You can try e-mailing any current HAHS teacher at:  So, if the teacher is John Doe,
you would try:

Pam Barney - dpbarney at
- taught English and Social Studies at HAHS from 1983-1997

Richard "Dick" Baxter - jndbax at
- I've retired from teaching Science for Heidelberg High School and
DoDDS and am finally living in the United States after nearly 34 years. 
I'm in Bremerton, Washington.  I'd love to hear from former students.

News from HHS faculty:  Bernie O'Neil, John Pappas, Richard Dickason, Jake
Fuller, Linda Moore, Frank Hajicak, Bob Fellenz, and Linda Means are all
retired.  So are Bud Korth and Fidel Gaviola, former Principals and also
Larry Philpot, who taught and coached and was later the DoDDS Europe
Director.  Carol Kuzmick is the Principal of Giessen High School. 

Anne Bednarz - annegogh at
- I taught English and French at HHS from 1990-98. I thoroughly enjoyed
my time there and wish I could return. I'm now a teacher in Fairfax County
in northern Virginia. If anyone would like to communicate, I'd be thrilled.

Rich Bennett - RichBennett48 at
- Taught health and P.E., and coached at HAHS since 1980.  He is now living in        Virginia.

Tim Berg - timberg at
- I taught German language and Geography at HHS from 1986-1995.

Howard Beuerman - hbeuerman at
- I taught at HHS from 1984 to 1997.  My children, Eric ('87), Lisa ('88) and Lori
('91) were graduates of HHS.

I returned to the USA in 1997 with my wife, Lani, who taught at Patrick Henry ES. 
I taught math and computer science at HHS, then was the computer coordinator
there from 1994 - 1997.  I transferred to the Camp Lejeune schools (DDESS) in
1997 as Educational Technologist.  I retired from Federal Service in 2002 and
now am teaching math (adjunct) at the local community college.  My wife is still
teaching ES for the Camp Lejeune Dependent Schools.

Lani and I live in Jacksonville NC.

Josh & Maja Brown - dosta at
- Josh taught English and RIS at HHS from 1978 to 1992. He is presently
teaching in Okinawa, Japan. They retired in June 2003 and live in Virginia
now.  Maja was there from 1989 to 1992 or 1993 when she moved to HMS. 
Both of their sons graduated from HHS:  Vincent S. Brown in 1988 and
Alexander M. Brown in 1992.

Lewis Clark - nomads02 at
- Guidance counselor from 1965-1966

Margaret Coffey - pcoffey at or pegontheroad at
- I was there from 1965 to 1970.  I taught English, mostly to freshmen,
sophomores and juniors.

Michelle (Costello) Abramson - Majagun at
- I taught at HHS from 1968 - 1972. I taught both High School and Junior
High English and was the Cheerleading Advisor.

Cindy Crimmins - cac_1965 at 
- I taught ninth grade English and Journalism at HHS from 1990-1993 when
my husband was stationed with the Army in Heidelberg.  Those were some
of the best years of my life, and I'd go back to do it again in a heartbeat! 
Today you can find me and my family in York, Pennsylvania, where I teach
writing courses at York College of Pennsylvania.

I'd love to hear from former students!!!

Jim Ewing - jimewing34 at
- I taught 11th grade English at HHS in 1964-65 and 1965-66.
I was at the reunion in 1996, and I'm hoping to be there again in July.

Derek Fahleson - dfahleson14 at  - updated 09.06.09
- Taught math and coached Football, Basketball and Track in Heidelberg
from 1989-1995.

- I am currently an Athletic Director at Estrella Foothills High School in
Goodyear, Arizona.  I have received emails, phone calls and visits from many
former students.  It is always a wonderful experience to hear from former
students, staff and athletes.

John "Jake" Fuller - johnrfuller13 at
- I was on the staff at HHS from 1970-1972 as an assistant principal.
1972-1994 I worked in the Guidance Office as Career Counselor and
CWE Coordinator.  I retired in 1994 and remained in Heidelberg while
my wife completed 30 years so that she too could retire from DoDDS.
We returned to live in NC in 2000. I coached tennis at HHS for many

Carol J. Kuzmick - carol.kuzmick at
- I taught English at Heidelberg High School from 1970-1981 and was
assistant principal at HHS from 1984-1998.  I returned to HHS during
SY 04-05 as principal.

It is great to be back in Lion Country. I never dreamed when I began
my career in Heidelberg High School in 1970 that I would become
the principal. HHS is a great school and I am proud to have the honor
of being the principal.

David Marchand - .davidmara65 at
- I taught Choir, Humanities, General Music, and Music Appreciation
from 1963-66.

Bill Mittenzwey - bill_mittenzwey at
- Interested in hearing from my old students. Taught and coached at
HHS from 1974 to 1984.

Bernie O'Neill - Burrkneeoh at
- taught Social Studies 1993-1999

John Pappas - johnjpappas at
- I taught at HHS from 72 to 98.

Dana and David Pope - popeda at
- Dana was a teacher and librarian at HAHS from 1978-1999
- David was a teacher and coach at HAHS from 1978-1999

We returned to the States in 1999 and worked in Jacksonville, TX and
Stephenville,TX before moving to Wimberley to be near our daughter Andrea.
Scott is a university librarian at Tarleton State University. Andrea is
married and has a little boy almost one year old. Her husband is a tennis
coach and she will begin her first year as an elementary administrator next
year after being a school counselor for a few years. David works at
Fredericksburg High School as a soccer coach and is building homes for us
and Andrea.

Brad Shahan - brad.shahan at - updated 2.13.07
- He has coached football and basketball at HHS from 1984 - present
while working at the Middle School. This year, he moved to HHS and
now teaches PE and still coaches football and basketball.

Linda Shahan - Lindashahan at - updated 2.13.07
- I was a health/PE teacher at HHS from 1984-1989.

Deb (South) Smith -
- I taught Drama and English at HHS from 1988-1994, and am now at
Mannheim High teaching the same plus band and guitar.  I would love to
hear from any of you!

If you were a faculty or staff member of HAHS, and would like to be added to this page, please e-mail me, (Cindy Hardy).

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