson) Graham - sgraham1970 at cs.com

    Lisa "Leah" (Archer) Hadley - yellow_roses35 at hotmail.com

    Doug Asiello - Doug.Asiello at aiminvestments.com 

    Cheryl Ayers - cayers at lynchburg.net 

    Liz (Barney) Pultorak - ebarney at hotmail.com

    Melynnia (Baum) Plankenhorn -  POOKYP1008 at aol.com   

    Michael Beers - mbeers1ohbanc atyahoo.com

    Brian Bell - fubar0007x at yahoo.com 

    Krista Boston - kristaboston at yahoo.com

    Erinn Boule' - eboule at sympatico.ca

    D. Gavin Boyd - GavBoyd at earthlink.net

* * Gary Briggs - gary_briggs at sra.com

    Vincent Srdj Brown - srdj.brown at gmail.com

    Donna Byrd - byrdlynn at bellsouth.net 

    Erica (Card) Wetzel - jillilani at yahoo.com

    Kimberly (Carson) LaPorte - kimberlylaporte at hotmail.com

* * Mary Ann (Case) Collier - mnmcollier at yahoo.com

    Danielle Cawley - danielle_cawley at mindspring.com
    - Married to Jonathan Burtner class of 1989

* * Scott Childers - schilder1 at excite.com
- Attended HAHS 1984-1987

    Loni Correa - lkcorrea at hotmail.com

    John Costello - jackfrosty1 at yahoo.com

    Brent Davis - duff75 at yahoo.com

    Jennifer (Davis) Coppit - gjcoppit at coastalnow.net
Married to George Coppit class of 87

    Thomas Deeny - thomas at thesnakefarm.com

    Glenna (Dick) Hauser - gjh1096 at aol.com - added 6.27.08

    Phillip Douglas - PDoug837W at aol.com

* * Mike Draper - mydraper at columbus.rr.com
- I attended HHS from 1985-1987.  

    Kathi (Dull) Onderdonk - Katherine.Onderdonk at Blackbaud.com 
or k_onderdonk at yahoo.com - updated 6.23.07

    James Dunagan - dunaganjames at hotmail.com 

    Natasha (Dunnam) Harrison - mrsnharrison at yahoo.com - updated 7.24.08
- Married to Jonathan Harrison '88

    Betty Gaddis - mebe.gaddis at yahoo.com
- lived in Heidelberg from 1978 - 1988

    Sonja (Entrekin) Gaither - Sesegaither at cs.com

    Troy Figgins - troy_figgins at yahoo.com

    J. Janelle George - georgejj at slu.edu

    E. Kevin Gilmore - Edward_Gilmore at hcjpd.co.harris.tx.us

    Mark Goldman - morgoth7 at keeperofthedragons.net
- Mark's web site:  http://www.keeperofthedragons.net/
- Married to Heidi Schneider '87

    John Goss - gossman at rescueteam.com
John is married to Virginia Scheff ('88)

    Tami (Gould) Ross - ross_tami at yahoo.com

* * Dionne Green - dpgreen at hhlaw.com or pipigreen at yahoo.com
I attended Heidelberg High in 1984 - 1985.

    Rob Halpin - viper at unforgettable.com

    Thomas L. Hammons - nitenoize at hotmail.com

    Jonathan Harrison - Jonharrison2 at aol.com 
- Married to Natasha Dunnam '88

    Anne Marie Haskew - amhaskew at yahoo.com - Updated 7.29.09

    Julie (Hatfield) Bowers - tbsangel_31701 at yahoo.com 
I attended Heidelberg High from 1984-1988.

    Kevin Hennen - hennk12 at iwon.com
Attended 1983-1988

    Debi (Hoffmeyer) MacKersie - mackersies at cox.net 

    Wendy (Hollingshead) Stewart - wstewart at jvlnet.com

    Melaina Marie (Howard) Torsch - msmelaina70 at cs.com 

    Kurt Ingram - bilal.ing at hotmail.com 

    Shelly (Kelly) Cobb - BBOCEDAW at cs.com

    Clint Kirk - KJckirks at cs.com
Married to Julie Nelson; Class of '90

    Misty (Knapp) Pendergraft - misty.pend at hotmail.com - Updated 10.25.09

    Linda (Kurowski) Moseley - Moseley98 at hotmail.com

* * Matthew Kurtz - mekurtz at yahoo.com - added 8.11.08
Spent 5 years in Heidelberg, but left after freshman year.

    Kenneth Johnson - kloveva4243 at yahoo.com

    Claudia (Jones) Smith - claudia at supersvcs.com 

    Craig Kent - craig.kent at comcast.net

* * Christina (Lawny) Marte - GWTF at excite.com
Left Heidelberg in 1987

    Jamal Lawson - jamallawson at hotmail.com - added 1.25.09

    Kelvin Leaphart - mrleapyk at aol.com

    Cheryl Ledford - cheryl_ledford at hotmail.com

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    GK Leighton - gkleigh at techdata.com

* * Marti (McClelland) Greenly - mgreenly at swbell.net

    Peter McCullough - Peter at PeterMcCullough.com

* * John McDonald - mcdonaldjv at hotmail.com
- lived in Heidelberg from 1981-86

    Shannon McManners - smcmanners at earthlink.net
I attended HHS from '85-'88

    Rommel Mendoza - rmmlmendoza at yahoo.com

    Samantha (Metzger) Heck - skjupe at gmail.com - updated 9.04.08

    Jenni Lynne (Miedema) Young - NdnoxyJen at aol.com

    Audra (Miles) Outlaw - aoutlaw at austin.rr.com 

    Ken Monahan - Durby66 at aol.com

    Karen (Murphy) Weigel - Kar27 at aol.com 

    Joe Ockert - ajoncvt at bellsouth.net 

* * Mike Oliver - mroliver66 at yahoo.com
- I attended my sophomore and junior years there.

* * Chuck Paskovics - thx1999 at home.com

    Randy Padilla - rr_padilla at hotmail.com

    H.K. Park - hkpark100 at hotmail.com

    Sabrina (Perreault) Purdy - sabrina_purdy at msn.com
I attended HHS from 84-88, graduating in 88.  I actually was in 
Heidelberg from 6th grade on. 

* * Bret Peterson - BretOneTee at cs.com

    John Price - shouboushikai at yahoo.com 

    Mark A. Prost - map at spvg.com

    Phil Pyle - Philip_Pyle at spe.sony.com 

    Renee (Raether) Ginn - seelenfreunde at earthlink.net
Renee married Patrick Ginn, class of '87, on April 28, 03.

    Debbie (Reeve) Wood - debb88 at gmail.com 

    Patrick Reynolds - Patc2pilot at aol.com

    Rob Robbins - rob at robbinscapital.com

    Christal (Ryan) Klein - CKMidget at aol.com

    Mark Sawyers - msawyers70 at netzero.net 

    Michelle Scharff - Michelle.Scharff at NAU.EDU

    Virginia (Scheff) Goss - gossman at rescueteam.com
- Virginia is married to John Goss ('88)

    Nadine (Sipos) Swart - GNSwart at vtc.net

    Tami (Stark) Berringer - tamiaz at hotmail.com

    McKell (Steffensen) Jones - smratjones at yahoo.com

    Maria (Studebaker) Mayfield - liebka at hotmail.com

* * Michele (Thearle) Yousef - mo.yosef at gte.net 
- attended HHS from 84-86

    Scott Tillery - TillerySW at aol.com

* * Greg (Towne) Bell-Towne – fambelltowne@yahoo.com 

* * Theresia (Wigley) Pruitt - kennethwigley at bellsouth.net - added 9.24.09

    Amy (Williams) Kiser - akiser at verizon.net

    Scott Worthington - snipe300 at hotmail.com

    Julie (Young) Weidenbach - julieawtx at yahoo.com - Added 11.06.09

If you were a member of the Class of 1988 and would like to be added to this page, please e-mail me, Cindy.  You did not have to graduate from HAHS to be listed!

* * Denotes that the alumni attended HAHS, but graduated from another school.
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R.I.P. Ricky Gittens

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