Edith Abedi - eaabedi at hotmail.com
   Deanna (Adams) Apple - deeapple at yahoo.com

* * Anna (Aguilar) Trowbridge - annatrowbridge at hotmail.com
- Attended Heidelberg schools: '85-'89 (6th-9th grade)

   Jennifer Andrada - jvandrada at hotmail.com

   Michael Bainer - msbainer at netscape.net

* * Katie (Banis) Berry - WBPrimaryPresident at comcast.net - added 8.11.08
- I attended HHS for my Sophomore and Junior years.

   Janine (Beckett) Allbritton - janine_allbritton at yahoo.com

* * Eva (Block) Purcell - evapurcell07 at hotmail.com

* * Alyssia (Blount) Flynn - alyf323 at yahoo.com - updated 9.04.08

   Alex Marco Brown - abrown5 at columbus.rr.com

   Rebecca Brunelle - brunelle at ohsu.edu

   Alysa (Buchanan) a.k.a. (Danzeisen) Bromberg - LadySaryn at yahoo.com
- Alysa was listed as Buchanan and Danzeisen in the yearbook

   Tereatha "Tee" (Buchanan) Davis - tereathad at hotmail.com

   Jackie Buck - jackie28buck at yahoo.co.uk - updated 10.12.06

   Regan Carver - regan_carver at hotmail.com - updated 01.10.07

   Lexi Cecil - SL21SL at aol.com - updated 08.07.07

   Doug Cheney - Doug.Cheney at iti-global.com

   April (Clary) Crump - herealot at mindspring.com

   Brent E. Cogswell - becogswell at hotmail.com

  Yvette (Colbeck) Vanderstelt - yvettesnest at hotmail.com

   Andrea Cooper - andrea.cooper at excite.com

   Mike Curtis - mcurtis1018 at gmail.com - updated 07.24.07

   Corey Davis - cdavis at tritonsvc.com

   Tamara Beth (Davis-Matteson) Lumpkin - bunnyz at mindfazr.com

   Taleen Dest - thuyhang at hotmail.com

    "Lidia" Teresa Dickinson - cocotree at compuserve.com

* * Daniel Evans - zpiggy1 at skwire.net

  Valerie (Evans) Holmes - skwire at inconnect.com

  Tony Eyzaguirre - tonye at amazon.com

  Barbara Fergusen - barbferguson at excite.com

  Todd Ficken - toddf at nethost.multnomah.lib.or.us

    Elizabeth Fuller - ruby7191 at cs.com

   Michael Galloway - michaelanthonygalloway at yahoo.com
- Now living and working in Denver, CO.

   Michelle Hedick - mhedick at auburnschools.org

   Amy (Henson) Hill - pokemypig at bellsouth.net 

* * Brooke (Herzberg) Cline - brookec1227 at hotmail.com

   Kristin (Hickethier) Lamb - skichic02 at hotmail.com

   Seth Hill - Paisleyhill at comcast.net

   Alyson (Hornbaker) Jones - DJones4856 at aol.com

* * Tracy (Hollingshead) Crane - idoctor4jc at frontiernet.net
- I attended Heidelberg High School from 1988-90.

   Brian Huddleston - brian_huddleston at sea.landor.com

   Shelbi (Huff) Lewis - Shufflewis at aol.com

   Aghesha Johnson - agheshawilliams at hotmail.com

   Monika Keith - mck_973 at yahoo.com

   Kristie (Klass) Beier - kristie.beier at adtran.com

   Denise Landon - Landon_94_2000 at yahoo.com - sister, Amy's, email

   Joy Nicolette Lapsley - jlapsley at gmu.edu

* * Rodrick Lawson - rlawson3 at cfl.rr.com
- I attended HAHS from 88-90.

   Regan Leighton - Verist at digiscape.com

   Larry Lesher - lawrence.lesher at gmail.com - updated 9.22.08

   Natasha Matos - Gufeo74 at aol.com

* * Tamika McCory - Mmejiate at aol.com

   Kisha "Kym" Merrell - kmerrell908 at aol.com

   L'Tonya Miniweather - smallstorm_03 at hotmail.com

   Robert Moore - rmfamily at juno.com

* * Andrea (Mullen) Riley - riley816 at hotmail.com
- I attended HHS from '89 to '91

   Martin Murosky - mmghostrider001 at hotmail.com

   Jimmy Murrin - jmurrin1992 at hotmail.com

   Jeff O'Hern - jeffohern at hotmail.com

* * Mike Patton - pphreaker at hotmail.com

   Stuart Peace - peacekeeper at iname.com

   Brian Peters - petersbrian at yahoo.com
     - Attended HAHS all four years

* * Chris Prewitt - prewittc001 at hawaii.rr.com
- I attended from 1988-1991 and moved away my senior year.

   Brandon Quick - quick_brandon at hotmail.com

   Keri (Rhinehart) Whitehead - rob.whitehead at worldnet.att.net

   Jayla (Richardson) Zancanella - JaylaRee at aol.com

   Mandy Riggan - mriggan at hotmail.com

   Rob Riley - robbyriley at hotmail.com

   Erin Robbins - erin_robbins at yahoo.com

   Joseph Roberts - Daigoro88 at aol.com

* * Kimberly Scheetz - kimberlyscheetz at yahoo.com
- I went to HHS from freshman year to middle of my Junior year.

   Jennifer (Schutz) Kleiv - djkleiv at earthlink.net

   Kacey (Sharpe) Weaver - kaceynurse at yahoo.com

   Leslie (Shull) Morrissey - shullshock at aol.com

  Heather (Skinner) Rhodes - Heather.Rhodes at fcps.edu
- I live in Northern Virginia.

   Paul Slaughter - Paul-and-Shannon at juno.com

   S. Paige (Smitherman) Gorman - spaigegorman at msn.com
- Living in Tuscon, Arizona

   Careka Squire - ccs966 at cs.com

  Valerie Thompson - thompson_v at yahoo.com

   Ivan Trosper - itrosper at bellsouth.net

   Peter Trzop - ptrzop@hotmail.com

* * Brenda Walsh - DatagURL at comcast.net

   Heather (Weathers) Christianson - heather.christianson at us.army.mil

   Mark Witte - Mark.witte at atlanticrelocation.com

  Andrew Wood - Awood_22 at yahoo.com

* * Peggy Woods - greeneyed_chickadee at yahoo.com
- Attended HAHS 1989-1991.  Graduated in the States.

   Cheri (Wright) Mickelsen - mickelsens at sbcglobal.net

If you were a member of the Class of 1992 and would like to be added to this page, please e-mail me, Cindy.  You did not have to graduate from HAHS to be listed!

* * Denotes that the alumni attended HAHS, but graduated from another school.
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