Rebecca Angle - rangle at
- Currently an account manager for a private investment company in beautiful
Scottsdale, Arizona

   Jose Aponte - japonte at - added 9.07.12
- FB and LB for the Lions sophomore and junior year. Didn’t graduate cause my
pops pcs’d then headed off to Ft. Stewart GA and graduated from Bradwell Institute
but never will forget the times in Germany.  III Floor was where I hung out with all
the other peeps. 

  Kenny Arndt - kennyarndt at

  Brian Beckstrom - bab301 at
- My twin brother, Brandon, and I graduated from the class of '97. I live in
Columbia, MO and attend school at the one and only UNIVERSITY OF
MISSOURI (Go tigers!). Brandon has gone to school all over the globe but
is currently in Boston as a student at the National Fine Arts Museum School.

  Josh Blice - germany22 at

  Emily (Cox) Johnson - emiLLLy_hth at

* * Ivan Cronick - cronick25 at

* * Shawntel (Dagenhart) Poe - sdagpoe at  
- I went to HHS my freshman and sophomore year, but moved to Ft. Riley,
Kansas in 1995. I graduated from Manhattan High School in Manhattan, KS.

  Morgen Dautrich - morgendautrich at
- I am currently in grad school at Penn State.  Expected graduation May 06. 
Will likely end up in Si-valley then.

* * Jillian (Davis) Garcia - garciajillian at
- I attended HHS in 1993 to 1994.

* * Travis Driggs - tdriggs0511 at - updated 11.05.07

  Erin (Evans) Chaney - erin.c.chaney at

* * Robert Fecteau - hellastank at
- I did not graduate from there, but attended HMS and then HHS
up thru my Freshman year.

* * Kristy Finch - kristyfinch at
- I only attended my freshman year (93-94).  I graduated from Galeton Sr.
High School, Galeton PA in 1997, attended Edinboro University of PA
and currently reside in Wisconsin.

  Shandy Gabree - Gabree_shandy at

  Roberto Guerrero, Jr. - Roberto.Guerrero2 at SHAW.AF.MIL

  Leah (Haley) Gibson - lgibson21 at

  Timothy Heintzman - timhz at

  Adam Helmy - hadam79 at
- I just finished my degree in information systems management at the University
of Maryland, and I am currently employee by Tech Company in D.C. I currently
reside in the Washington D.C metro area.

* * Kenya Johnson - Vegygrrl at
- Left in 1996.

  Lucas R. Johnson - johnson_lucas_ at

  Alexis Jung - hoova0797 at

* * Shaun Ladd - nakayama95 at
- Attended HAHS until 1996

  Melissa Lambino - lambinom at
- I currently attend Purdue University.

* * Jason Lee - Roleplayersarchive at
- CLICK HERE to see a picture of Jason
- Attended HAHS from 1995-1996.

  Michael Leslie - kingsman101st at updated 7.09.07

  Tony M. Lundy II - LTGSU at - updated 6.25.07
Phone:  404-349-7621 (Atlanta, GA)

  Angelo "Tony" Maggio - sprintpcsx at

  Sandra Martinez - sandram at

  Dany Mathis - mathisson2000 at

  Quosha (McChristian) Robinson - quosha_robi at

  Monica McGill - monica_mc26 at

* * Jermaine McKinney - jermaine_mckinney at
- I went to HHS for half of my junior year in 1996.  I then moved to
Virginia where I graduated high school.  I then went to Florida A&M
University for college and graduated in April 2002. 

  Cathy McQueen - nosiree at

  Thomas McQueen - mcqueent at

  Brianne Morton - brianne_morton at

  Sharee Myers - Shareemm1 at

  Tracy (Pacchiana) Falter - tracyfalter at - updated 8.30.09

* * Mary Pearce - pearcemary77 at
- I went to HHS from 94 to 96, but moved away for my senior year.

* * Octavia Peppers - phone:  520-401-8125 (Arizona)

  Kyle Perry - ZKNP1 at

  Marianne Phillips - marniep at

  Jessica (Ramirez) Wallace - afcabbie at

  Shana Rehm - asrai at

  Virginia (Riggs) Berno - veerbee at

  Kay Riviere - Twan15 at
- I am presently attending the University of the Virgin Islands (St. Thomas)

  Philip Rush - rushpn at

  Adam Smith - adam_w_smith at

* * Sarah Snyder - g0ddess101 at

  Craig Spratt - craigs97 at

  Jennifer Stricklin - Jenben1017 at

* * Kristi Stubblefield - bigblockmama at
- I went to HHS my freshmen year but graduated from Eisenhower HS in
Lawton, OK, where I currently live today.

* * (S) Joshua Sturgeon - steven.sturgeon at
- I am married to the most beautiful woman in the world!  We live in
Arizona, and are both in the Air Force.

* * Veronica (Sweeting) Beck - vlsweeting at
- I attended school in Heidelberg from 1992-1996. I didn’t actually graduate
from there.  I moved to Ft. Bragg, NC and graduated from Pine Forest High
School.  I am currently living in VA.

  Ron Tate - jahherer at
- I am currently living in Schwetzingen, Germany.

* * Blanca Vales - cheerleaderb at

  Thomas Van Den Beldt - vandenbeldt at
- These past years I have lived in Michigan, Maryland, Washington state.
I now reside in the Quad Cities of Iowa/Illinois. Please feel free to drop me a line.  

  Amy (Vanzo) Hernandez - amy.hernandez at

* * Lee Weller - nweller at

  Delores Wilson - Delores_Wilson79 at

  Shervon Yancey - shervon_yancey at

  Jonathan Yoesting - jyoesting at

  Megan Elizabeth Zedalis - zedalme at

If you were a member of the Class of 1997 and would like to be added to this page, please e-mail me, Cindy.  You did not have to graduate from HAHS to be listed!

* * Denotes that the alumni attended HAHS, but graduated from another school.
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