* * Allison Bean - emmybean at hawaii.rr.com
- Attended HAHS until 1999.

   Jessica Burger - greens09 at yahoo.com
- Attended HHS 1997-2001.

* * Jennifer Burrows - jenlburrows at mail.com
- I did not graduate from Heidelberg High School, but I did attend from
1997-1999, class of 2001.

* * Jennifer (Clark) McNair - jennee18 at hotmail.com - added 3.03.09
- I attended Heidelberg schools from 6th grade till the middle of my Senior year in
2001, although I didnt graduate from HHS I claim it anyway!!!! 

* * Dusty Embrey - DustyE1 at aol.com
- I attendend HHS my freshman and sophomore years, and then moved
to Atlanta, GA.

   Sharita Griffin - Rita_Mickey12 at hotmail.com
- I attended Heidelberg from 1997-2001.

   Jake Iacovetta - jakeiacovetta at hotmail.com

* * John Little - jafi_jafur at yahoo.com
- I attended Heidelberg elementary school back in 88-92.  I graduated
in 2001 in Washington State.

   Kristen McDermott - km4745 at albany.edu

   Kate McKennon - katherinemckennon at hotmail.com

* * Casey McKimmie - kcmckimmie at yahoo.com
- I lived in Heidelberg for 10 years, and attended HHS for two, I moved back
to VA after my sophomore year. I would love to have the chance to hear
from friends I haven't talked to in years.

* * Matt McNeil - seminole_killer007 at hotmail.com
- I went to heidelberg high For the years of 1999-2001

   Jonas Moenckert - jonas at stephendean.net
- I went to Heidelberg High School for the school years 1999-2001.

* * Melissa (Murphy) Nielson - murphym at cvn65.navy.mil
- I went to school in Heidelberg grades 2nd -6th, moved to the states for a
few years, moved back during 10th grade, and then moved to the states
again during my junior year.  I graduated from Panther Valley HS in
Pennsylvania.  I live in VA now.  I would love to hear from old friends.

* * Rose Marie Nuñez - Maryrose33 at msn.com
- I attended HAHS my junior year; 1999-2000 school year.

* * April (Piper) Okerson - aprilokerson at yahoo.com
- I went to school in Heidelberg from 2nd -9th grade, then moved to NY.

  Laura Robb - theprincesslaura at hotmail.com
- I went to Heidelberg for grades 3-12

   Aileen Roehl - aileen_roehl at hotmail.com
- I went to Heidelberg for grades 1-12.

   Romy Rogers - romy at austintec.com - added 2.05.09
- I attended Heidelberg from grades 5-12.

   Chuck Shear - ctshear_63 at sbcglobal.net

   Tom Smith - ffiesch18 at hotmail.com

* * Lisa Steinhilber - LKSLRV at yahoo.com
- I attended HHS from 1997-2000, my freshman thru junior years, and
unfortunately my family had to PCS to South Carolina my senior year so
I didn't get to graduate from HHS. It was the best place I ever lived and I
miss it dearly.

* * Wyatt Stoffa - wastoffa at students.wisc.edu
- I attended Heidelberg High School my freshmen and sophomore years and
then moved to Tomah, Wisconsin.

* * Raymond Wilhelm - rwilhelmgk at hotmail.com
- I attended HHS my freshman year before I moved stateside to California.
I would like to hear from any old classmate that might remember me.

If you were a member of the Class of 2001 and would like to be added to this page, please e-mail me.  You did not have to graduate from HAHS to be listed!

* * Denotes that the alumni attended HAHS, but graduated from another school.
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