Erik Aadland - erik at - updated 2.25.08

   Jeremia (Alinsunurin) Mleczko - jeremiaandmartin at

   Kelly Arndt - kellyarndt at

* * Adonia Arriola - akaqueenh at
- I never went to Heidelberg High School, but I went to the elementary
and middle school in Heidelberg from K-7th grade. Had I stayed in
Germany, I would have graduated from HAHS in 1998.

  Saleem Asad - saleemasad at

   Zan Aslett - zlaslett at
Zan's web site:

* * Russ Baggett - web site:
- I left Heidelberg in 1994 after the 8th grade.  I'll graduate from UNC
Chapel Hill in May 2002 with a degree in political science that I'll
probably never use because I want to play in a rock band for the rest
of my life.  Get in touch with me if you want to.

* * Chrichelle Balan - chrichelle at - updated 2.25.09
- I left Heidelberg as a freshman in 1994.  I now have my BA in Visual
Communication and I'm working as a Graphic Designer and living in the
sunny state of Arizona.  I'd love to hear from anyone! 

* * Erik Balanza - erikbalanza at
- I lived in Heidelberg for four years.  I went to 6th grade through 9th
grade in Heidelberg. I did not graduate at HHS, I moved to  Ft.
Huachuca, Arizona after my freshman year.  I'm currently living in
Columbia, SC.  Drop me a line, I lost contact with most of my old
HS buddies.

   Tahmarra Bell - tahmarrabell at or tbell128 at
- homecoming queen 1997, well known!!!! Just want to say hi to everybody
around and to contact me! I have been doing great!  I have seen some of the
old faces of HHS living in Nashville, TN. I am a licensed beautician and have
one year to finish in college, business mgmt! No kids! HAPPY!!!!

   Mark Berge - markberge at

* * Christopher Boucher - loc996 at
- I attended only my first semester before moving to Alaska and then
to Hawaii.

   Bianca Box - biancabox at

   Tony Braun - tonybraun at

   Melissa "Lisa" Briggs - mabriggs at

   Sarah Bundy - sbundy at

   Teresa Burger - teresa.burger at
   - I spent 17 years in Heidelberg, went from grade school to graduation.

   Amy Chancellor - chancellor453 at

   Tammy Corthell - Tbooboo79 at

   Tobin Counts - countt1 at or tobinovich at

   Christopher Curtis - wdiaper75 at

   Magan Curtis - magancurtis at

   Derrick Duncan - derrick at

   Kirsten Elleby - spelman1980 at

* * W. Reid Emerson - dominiontp at
- I was in Heidelberg from 8th grade till my junior year of high school.
- website:

   Michelle Fleck - chelle_27 at

* * Vanessa Gomez - vani_98 at

* * Maria Gonzales - goo_maria at

   Sarita Gonzales - sari2004 at
- Live in Cleveland, OH and attend Cleveland State University.  Love to catch
up with old friends!

   April Greer - boxerbaby22at
- I finished with a bachelor's in computers and am pursuing a photography
career in Las Vegas!  Email me people! Let's talk!
April's web site:

   Pete Haugland - phauglan at

   Laura Henneberry - laura.henneberry at - updated 5.25.07

   Stephanie Heredia - tasianwo at

    Kristina Houtz - kristina.houtz at
- I went to HHS sophomore through senior year. I made a lot of great friends
and a lot of great memories. Feel free to send me a motivational e-mail.
I leave for Iraq in January (2004).

   Jennifer Hubbard - jkhhubbard at

   John Keith - keithloco at - updated 5.13.08

* * Charles Kennedy - carlosquan at
- I graduated from Heidelberg Middle School in 1994.  I now live in
Michigan and attend the University of Michigan-Flint Campus. 

   Andrew Koehler - ahk317 at

* * Kelly Kulick - FSUKeldg at
- I spent two years at Heideberg MS and then my freshman year at HHS
before moving to Jackson, MS where I graduated.  I graduate this
summer 2002 from Florida State.  Send me a note, love to hear from
the old buds!

   Clint Latsha - latshac at

   Siohban Lewis - Siohban at

   Jeffrey Love - jeff_love_2000 at - added 11.25.08

   Stephanie Lowman - lomes88 at

   Meredith Maples - memaples at

   Stephanie McCoy - SMCCOY30 at

* * James Miller - Jsky23 at
- I was in Heidelberg  from 1990-1993.  I'm  now in Augusta, GA.

   Martin A. Mleczko, Jr. - martin_mleczko69 at - updated 8.28.07
- Martin's web sites:

* * Paige Pauling - Girlie5483 at
- I attended elementary and middle school in Heidelberg from 4-6th grade
but then moved to Texas and graduated there in 1998.  I am currently
about to graduate from Texas A&M University! Whoop!! 

   Jeremy Phillips - phillipseod at

* * Daniel Powers - dannee009 at

* * Paul Reese - radarluv79 at

   Monty Salazar - salazam at
-  Monty's web site:

* * Adam Salonish - adamsalonish at
- Left Heidelberg his Sophomore year
- Adam's web site:

   Ashley Sellen - ashsellen at

   Christopher Smartt - smarttyo at

   Adam Smith - qtipp8 at

   Matthew Smith - mjsmith98 at

* * Raphael Sorhaindo - raphaeljr at
   - I attended Heidelberg High from '94-'97, and I moved back to Texas
for my senior year.

   April Taylor - apriltaylor at

   Jennifer (Thaden) Webeck - jenniferthaden at

   David Thurman - mooseexteriors at - Added 1.23.10

  Caleb Van Dyken - cjvandyken at

* * Phyllis Washington - Clubber_19 at
- I went Heidelberg Middle School for 2 yrs, and I went to HHS from
95-97, but unfortunately didn't get to graduate with my buddies.

   Shawn Wasilowski - kryptkepa at

* * Shannon Williams - ShanniSu at
- I attended Heidelberg from my freshman through junior year.

* * Jennifer (Wilson) Dorman - jennifer.dorman at
- I attended HMS for 7th and 8th and HHS for 9th - 11th grades.  My family
was reassigned to the DC area for my senior year.  It was such a bummer not
graduating from HHS, but life went on.  Now (June 2006) I'm married with 3
children.  We are in the Cleveland, Ohio area for school and work.  It was
crazy times when I moved and I feel like so many of my old friends fell
through the cracks... I'd love to get back in touch!  Drop me a line.

* * Steve Woodliff - bowie_rum at
- Attended HAHS his freshman and sophomore years, from 94-96, and
graduated in Florida in 1998.

* * Charlotte Wuthrich - asiankandee at

* * Jessica G. Young - jessgy at
- I went to PHV middle school and attended HHS my freshman year. 
I spent two years up the road in Giessen and moved to Atlanta my
senior year.  I'm finishing up my senior year at University of Florida,
GO GATORS!!  Love to hear from the old folks!

If you were a member of the Class of 1998 and would like to be added to this page, please e-mail me, Cindy.  You did not have to graduate from HAHS to be listed!

* * Denotes that the alumni attended HAHS, but graduated from another school.
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