Chris Acquaviva - cacquaviva at

   Anthony Anderson - anthonyanderson at

   Tineke M. (Agner) Agner-Francois - eineetay at

   Matthew Brinkley - mattiepman at

   Stephanie Byrod - sbyrod_snakes at

* * Priscilla Christensen - chrispm4 at
- I left HHS after my junior yr. but still consider myself an alum!  I would love
to hear from you all, so please e-mail me!  In May 2004 I graduated from
Salem College in NC with a degree in broadcast journalism, and I am
currently going into the Air Force to be a reporter for AF News!  I miss

   Mary Close - mary8close at

   Michael Conley - conleym_2000 at

* * Jason Flores - Jasonf00 at

   Iesha Michelle Foster - IeshaMF82 at

   Melissa Gallagher - missy_g at

   Jennifer Gilson - sarison3 at - added 3.20.09

   Michael Guerrero - Buck50shanks at

* * Sherronda Harper - NCsQT at or baby_caramel at
- I attended HAHS my 9th and 10th grade years.

   Young Mi Harrison - alwaysmimi13 at

   Randy Hinton - randy.hintonat - added 12.31.08
- Attended school in Heidelberg from 8-12 grade

* * Lindsay Hughes - anbulihu7 at
- I attended HAHS for three years and then graduated from another

* * Emily Kennedy - emkenned at
- I went to HHS my freshman year then moved to DC. Then to
Indianapolis and graduated from from Lawrence North May 2000.
I now go to Indiana University.

   Dayna Kent - DaynaKent at - updated 7.24.08

* * David Krokoski - spck13 at
- I went to Heidelberg my 9th grade year, but moved to Savannah,

   Emily Ku - emilyku at
- I graduated from HAHS in 2000 and went there my junior and senior

   Lucius Madden - mr.karamel at

   Mark Magayanes - miyagi_san at

* * "JT" John-Talmage Mathis - jt_mathis at
- I went to Heidelberg High School for 9th and 10th grade.

   Eboney McKinney - lilac_09 at

* * Shondar McKinney - keye_smk at
- I attended HAHS my freshman year in 97.

   Adam Mills - adamcmills at

* * Karlyne Morawe - kuppyhead at
- I spent 3 years at HHS and graduated from SH Rider HS.

* * Jo Ann Murray - JoAnnMurray at - Updated 5.16.10
- I attended HAHS my freshman year (9th grade) and moved to Colorado Springs. 
I graduated from Rampart High School in May of 2000.

* * Paul Nash - braynfreaz at

   Gifty (Opare) Smith - rasopigito at

* * Stephanie Parks - stephparks at
- I attended Heidelberg High School during 9th and 10th grade but graduated
from another school.

* * William Piper II - wpiperii at
- I attended HHS all the way to the 10th grade when my father PCS to Ft. Drum.
I am in the ARMY stationed at Ft Drum, NY. Would love to hear from so of the
ppl that I used to hang out with during my time there. 1989-1998. Later

   Sean Quinn - quinnsean at

* * Carlton Rand - cfr4 at & CRand2 at
- I attended HAHS for my 9th and part of my 10th grade years.  I graduated
from Fletcher High School in Jacksonville, FL and am now finishing my senior
year at Duke University.

* * Samantha Reeves - sreeves at

   Jennifer Rhea - rhea_of_sunshine_00 at

* * Frances Joy Santiago - FranPRP7 at
- I attended HAHS for three years but then graduated from Hylton High School.

   Tiffany Seifert - tseifert at

   Terri Simpson - simpsonlbterri at
- Terri's sister is Tina, class of 2000

   Tina Simpson - southern1smile at 

  Jeremy Slocum - jeremy.slocum at

   Elizabeth Tackett - bethtackett04 at

   Angel Thompson - thompson25V at - Updated 12.10.09

   Cindy Thurman - angelstar_co2000 at
- I went to HHS for my Junior and Senior year. So I am a Graduate of
the year 2000. Saying Hi to everyone I know...

* * Jacob "Jake" Westman - JDWest34 at
- I went to Heidelberg in 7th, 8th, and 9th grade.

* * Tiya Wiggins - Blackbeauty4700 at
- I lived in Heidelberg for two years. I attended 8th grade at Heidelberg
American Middle School and then I went to Heidelberg American High
School for 9th grade. I moved before my 10th grade year and I
graduated from Folsom High school.

   Iman (Williams) Johnson - mrsiman at

If you were a member of the Class of 2000 and would like to be added to this page, please e-mail me, Cindy.  You did not have to graduate from HAHS to be listed!

* * Denotes that the alumni attended HAHS, but graduated from another school.
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