* * Tammy (Archer) Leishear - tlleishear1 at verizon.net
- I attended HAHS from my freshman year to sophmore year.  I moved back
to the US the summer of my Junior year.  I truly miss Heidelberg.

   Aaron Armstrong - AAIrishmn at aol.com

* * Tricia (Bailey) Pérez - tricia_perez at hotmail.com
- Attended 1986-1989

   Shelly (Barnes) Hodges - shodges at nc.rr.com
- Married to Brian Hodges class of '87

   Jennifer Batts - jeni_batts at yahoo.com

* * Donna (Bell) Langlotz - donna.bell at wjhg.com
- I was at HHS from 1986-1989.  I'm now in Panama City Beach, Florida.

   Ingrid Brown - ideanna90 at yahoo.com

* * Rosslyn Byrd - rosslynbyrd at yahoo.com
- I was in Heidelberg from 1986-1988.

* * Mark Cantrell - markcan at gmail.com

   Chris Carlson - silverart at earthlink.net

* * Kevin Cary - kevin.cary at wku.edu
- I was in Heidelberg from 1985 to 1988 (the summer between our
sophomore and junior year).

   Adiel Colon - skydive069 at aol.com

   Vrenda Colon - vlcolon2 at aol.com - added 2.25.09

   Angela (Cruz) Johnson - shydcstyle at hotmail.com

  Melissa DeBolt - mld072 at aol.com

    Alicia (Den) Beste - adenbest at bellsouth.net

   Loretta Dilworth - lorettadilworth at tmail.com - added 8.25.09

   Maury Dunn - heidelberger90 at yahoo.com

   Kim (Frelinger) Bradley - kifr1971 at yahoo.com

* * Jason Friedman - signal36 at gmail.com
- I attended HHS from 1986-1988, when we were transferred back to the US.

   Grant Garlick - ggarlick at hscprime.hsc.usf.edu

   Stacey Gerlach - gerlach at epi.umn.edu

   Shawn Griffon - shawngriffon at yahoo.com

   Christopher Haley - Reesecobra93 at hotmail.com

  Michael "Mic" Helms - michelmsjr at gmail.com - updated 5.01.08

   Jennifer Hemingway - pyalo at hotmail.com

* * Shawna (Holton) Holton-Burm - zsamarie at cox.net
- I attended Heidelberg schools from 1977-1988.  I left after my sophomore
year of High School.

   Alison (Hough) Morrell - tamorrell97 at msn.com

   J. Lynn Johns - lynnjohns72 at hotmail.com

   Michael R. Johnson - mrj2di at hotmail.com

   Ray Kelly - rkelly at satx.rr.com

  Pat Lancaster - plancaster at ritmanassoc.com

* * Timothy Leaphart - tjltjltjl at aol.com
- I was in Heidelberg from 1980-1988.

   Patrick Lindsay - biology69 at comcast.net

   Kym (Littlefield) Whitaker - kwhitaker at mjpass.net
- Kym's web site: http://www.mywhitaker.com/index.html

   Heather (Loray) Bridges - Cadynquinn at aol.com

* * Zepher Lyons - zllyons at yahoo.com
- I attended Heidelberg from 1986 to 1989.

   Douglas Marks - Phrogmail at aol.com

* * Paula (Mason) Russell - pjjrussell at yahoo.com

   Kelly (McCoy) Phillips - bkphillips at nc.rr.com

   Heather (Michels) Leiendecker - gopmiss at aol.com

   Don Minor-Mathis - mathispd at home.com

   Rafael Morales - rmorale3 at elp.rr.com

* * Joanna (Naylor) Hardy - hardyliving at gmail.com - added 9.04.08
- I was in Heidelberg from 1985 to 1988.

   Micah Nelson - micah71 at msn.com - added 9.04.08
- I attended HMS from 1985-1987and HHS from 1987 thru graduation in 1990.
My wife is Bailey Nelson and we have to Children Lily and Logan. We live on the
Naval Air Base in Lemoore , CA.

* * Dean Norton - tdnorton at wi.rr.com
- I went to Heidelberg High from 1986-1988.

   Nicki (Pallas) Norris - norris_nicolepn at hotmail.com

   Tiffany (Perkal) Wynn - wynnone at netzero.net

* * Alyssa Peterson - amyindubai at hotmail.com (sister, Amy's, email)

   Neil Rahaman - nrahaman at hotmail.com

   Dana (Joy) Ratcliff - dixechk56 at msn.com

   Hilary Reyes - hilaryreyes at gmail.com - updated 3.26.08

  Melissa (Reyes) Reyes-Abbey - reyesabm at comcast.net - updated 8.26.07

   Emily (Roberts) Sumann - emily.sumann at stw.at - updated 9.04.08
- I live in Austria and have 2 children and my husband is Austrian.
I am a financial planner.  Let me know what you are up to!

   Rich Rollo - rollo at rlf.com

   Terrence Sagapolu - tnl3699 at comcast.net (Home) or
Terrence.M.Sagapolu at intel.com (Work)

   David Sale - soupy_sale at yahoo.com

   Brian Sas - bsas at commercialware.com or brian_sas at yahoo.com

   Katherine "Kari" Sharpe - katharine.m.sharpe at us.army.mil

   Kennedy Siaosi - kennedysiaosi at hotmail.com

   Michelle (Siegfried) Schorfheide - Ziggy1000 at Comcast.net updated 9.03.08

   Atlanta Snowden - adsnowden at hotmail.com

* * Alexis (Sowers) Stevenson -  alexismcglaun at hotmail.com - updated 8.11.08
- Attended 1985-1987.  Looking for Jennifer Smith, Laura Smith, and Atlana Snowden.

   Michael W. Sparks - sampleus at pacbell.net

   Jennifer Stark - super_bay_be at msn.com

   Trisha (Taylor) Handy - handyt at hebisd.edu

* * Nathan Topper - topnate at yahoo.com
- I lived at PHV from 1980 to 1985, (wow that seems so long ago) but
graduated in Ga. and still live there.

   Jacquelyne "Jacque" (Warren) Harrington - jacquelyneh at gmail.com - 9.03.08

   Lee Waters - work_clothes at hotmail.com

   Mark Weber - tusquitee at hotmail.com

   Edwin Wegleitner - tlweg at ctc.net 

   Robert "Bob" Wiest - bobwiest at comcast.net - added 9.03.08

* * Rachael (Wilcox) Wilcox-Pereira - rachaelwp at yahoo.com

   Darin Worthington - dworthy at rocketmail.com

If you were a member of the Class of 1990 and would like to be added to this page, please e-mail me, Cindy.  You did not have to graduate from HAHS to be listed!

* * Denotes that the alumni attended HAHS, but graduated from another school.
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