* * Callie (Alvis) Villasenor - callie_villasenor at hotmail.com
- I attended HHS from 92-94...sophomore and junior years.

  Rebekka Anderson - baron_and_rebekka at yahoo.com or
rebekkaa at pobox.upenn.edu 

* * Lori (Bahleda) Shattuck - llshattuck at yahoo.com - updated 5.13.08
- Lori went to school in Heidelberg from 86 to 94 and had to move at the
end of her Junior Year. She is a dentist in Indianapolis.  She is now
married to Jared Shattuck and has a baby boy named Carson.

* * Khadine "Panama" Beckford - kbeckford2000 at aol.com - added 6.13.10
- I attended Heidelberg middle and high school from 1990-1993 (8th - 10th grades).
AIM: kbeckford2000

  Jon Benenson - benensonj at hotmail.com

  Jon Berns - jonb76 at gmail.com - updated 5.27.11

  Dawn Berry - db5577 at yahoo.com

* * Lara Black - wickedstage at hotmail.com
- I attended HAHS in '93-'94, but graduated from Wurzburg in '95. 

  Jeffrey Brannen - galahad_23 at hotmail.com

  Wavolyn Bressler - wavolyn at aol.com

* * Nikki (Broyles) Malone - Nikki.Malone at citigroup.com
- I attended Heidelberg schools 4th - 8th grades.

* * Sylvester "Nick" Butler - snbutler at pcisys.net
- Attended 7th through 10th grades

  Antonio Castro - castro77 at hotmail.com

* * Lhonny Lee Coggins - sparky_1998 at hotmail.com

* * Lianne Corbin - Liannemari at aol.com
- Attended 9th thru 11th grade

  Shana Dagenhart - Shana_Corrin at excite.com

  Brian Driggs - dr1665 at gmail.com - updated 5.13.08

* * Shannon Easton - virtuous_warrior at hotmail.com
- I attended school in Heidelberg, Germany from 1st grade until
8th grade.

   Kevin Fulmer - kevnole at hotmail.com

  Natalie Gallagher - natalg77 at hotmail.com

* * Jennifer Garrett - jsg1995 at hotmail.com
- I went to Heidelberg schools from 2nd grade until I was a junior.

  Bart Gatrell - brgatrell at hotmail.com

* * Rae Lee Hanson - rae at raelee.com
- Rae's web site: http://www.raelee.com/

* * Brian Harmon - ARRGH4321 at aol.com
- Attended 9th and 10th grades

* * Jeremiah Harris - Hippy76 at aol.com
- I went to Heidelberg from 92-94.  I graduated in '95 at Aviano h.s. Italy.

  Lisa Hartline - lisamichellelisa at yahoo.com

  Amer Helmy - amer77 at hotmail.com

  Tamika (Hudson) Burks - MrsBurks27 at aol.com

  Erik Johnson - opieerik at aol.com

* * Ronald Johnson - adidas4rj499 at hotmail.com
- I attended my 7th through 9th grade in Heidelberg.

  Steve Johnston - stevejohnston1 at yahoo.com

  Heather (Jones) Kendrick - krisandheath at hotmail.com

  Jayson Jones - jaysonlj at hotmail.com

  Shannon (Klass) Horton - kitzklass at yahoo.com
- I attended Mark Twain Elem., Heidelberg Middle and Heidelberg High schools. 

  Charlotte Mattfeld - cmattfeld at cs.com

* * Roni Mills - lyzziepoo at yahoo.com

  Aileen Monahan - aileen.monahan at gmail.com - updated 2.20.06

* * Starr Monteiro - starrmonteiro at hotmail.com

  Michelle (Morgan) Longhurst - rmlong00 at sbcglobal.net - updated 05.05.06

  Regine (Mueller) Stelker - spikeangelo at msn.com

  Arnold Nowinski - arnold_nowinski at yahoo.com

  Jessica (Palmer) Gilliand - jessica_gilliand@bellsouth.net - updated 06.20.07

    Pat Pattillo - pat_pattillo at hotmail.com

  Eric Peters - XKrayzieBone at aol.com

  Debbie (Puckett) Puckett Kish - debbieckish at yahoo.com
- I graduated from HHS in 95, and moved to NM to run Cross Country/Track for
the University of NM. I am married and have a 9 1/2 month old son named Jack.

  Daniel C. Rahey - danrahey at hotmail.com

  William Reed - wilyem at cox.net

* * Sharon Reynolds - jshughes275 at charter.net

* * Rachael Ridlen - rridlen54 at aol.com

  Kenneth Robinson - Kenrobinson45 at live.com - added 11.30.08
- I went to HHS all four years and played football and basketball.  I have 3 kids
and have been married for almost 11 years.  I live in Kearney, Nebraska.

  Brian Roehl - bman4bier at yahoo.com
- I was at Heidelberg from the 4th grade thru graduation at HHS in 1995.

  Tamar (Romer) Beecher - forestdragon at gmail.com - added 9.04.08

  Robin Rust - robin_rust at hotmail.com

  Brian Scearce - scearcb at aol.com 

  Shanon Schmidli - srschmidli at hotmail.com

    Melissa (Scroggins) Plantenga - scrogme at hotmail.com
- Attended HAHS from '92-'95

  Stan Seifert - stan_s at hotmail.com

* * Leigh Ann Septer - Alexbay913 at yahoo.com
- Attended from 7th - 9th grade.

  Felecia (Shoemaker) Downs - Felecia_ at hotmail.com

  Jason Silver - jasondsilver at hotmail.com

  Jon Skelton - jskelton77 at yahoo.com

  Jesse Smith - jaqrabit1 at hotmail.com

  Kyle Smith - kylechristine8 at hotmail.com

  Vanessa Snoddy - vjs4684 at yahoo.com

  Teresa (Spohn) Bevier - tessicat at hotmail.com
- web site: http://homestead.juno.com/bevwah/index.html

  Sakari Stephens - seneca94 at hotmail.com - sister, Satarsha's, email address

* * Alan Throop - Throop_a at hotmail.com

  Yan Tremblay - yan003 at hotmail.com

* * Meredith Trosper - meredithtrosper at yahoo.com
- I attended 9th-11th grade here ('92-'94). I graduated in Alaska.

  Jayme (Verlinich) Stelker - jstelker at hot.rr.com
- Married to Ray Stelker, class of 1994

  Elizabeth (Walker) Morrison - e.m.morrison at gmail.com

  Tasuna Wang - twang at mmcable.com

  Casey Welch - Jcasey836 at cs.com

* * Lee Weller - nweller at usa.net

* * Kristy (Williams) Jacob - kristyjacobs03 at yahoo.com
- I did not graduate from here but I was in Heidelberg from 6th grade through
my freshman year.

  Mike Williams - mikewilliams77 at hotmail.com

  Marc Wong - wizong at hotmail.com

  Becky (Wunsch) Hershey - beckyhershey at hotmail.com

If you were a member of the Class of 1995 and would like to be added to this page, please e-mail me, Cindy.  You did not have to graduate from HAHS to be listed!

* * Denotes that the alumni attended HAHS, but graduated from another school.
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