If you were a member of the Class of 1991 and would like to be added to this page, please e-mail me, Cindy (Blackburn) Hardy '83.  You did not have to graduate from HAHS to be listed!

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* * Matthew Aguilar - annatrowbridge at hotmail.com (sister's e-mail address)
- Attended Heidelberg Schools:  '85-'89 (7th-10th)

   Rex M. Alexander - alexandersky at yahoo.com

   Vanessa Allensworth - DeeApple at yahoo.com

* * Kevin Andreshak - kevin at andreshak.com - updated 05.05.06
      - I lived in Germany from 1979 until 1992. I was in Heidelberg for 10 years.
      Went to HHS for my Freshman year, then moved to Ansbach.

   Brandon Araiza - ponyboy7330 at yahoo.com

    Jason Bell - fitzbell at onlinehome.de

   Lori Beuerman - finorcal at juno.com

* * Chad Bowen - ra_khan at hotmail.com

   Mark Bowers - mbowers at schnucks.com

   Robert Edward "Ed" Brooks - rbrooks2222 at msn.com

* * Janiecka "Nikki" Brown - daneyn39 at yahoo.com

   Terry (Brown) Mooney - Mooneyjoe at aol.com

   Jamie Burgess - forbattery at aol.com

   Joshua Campbell - jccno4 at gmail.com - updated 7.24.07

   Samantha (Carlson) Lee - emailsamanthalee at aol.com

   Johnny Carson - johnnycarson00 at hotmail.com

   Caitlin (Cash) Eby - ebymomx4 at yahoo.com - updated 07.24.07

   Katina Chaney - Kdivorced72803 at aol.com

* * Danielle "Dani" Cleveland - danitykool at gmail.com

* * Brian Cooper - BRAINCOPPER at aol.com
     - I have been working as a pipe welder/pipe fitter for ten years.
      I move more as a pipe fitter than I did as an army brat but I love my
      job, I wouldn't change anything.

* * Sam Cooper - coop at foxinternet.net
-  Attended school in Heidelberg from '86-'88.

   Vanessa (Corigliano) Lohnert - vlohnert at hotmail.com

   Tracy Dandridge - tdpeanut at yahoo.com

* * Michael Davidson - supermancs at nventure.com - updated 01.26.06
Mike's AIM address is: seattlemarin6 and his yahoo instant messenger
address is: cindymike2
- I lived in Heidelberg from 1985-1990.

   Joshua Dick - senatorjsd at aol.com

   Max Elliott - max.elliott at gmail.com - updated 06.12.07
- Max's web site:  http://max.elliott.googlepages.com/

   Adriena (Ellis) Dunlap - dadriena at aol.com

* * Giovanni "Gio" Escobar - esco2g at ptd.net or esco2g at msn.com

* * Lindy Farrell - LindyF2 at excite.com
- I attend Heidelberg High School in 1988-1989.

   Christopher Fincke - Fincke at AAFES.com

   Christoper Foisy - cfoisy3160 at aol.com

  Mike Gambolati - mgambolati at hotmail.com

* * Stacy (Graham) Andersen - staybo at mindspring.com
- I attended Heidelberg Schools from '86 - '89 (8th - 10th). Moved
to the US at the end of my sophomore year.

   Jason Grimmett - eichbaum_hd at hotmail.com

   Margaret (Haenn) Vineyard - mmvine at earthlink.net

   Adrienne Hall - halladrienne at hotmail.com

   Jasen Hall - jasenmh at yahoo.com

   Katina Harrell - Katinaworm at aol.com

   David Harrison - StraMunLyt at aol.com

   Marianne Hatt - mryann at aol.com

   Donald Holloway - jerriness at yahoo.com

  Robert Holt - holtr at ogn.af.mil

  Amy Hutchinson - alhutchinson at yahoo.com

    Heidi (Kettler ) Hiett - hida3bjs at yahoo.com

  Stephanie (Kunkle) Malone - jsmalone at optonline.net

   Chris Livingston - leben at charter.net

  VeRonda (McIver) Haley - VCHaley at aol.com

* * Melanie (McRae) McRae-Light - melanielight at yahoo.com
- I attended HHS from 1986-1990.

   Brandy Mildfeldt - bpv104 at yahoo.com

* * Sean Mims - smims at att.com
- Attended H'berg schools from 1984-1988.

   Jon Mittenzway - jonnymitt at excite.com

    Michelle Murphy - michelevineyard at msn.com
- I lived in Heidelberg from 1985 until 1992.

    Erika (Oetjen-Gerdes) Vap - tevap at adelphia.net

   David Palmer - debugpaltal at yahoo.com

   Andrea (Pope) Gonzales - mgap1 at msn.com

  Laurie (Pratt) Figge - prattl01 at unisourcelink.com - updated 01.21.07

* * John Przybylski - scubajp at comcast.net
- I attended HHS in 1988-89 as a freshman, after having attended both HMS
and Mark Twain Elementary (lived in Heidelberg from 80-89). My father PCS’d
back to the states after my freshman year so I graduated from a stateside school.

   Eric Quick - ericq at clockspring.com

   Stephen Reny - stephenreny at hotmail.com

   Pamela "Pam" (Riley) Hichens - pamela at midnightgarden.com

   Elizabeth Robbins - Pewee9196 at hotmail.com

  Astrid Rylander - a_m_rylander at yahoo.com

   Shauna (Rysdyke) Walz - psleowalz at yahoo.com
- Shauna is married to Patrick Walz, class of '91

* * Krista (Scroggins) Young - corykrista at hotmail.com
- I attended Heidelberg High School for 9th and 10th grade.  I moved
to Ft. Hood and graduated from Killeen High School.

   Sherri (Smith) Ruhl - sherri_ruhl at hotmail.com

   Stephen Smith - stephensmith11 at home.com

   Carrie (Stephenson) Johnson - Intgirl at aol.com

* * Brandy Stube - Gersno1 at aol.com
- I attended school in Heidelberg '86-'89 but went back to the States
before I graduated.

   Suzanne Swearengen - Minamonster at Earthlink.net - updated 8.25.07

   John Taylor - John.Taylor at pac.dodea.edu
- I was Sr. Class president. I'm now a DoDDS teacher in Japan.

* * Stacey (Thomas) Suydam - Stasea at netscape.net
- I attended HHS from 87-90.

* * Chris Thorpe -  chris at heatherthorpe.com - updated 3.26.08
- I went to HHS from  87-90 and left back to the States the summer
before my senior year.

   Andrew Tompkins - AETompkins at aol.com

  Ethan Topping - ethan_e_topping at hotmail.com

   Doris (Walker) Patterson - PDoris417 at aol.com

* * Patrick Walz - patrick.walz at wur.amedd.army.mil 
- I left after my Junior year and graduated in Minnesota, but I was born
at 130th Hospital and attended HES, HMS and HHS.  My wife, Shauna
Rysdyke, attended and graduated from HHS.  I'm currently living in
Wuerzburg, so if any of our old buddies are in the area; feel free to look
us up. 

   Staci Weller - staciweller at prodigy.net

   David Young - gambittx at earthlink.net

   Ami Younger - travelyear2000 at yahoo.com

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* * Denotes that the alumni attended HAHS, but graduated from another school.

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Jason Christian Campbell, who graduated from HAHS in 1991, died in the line of duty on April 14, 2007.  Please go to the memorial page for more information; and his brother's (Joshua) site, which has a lot of pictures and info.  Joshua's site is: http://jccno4.spaces.live.com/