* * Matt Alvarey - malvarey at gmail.com - updated 07.24.07
- I went to 6th, 7th, & 8th grade in Heidelberg and graduated from WVU. 
I am currently working in the DC area.

   Emerson Battle - emerson.battle at cox.net or emerson.battle at garobi.ang.af.mil
- updated 05.01.05
- Emerson's phone number: (478) 442-3014

   Samuel M. Baker - bakersamuel at hotmail.com

   Jeff Benson - Jeff_Benson99 at hotmail.com

* * Tiffany Beverly - Ladbuglover_81 at yahoo.com

   Sunshine Brabazon - amerikaliberty at yahoo.com

   Tamara Burgess - tbrookb at hotmail.com

   Julia Burns - julia_burns at hotmail.com

   Marc R. Chamberlain, Jr. - marc.chamberlain at moron.af.mil
I am in the US Air Force now. Been in for 6 yrs. I am stationed at Travis
AFB California.  I am engaged now too.

* * Derek Cheney - katanagasuki at hotmail.com
- I lived in Heidelberg for 11 years but I moved in 1995, just  after
middle school.  I graduated from Hayfield Highschool in Alexandria,
VA in 1999. 

   Barie Conway - strawbarie13 at hotmail.com

   Madelaine Cornell-d'Echert - Mcdechert99 at aol.com

   John Craven - jcraven at alum.dartmouth.org
- Hey to you all. I happened to come across this site late one night and here
we go. After HHS I studied international relations and arabic at Dartmouth
college. I am currently serving in the 82nd Airborne at Ft. Bragg.

   Kim (Crosier) Caggino - kcrosier at hotmail.com

   Michael Grenz - michaelgrenz at hotmail.com

   John Heaton - jeheaton at sbcglobal.net - updated 8.28.07
- I am married, have 2 daughters, and a son on the way (due in December).  I’m
a counselor and live in San Antonio, Texas.
Email me to catch up!

   Melina Juan - hafpint10 at hotmail.com

   Tanya (Keith) Adams - mushmouth99 at hotmail.com
- I have a daughter and married and still live in Heidelberg.

   Ryan Kelly - tattoonike at yahoo.com

  Natasha Khayat - nkhayat81 at yahoo.com

* * Jill (Leonard) Leonard-Pingel - jsleonar at ucsd.edu
- I'm currently living in San Diego, CA.

   Marco Lewallen - soldja08 at yahoo.com

   Alberto Lucini - alberto.lucini at anser.org - updated 10.06.09

* * Regina (Maggio) Jones - mrjinlove0913 at yahoo.com - updated 2.01.10
- I attended Heidelberg Middle School from 6th-8th grade and Heidelberg High
School for 9th grade, then my dad retired. I currently am a nurse, have 4 boys,
am married and reside in Alabama.

* * Cary Mathews - carymathews at email.com
- To all my fellow HHS-ians, I do miss Germany having moved away in 1997.
I graduated from ACU in Dec '04 with a CS degree.  I would love to hear from
you and catch up on your lives.  All the best.

  Allison (McDermott) Lopez - thelopezfamilia at yahoo.com - updated 8.11.08
       - I lived in Heidelberg for 10 years.  I graduated from HHS in 1999. I have been
married since 2002.  I have three little boys born in 2002, 2004 and 2006.  We
are currently living in Germany again, Ramstein this time.  I would love to hear from
      everyone from Heidelberg. 

   Dwayne McKinney - lilac_09 at yahoo.com - sister, Eboney's, email address

   Heather McNair - daddysgirl052481 at aol.com or bunnysgirl26 at hotmail.com

  Chris Miller - chrismiller48 at yahoo.com
- Phone:  931-906-0808

   Nicholas Miller - mr_nick_miller at hotmail.com
- Web Site:  http://members.blackplanet.com/Nigiano

   Mary Murphy - marymurphy1999 at hotmail.com

   Brian Neveu - g_mac21 at hotmail.com

  Monika Ochoa - musicwoman at gurlmail.com

   Damian Ochs - damianochs at hotmail.com

* * Donisha Palmer - thugmisses at juno.com
- I graduated from PHV Elementary in 1993 and from Heidelberg Middle
School in 1996.  Attended HAHS until 1998, and graduated from
Eisenhower High School in 1999.

* * Sang Park - praisethelord79 at gmail.com
- I didn't go to HHS, but I went to 6th - 8th grades in Heidelberg.

* * Chris Pope - DonJuanDeNC at aol.com
- I went there my freshman and sophmore year. I didn't graduate from
there because my dad PCS'ed and I ended up in NC.

* * Alexander "Alex" Rakigjija - alex5253 at aol.com
- "I didn't actually graduate from HHS, but did go there for 3 years."
Phone:  (504) 851-3525

* * Jensen Rivera - jensenrivera at hotmail.com
- I did not graduate from HAHS, but I did spend the first three years of
high school there.

* * Erin Schmidli - schmidli at mac.com
- I didn't graduate from HHS, but I did go to 9th grade there and then moved to
Columbus, GA and graduated in 1999 from PHS.  I am moving to Seattle, WA
to continue my event management career.  I'd love to hear from old friends.

   Mary Ann (Schneider) Santiago - baby_el81 at hotmail.com - Added 2.10.10
- Just wanting to touch base with everyone and see how they are doing. I am married
to Isaac Santiago (c/o 1999) for five years now. We have a baby girl that was born
this past May. Living near the DC area.....

* * Angela Schultz - sweetheartangie_1981 at hotmail.com

   Sherica Smith - hudinie23_81 at yahoo.com

   Tom Smith - wbbrokaw at yahoo.com

   Jennifer Spohn - castleguard_cat at hotmail.com

   Nathan Taylor - natdogg99 at yahoo.com
501 Crow Rd.
Whitesboro, Tx  76273

- I am proud to have graduated from Heidelberg.  I still remember how
the Stadthalle smelled on June 11, 1999.  I miss my friends and hope
to get back in touch with them.  I appreciate the fun I had in Heidelberg,
now that I'm in the Navy.

   Allison Tiller - pyxi_in_the_ddf at hotmail.com

   Vivian Grayse Victor - been_too_long at hotmail.com

   Vincent West - vincentwest at gmail.com
- I lived in Heidelberg for more that half of my life, went to Elementary,
Middle and High School. Heidelberg was where I was raised and grew up.

  Mike Windhorn - windowhole at hotmail.com
1586 Normal Drive
Bowling Green, KY 42101

* * Lindsey Wright - LinzECU at aol.com

* * Amanda Yoho - ayoho at hotmail.com
- I went to 8th and 9th grade in Heidelberg but, I graduated from Sharon
High School in PA.

   Bethany Anne Zedalis - bzedalis at hotmail.com   
       I am graduating in May 2003 in Interior Design, If anyone is looking for
      a GREAT interior designer on the east coast e-mail me.

If you were a member of the Class of 1999 and would like to be added to this page, please e-mail me, Cindy.  You did not have to graduate from HAHS to be listed!

* * Denotes that the alumni attended HAHS, but graduated from another school.
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